Dhaani Episode 07 – Still Going Strong!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was interesting too. I liked how they gave us an insight into Sameer’s life & his personality. Also, all the situations added more fun in this episode & everything is making this drama a good watch.

Sameer has started showing more interest in Dhaani, more than he imagined because he never really thought that he will meet a girl like her at such a random place & will develop a liking for her. Sameer has pretty much stopped doing what he used to because his focus has shifted to something & someone more meaningful in his life, therefore Dhaani’s the only one he is thinking about now. Sameer knows that he & Dhaani are poles apart in terms of family backgrounds, in mentality, in lifestyles but he still feels everything else is meaningless because Dhaani is not meant to live a life that she’s living currently.

I liked the conversation Sameer & Tanveer’s wife had, because if there’s someone who can relate to Sameer’s feelings & understand what he is going through, it is Tanveer’s wife because even she has been through the same phase in her life where she had to get married to someone only because her parents saw this marriage as a business deal. Sameer’s Bhabhi knows that Sameer’s & Maya’s marriage is another business deal that their parents have finalized & are now expecting both of them to follow through & may be that’s why, Sameer’s bhabhi tried to show him the brighter side of the picture that despite being business deals, such marriages can work. Maya might be happy with how her father is doing everything to make sure she gets married to Sameer because she herself likes him a lot but for Sameer, it is just a compromise that he’ll have to do as he is not into Maya & his attitude with her clearly tells the tale of his lack of interest in her!

Finally, Raja got busted for which he got a good dose from Kaleem & Bee Jee, but it was good to see that they both gave Raja a fair chance to explain himself & then understood his version of the truth too. Raja did pay attention to Dolly but he never promised that he’ll marry her. I felt bad for Dolly but more than that, I felt bad for her parents especially her father. I loved the way he brushed everything under the carpet & told Kaleem to go easy on Raja as he is a nice guy. Dolly’s father respects Kaleem a lot & that is why he didn’t want to cause any distress to him, for which he backtracked from everything silently as he understood that things weren’t meant to be. I love how they have shown a quotient of respect & mutual understanding between the people of interior Lahore, even though they all life their lives separately, they still are bound by the emotions of love & respect for each other.

Dhaani has also started thinking about Sameer, may be because he’s the first guy who has given her that sort of attention & that is why she is unable to resist his charm. I wish that Sameer changes himself for Dhaani, in stead of expecting her to change herself & go out of the way for him. I hope that Sameer will respect Dhaani’s personality & most importantly her rawness for which he fell for her in the first place. I hope that he won’t change her into someone she is not & expect her to abide by his conditions.

Riyasat, Tanveer & Rehan are doing everything to bring Maya & Sameer closer so that they find no window to escape each other. Riyasat is quite demanding despite being a daughter’s father may be because he knows that in business & social standing, he has an upper hand in comparison to Rehan, that is why he is expecting them to go by his orders & demands. Sameer has given enough signals to Maya that he is not into her & I hope that she understands that before things become ugly between them & between the two families. I am not sure if Sameer will be able to handle the pressures of both the families when he will finally come clean that Dhaani’s the reason why he is not getting married to Maya!

Overall, this episode was amazing with some fun moments. I loved the conversation Bee Jee, Dhaani & Shaani had where Bee Jee reminisced about her wedding day. This is what usually our elders do & this happens to be the best story time for the youngsters & that is why I related to that scene & enjoyed it the most. I am so glad that this drama has turned out to be so good & every episode brings joy with it. Please share your thougths about this episode of Dhaani.

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