Digest Writer – Episode 14!

Hmmm, even though the pace of the story has become a bit slow but there are some developments that are still happening in the side tracks. For now the main focus of the drama has shifted on Fareeda’s personal life & her predicament. Her ordeals have just begun & no one knows how long she will have to face such hardships.

It’s a done deal that Shaukat is not a perfect match for Fareeda. They both are two different people because they have nothing in common, nor Shaukat tries to understand Fareeda neither he wants to work on his marriage. He has gotten what he wanted all his life & now he is just treating Fareeda as a lifeless possession who he thinks will always remain under his control. He has turned out to be a very typical husband & only thinks his wife is bound to take care of the household chores because he has seen his mother & sisters do the same thing all his life, which is why he cannot relate to what writing means to Fareeda. Being a writer doesn’t help Fareeda at all because of that, she faces another round of taunts from each & every person in her in-laws. They’ve proved that they’re typical to be bone & they actually expect Fareeda to do everything for them whereas they are not giving her any reason to respect them at all.

Right now, all Fareeda’s family is left with is a sense of regret because it only took them a visit to Shaukat’s place to understand what Fareeda is going through. I really felt bad for Anwar & Zarina because they actually feel responsible for ruining Fareeda’s life but sadly, they can do nothing to redeem it & also they are somehow still financially dependent on Fareeda, which makes Zarina a lot more worried as well.

It was good to see that at least Fareeda on her own is trying to do everything that her husband & his family demands. Even though she wasn’t happy with this marriage but she has walked past the heartbreak & she is being dutiful to them which is why she was seen speaking to Shaukat about what she feels & what she wants but it’s pretty evident that Shaukat has an inferiority complex & he knows that he has gotten such a partner with whom his mental wavelength doesn’t match, that is why he thinks the best way to deal with her is to snub her every single time because he knows he will never have a logical answer to her questions. Fareeda is mentally mature & groomed whereas Shaukat is not, that is why he only speaks to her so brusquely because he has been brought up like that.

At least Fareeda does have a well-wisher in her home & that is her father in law but why does it always happen that a soft spoken, decent father in law never gets a chance to speak up for the right & is always snubbed by his outspoken nagging wife? Shaukat’s father knows that his son is not at par with Fareeda but still she is proving herself to be a good daughter in law & a good wife, which is why he feels it’s unfair that no one is ready to acknowledge her efforts. I am glad that Anwar & Zarina confronted Appa because she needs to know that Fareeda still has someone who’d take a stand for her. Is it just me or you really feel like smacking Najma every time she opens her mouth? & oh another confusion that we had was clarified that Shauakat has 3 sisters whereas Shabana is out of the scene but the eldest sister of his has swooped in out of nowhere.

Well on the professional front, Fareeda’s written drama has brought in record breaking ratings & the channel was ready to sign 2 more dramas with her but sadly, she backed out for now because she doesn’t know if Shaukat & his family would allow her or not. Same goes for her fans who used to read her stories, they’re missing their favourite writer Rushk-e-Hina & want to read her amazing work. Rida Anmol & Sikandar tried to use Mazhar Hayat to hijack Fareeda’s forte which is romantic love stories but luckily for them, after they got in touch with him, Mazhat Hayat now has become an in charge of the channel’s script department which means that they will get their scripts approved by him with ease plus he has already decided to work with them for one of their dramas. I don’t know why but I feel this venture will somehow bring them back in the game & then this will be the moment where Fareeda & Mazhar Hayat will come across each other because being a script department’s head, it’s imperative that Mazhar Hayat will go through Fareeda’s writing before approving it & they both will become each other’s competitors.

I feel ever since Fareeda has suffered from a heart break, the pace of the drama has been compromised upon but still I am sure there’s a lot more to come that’s why I have complete faith in this drama & it’s story. Share your thoughts please. :)

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