Digest Writer – Episode 11!

I so don’t want to sound monotonous but I love the way the story of Digest Writer is unfolding. It’s like they have a clear pattern where they deal with one thing at a time. First it was Fareeda’s professional life that shaped up & when that was taken care of, they moved onto her personal life where things have started falling into perspective too. I give credit to the whole creative team for dramatizing such an amazing script so tastefully & intelligently, which is why this drama is nothing short of a treat to tune into. We’re 11 episodes down & every single episode has had a steady pace with different scenarios every single time, which is perfect because it’s been a long time we’ve seen such a strong script with so much of content in it.

Like we all dreaded, Appa has her sights on Fareeda’s talent with which she is being able to help her father & is contributing a lot in the household expenses. It was the same Pupho who opposed Fareeda’s writing by calling it a shameful display of her imagination but like Fareeda said, money changes everything; circumstances & the people as well & the way Appa’s attitude has changed, she’s a perfect example of it.

I think Fareeda made the right decision by parting ways with Shehryaar as they both are two different people. For the first time, we also got to know that Shehryaar is not only rigid but he wants everything to happen his way, which is why he was getting ticked off when Fareeda straight away ignored his wish of meeting him in person. This guy for sure lives in his own imaginary world & he is one of those who won’t give a benefit of doubt to anyone, which is why after Fareeda distanced herself from him, he kept on pressurizing her in every way possible just so that he can get what he wants.

I liked the fact that Fareeda addressed the main questions that were bothering her. She knows she can never meet Shehryaar’s standards because like she told her friend, she has sort of tried to understand him a bit & after all that, what she deduced was that they both are not compatible. I know Fareeda blames herself & her social standing for all this but I so wish someone could tell her that it’s not Fareeda who should be ashamed of herself; it’s Sheheryar who’s to be blamed because he didn’t allow her to tell him everything about her. He didn’t give her a chance to open up & share the reality of her life with him. I feel for Fareeda a lot more because the guilt she has, has got nothing to do with her but she is unnecessarily holding herself responsible for it.

Oh boy! I must say, I love the way Fareeda dealt with Rida Anmol. Like Shakeela said, times have changed for Fareeda & for good, which is why she knew how she had to tackle Rida Anmol as now she was depending on Fareeda. Their show-down was done brilliantly which really made me proud of Fareeda, haha. I can’t wait to see how Rida Anmol would react when she will get to know that Ayaan Junaid has given Fareeda the break she wanted. I think now when Mahroosh is working in the same drama that Fareeda has written, Mazhar will somehow get associated with her in some way.

I really hated the way Appa tried to make Anwar feel guilty of how he was depending on Fareeda more than needed. I think instead of worrying about what happens in Anwar’s home, she should worry about Najma’s wedding. I really think Fareeda will give in & get married to Shaukat but this will give rise to another set of problems in the duo of ma-beta because Appa would want Fareeda to write like before so that she can bring in some big bucks whereas Shaukat wouldn’t approve of it because as per him, ladies shouldn’t work. I think this episode shed a light on another major issue perfectly which people of this social class face frequently. No one wants a well-educated daughter-in-law because they have certain criterions that the girl should fit & they are only related to the household chores they expect the girl to take care of when she becomes a part of their family. In this case, Appa & Shaukat both have obviously given thumbs up to Fareeda’s mindset & her approach in life but still, she is way out of Shaukat’s league. I hope for her sake he proves to be a good husband & Appa doesn’t bother her much like a typical saas, which I am sure she will but I hope Fareeda continues to take stand for her like she does now.

Thoroughly enjoyed this episode as well & can’t wait to see what happens when Fareeda will finally go to meet Sherhyaar & oh I noticed that they have shown some changes in both Fareeda & Shakeela’s wardrobes & even Zareena & Anwar’s dressing has improved, which is again a very little detail but sheds a light on how well Fareeda is taking care of her family & for these intricate but well-thought details, I give this team a shout out & oh, is it just me or Saba Qamar actually looked really pretty in this episode in particular & especially in the white kurta that she wore in the scene where she was conversing with Shakeela? Share your thoughts on this episode & these minor details as well. :)

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