Dhaani – Episode 06! (So Far So Good)

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this week’s episode of Dhaani. I really like the comic factor that this drama has & also the way the situations keep on changing one after another. I must say I love the way all the characters have been written because they all have a personality of their own, which is really nice to see.

So, Rehan feels burdened by the responsibility that Riyasat has allotted to him & more than that, Rehan & his entire family knows the reason why Riyasat is being so generous & kind to them, that is because he wants to see Maya becoming a part of their family as being a father, he knows that his daughter actually really likes Sameer. Rehan knows that the moment he will step into politics, he will be needing the support & expertise of his people, that is why Tanveer suggested that Rehan should tag Sameer along because he is a fresh graduate & the time is right for him to step into practical life. Rehan has allowed Sameer to have a time of his life but even he feels that Tanveer is right & now it’s high time for Sameer to become a bit serious about his career & future. Sameer agreed to what his family suggested but he did feel a little pressurized as even he could feel that his family was paying a bit too much heed to his & Maya’s relationship, which for him is just a friendship & nothing more than that. Maya obviously is in love with Sameer & she has clearly spoken about her feelings but Sameer has never once reciprocated in a similar tone as he doesn’t see Maya that way, which makes it clear that Sameer is not into this relationship as much as Maya is.

As much as I enjoyed Dhaani & Shaani’s scenes, I actually really felt bad for Bee Jee & I felt the most for the fact that her nieces were exploiting her innocence. Bee Jee trusts Dhaani & Shaani a lot & she is so simple-minded & kind-hearted that both these partners in crime know the tact of using her innocence to their benefit & every single time she falls prey to their traps. Even though I really like both these girls but I wish at least Shaani was mature enough to stop her sister from doing something that can put the entire family in jeopardy as it would’ve made much sense if at least one of them cared about her father’s morals & principles. I love watching Bee Jee’s scenes, it’s like she adds such warmth to the entire situation & as much as I love seeing her, I hate how easily she gets fooled by Dhaani & Shaani. Bee Jee is like a mother to Dhaani & Shaani & I wish to see them not taking her for granted at least once.

Dhaani wanted to fulfill the promise she made to Sameer, that is why she tagged Shaani & Bee Jee along but the reason why Sameer showed up is something that Dhaani can’t even imagine. For Dhaani it was just a meeting that she arranged to get Sameer off her back but Sameer turned it into an opportunity to form a relationship with her as he is clearly attracted to Dhaani & more than that, he is fascinated by the idea that how can a simple girl from such a humble background can be so gutsy yet can be so clear-headed to not fall for him so easily. Even Sameer’s friend felt that he was only trying to form a relationship with Dhaani because his ego was hurt that a girl like her is not into him. I really wish that Sameer is not just playing around & he plans on taking Dhaani seriously. Also, I wish that before Dhaani does something stupid, she thinks things through & figures out in her mind if Sameer’s the guy she wants to be associated with because she clearly has seen his unsober side, so she shouldn’t just curb it & ignore it as if that side of Sameer doesn’t exist because that’s a fact & a reality about him that she is not oblivious of.

Sameer wants to know Dhaani better, that is why without even thinking for a second, he handed over his cellphone to her & I am sure no matter what Dhaani will say, Sameer won’t stop pestering her as he can’t stop thinking about her. Dhaani’s personality is admirable & she is adorable, that is why it is imperative for any guy to fall for her, but I just wish that his intentions are right. So far, Dhaani has succeeded in keeping Sameer’s mobile phone hidden but I can’t even begin to imagine what sort of hell would break loose in their household if Kaleem or Raja will find out about it. I had such a great laugh at the note at which the episode ended. The thing that Raja dreaded the most was about to happen & Dolly along with her Halwai father finally decided to show up at his place for the proposal. I can’t wait to see what will happen & what decision Kaleem will take regarding Raja & Dolly’s future. ;)

Overall, this episode was great & I enjoyed watching it a lot. I love Madiha Imam’s acting & feel that she shares a nice chemistry with Sami Khan. I love the way the episode was directed, all the scenes were to the point & all the situations seemed correlated. For me the star of this episode was Bee Jee for sure, she is such a lovely motherly character that you just can’t stop loving her. I appreciate her character & presence in this drama a lot. I actually liked the usage of the OST in this episode in particular, the instrumental was nice too & it complimented the scenes of Dhaani & Sameer a lot. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the episodes that are yet to come. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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