Jackson Heights – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, Jamshed is a lot smarter than we give him credit for. Even though he knows his straight forward approach to his & Michelle’s relation has put her in an awkward position, still he has not only confessed his love but isn’t even ashamed of it because only he knows what’s on his mind. Jamshed saw how uncomfortable Michelle was & somehow she wasn’t coping with it well but he still stood by his stance without worrying much about what she must be thinking of him. Michelle got to talk to Rizwan because that’s what she needed but too bad for him, he didn’t know he was stabbing himself by telling her to follow her heart. So, with this, Rizwan is finally going to go out of the picture because Michelle will obviously choose Jamshed over him. I still didn’t get any such vibes that Jamshed was sort of trying to trick Michelle because he seemed pretty well aware of what he was getting into & in that sense, he looked sincere. Somehow, I now get where Michelle is coming from but I can’t say that about Jamshed though. Michelle is tired of being lonely but what made Jamshed fall for Michelle is still a mystery.

Bhatti felt bad that Cathy sort of insulted him in front of the kids but doesn’t he know it’s been a while she has been treating him like that? Cathy is always rude & misbehaves with him in front of his kids, that’s why Isabella doesn’t care much about what he thinks & she seems pretty indifferent to him. As much as Bhatti tries to be like a father figure to them, Isabella doesn’t allow that to happen because she knows even her mother doesn’t take him seriously. Finally, Bhatti stood up for himself & that left Cathy speechless. I think it’s about time he makes some decisions & starts running things in that house, otherwise there’s no point in sulking without taking control.

To be honest, I am tired of Salma’s Sikandar-nama. Sikandar ne nashta banaya, Sikandar ne paani pilaya, Sikandar ne Imaan ko drop kiya, Sikandar badal gaya hai, Sikandar ye, Sikandar wo, Sikandar bla bla bla bla bla bla. I have really started to doubt her intelligence because can’t she see; last time she got an omelette from Sikandar costed her $4000 so now this time around, for a plate of scrambled eggs, a walk in a park & a home-made biryani, she will have to pay a price of good $25,000. I hate to see how Tai & Sikandar are ganging up against her just so that they can snatch away the jewellery she has kept for the sake of Iman’s education, but more that than I hate to see Salma being so naive to an extent of being mentally challenged because she can’t seem to put two & two together even after spending more than a decade with him & that makes her oblivion look very unrealistic.

This episode was still better because the scenes were short & to the point. Salma dodged the bullet by managing to keep Bhatti meeting with Sikandar but seems like Cathy is going to learn the truth about Bhatti’s new found friend Salma pretty soon. Let’s see what happens next. Share your thoughts please.

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