Goya- Episode 8 Review

Bheer mei bhi hum tanha rahein, tere gham ne yeh halath kardi… Gohar Rasheed has played the role of the dysfunctional Adnan to absolute perfection. I cannot help but praise his flawless acting especially the way he switches his temperament. His face-off with Sr. Hashmi was extremely well done- the fact that he could hold his own against a stalwart like Usman Peerzada speaks oodles about his acting abilities. For me, he was the highlight of the episode. I liked the confidence with which he stated his self-worth to Rahat Hashmi- Adnan is not afraid of Rahat probably because he has witnessed much worse. A part of his arrogance can also be attributed to his bachpana as Haniya pointed out. Or maybe he’s just too groggy to know what he’s doing. We got to know a little more about Adnan today- he owns three successful businesses which explains his resources, his father resides in London and is a former governor. He has a strained relationship with his father which is probably why he is taking a stand for Omar who has yet to take a stand for himself.

Mrs. Imtiyaaz has been replaced by Mohini in Omar’s life. She’s the one who picks his clothes, prepares his meals, gives him a ride to work, ensures he has a little extra pocket money in case he needs it and shows genuine concern for his safety- Office mein koi tumhe cher raha hai kya??? While Omar is clearly dependent on her, he doesn’t like the feeling of being controlled- Ek Undertaker se jaan churi toh dosri samney agayi... Omar doesn’t realize the seriousness of the situation- he has to make a life for himself and Mohini but is still living in La La Land. Ab apka mere har joke pe hasna farz banta hai… Omar and Mohini’s relationship is going great guns but I doubt it’ll remain this way for much longer. As much as I liked Nomi’s sensibilities, I am getting the feeling that he is starting to get to Mohini. Often times, before there is a real problem, the interference of outsiders makes one take note of something that may not be as big a deal as they are making it out to be. I get that he cares for Mohini but she knew what she was getting into when she married Omar so somewhere in the back of her mind, she knows she may be in for a rude awakening,

Adnan likes surrounding himself with people to divert his mind from his own messed up life which is why him and Zara get along like a house on fire. I don’t know if there’s any budding romance there but there is certainly a very mutual understanding and to some extent maybe even a liking. I think the closest he ever gets to being himself is when he is with Zara. The saudagaars- Hashmi and Saleem Sahab are both fully aware of what their prospective bahu and damaad are up to yet for the sake of not millions but billions, they are willing to continue their deal. It doesn’t seem to matter that their children are on the path to self-destruction and they clearly want nothing more than their own financial gain.

As much as I enjoy watching Mohini and Omar, I’d like to see their story go to the next level. Also, I wish they’d stop showing those scenes of Mohini driving with the fake background as it distracts me from enjoying their conversations. With Ali moving to Dubai, the focus will fall entirely on Adnan and I’m just a little afraid he may snatch the spotlight from the lead pair. 8 episodes down, Goya is progressing steadily and I’m hoping it continues to maintain the pace. What do you think?

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Kanwal Murtaza


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