Dhaani Episode 17 Review – So Far, So Slow!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, even though this drama is a good watch, but I really feel they have slowed the pace down a little too much. I really think they should also start airing Dhaani twice a week because the pace is so so so slow that you actually feel nothing is happening at this stage in the drama. I am actually dreading the fact that this drama will cross 20+ episodes.

I actually think with Khuda Aur Mohabbat being on air & the absolute similarities between the plots, the channel should’ve thought things through & they shouldn’t have aired both these dramas together at least, because while watching this episode, I was being reminded of Khud Aur Mohabbat again & again because both the male characters faced the same situation. I think the channel should have finished off with Dhaani before airing Khuda Aur Mohabbat because it made me feel that I was watching the latter with some tweaking & modern twist!

So, Kaleem wants Dhaani to get married to Amjad ASAP, that is why he sends a proposal to pre-pone the date. Dhaani feels burdened but has nothing much to say. I liked the conversation she & Raja had, Raja is the only one who knows her in & out, that is why he could feel something was definitely different about her but Dhaani brushed everything off her shoulder as she knew that Raja won’t be able to understand her feelings.

As expected, Riyasat put a lot of pressure on Rehan to make Sameer agree to get married to Maya otherwise he will withdraw all the money he invested in Rehan’s political campaign. Rehan knows that without Riyasat’s support, he won’t be able to win the elections, that is why he reminds Sameer of everything as to how his entire political career was depending upon his & Maya’s marriage. When Sameer chooses not to budge, Rehan demands him to pay him back every single penny that Rehan till date has spent on him & if he manages to do so, Rehan will not oppose his decision of not marrying Maya.

Sameer decides to leave the house & everything starting from basics to luxuries, which could make his father feel that he was still dependent on him. Sameer decides to seek his friend’s help in getting a job but the preview suggested that Riyasat will make sure Sameer doesn’t get a job so that after succumbing to the pressures he returns to his parents’ home & agrees to get married to Maya. It was good to see that at least there was one such family member; Sameer’s sister in law who supported him wholeheartedly. I hope she plays a role where she convinces Sameer’s parents to forgive him in the future. Rehan might think that by estranging Sameer, he will be able to score some brownie points in front of Riyasat, but soon enough Riyasat will let him know that he is far more ruthless than Rehan imagined & he wouldn’t even care much about what Rehan did to please him!

Overall, this episode was slow to the extent of being boring. I think Amjad’s family is getting way more coverage & their conversations are sadly so repetitive that the moment they show up on screen, I know that they will be fixating over Dhaani. The director has needlessly slowed the pace of the story down so much that it is getting harder for me to keep my interest alive in the show. The spark, the charm everything has been compromised upon & those were the factors that attracted the viewer’s attention in the first place. Dhaani would’ve been definitely interesting if Sameer’s character was as good as Hammad’s because then his journey filled with struggles would’ve been interesting to watch but somehow, not sure if it’s because of the writer or because of the director, I haven’t warmed up to the character of Sameer till date so to see such a turning point of his life still didn’t make any impact. I think the casting director just filled the drama with those actors who charged next to nothing because they are acting-free, be it Sameer’s sister in law, Sameer’s friend, Maya or even Maya’s father, all of them are so poker-faced that I wonder what are they doing on screen. Ayesha Sana is wasted & most of the times, it looks she’s going to burst into laughter because she is having such a hard time in emoting the concerns of a mother & even Asad seems as stiff as stone. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani & I so wish that the channel considers airing this drama twice a week!!!

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