Digest Writer – Episode 17!

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that the pace for which Digest Writer is known for is back. I found this episode a lot more happening because there were so many scenes that were to the point & contributed a lot in progression of the story. I am glad that finally Fareeda’s professional life has come to the forefront & her personal life is still getting some coverage but is being balanced out by the focus on her career.

Mazhar Hayat is just a pompous, self-assertive & insecure senior who thinks he has an ultimate right to pass the verdict on people & their calibre without even knowing them. He is giving Fareeda a tough time just because she’s a digest writer & Mazhar doesn’t approve of the road she has opted for to become a writer. If Mazhar’s ulterior motive would’ve been to guide & teach the basics of script writing to Fareeda, his tact would’ve looked justified but he is definitely on a trip of his own where he is making it difficult for her to concentrate as he is constantly putting her down. Mazhar Hayat is stuck in the past where he is unnecessarily drawing a comparison between olden & the recent times. It looks like he is so blinded by his thoughts to see that he’s achieving nothing out of it. I found it completely unfair that just because he had preconceived notions about Fareeda, he allowed them to cloud his judgments & he didn’t make an effort to give her a reasonable chance to prove herself. Obviously, Fareeda writes well because of which she has been able to gain immense popularity in no time but seems like Mazhar is insecure of her success as he knows that his writing days are numbered & he’s clearly having ego issues as he can see that now youngsters are striving to get to the top & somehow people are allowing that to happen which means that his name will be long forgotten & no one will bother much about it.

I liked how they juxtaposed the situations where at one hand she was striving to do what she’s passionate about & on the other hand she was doing all in her might to fulfil the responsibilities that she’s supposed to. Sadly, Fareeda has understood that her journey to become a script writer won’t be easy especially when she will be supervised by Mazhar Hayat as he is clearly not impressed by her work. Mazhar, being a male can obviously not relate to Fareeda; a female writer. For him writing is such a thing that requires undivided attention. He might see untidy pages that carry Fareeda’s words but he cannot ever connect to what pain Fareeda goes through to pen down her thoughts. She is juggling so many lives & responsibilities that even if she herself explains what it takes for her to write, Mazhar will just tag it as a bunch of excuses as he just isn’t ready to look at the other side of the picture.

Is it just me or Shaukat actually seemed a bit concerned seeing how Fareeda hit her lowest? He is clearly done with how he has to maintain a balance between his mother & his wife where at least Fareeda doesn’t say much but his mother’s complaints aren’t coming to a stop. Shaukat might not have proved to be an ideal husband & he may not be mentally groomed to match Fareeda’s calibre but yes, what he does is a result of what he’s being brain fed. I am sure if his mother wouldn’t keep a hawk eye on what he does & how he treats Fareeda, he wouldn’t have made such a bad husband. Yes, after getting married he hasn’t done anything that he promised he would but I somehow feel he isn’t responsible for all his reactions. I found it really amusing that Sajida could ignore her bedridden husband for the sake of outing whereas she is the one who gives lectures on how one should never slack off when it comes to responsibilities.

It was good to see Fareeda having a conversation or two with her family members. I kind of felt relieved to see a smile on Zarina’s face because ever since Fareeda has gotten married, Farhaan’s fee has been bothering Zarina so much that she forgot to smile. Even though Fareeda’s family isn’t greedy but it’s a sad reality that people ought to financially depend on their daughters who are capable of making money. I really like the fact that they have continuously kept Surriaya in the picture & her presence is a part of those responsibilities that Fareeda has to look after, otherwise in most of the dramas, kids are just shown in a couple of episodes but are never made a part of the story but in Digest Writer Fareeda’s always seen taking care of Surraiya & in the meantime tending to Shaukat’s demands too, which somehow completes the picture of what a life of a housewife is like.

The preview of next episode seemed really interesting because looks like Mazhar Hayat will again be hell-bent on pushing Fareeda to a threshold. I think she will eventually come up with such a brilliant piece that will shut him up for good. All the actors have done a marvellous job in this drama & I am glad that the pace has finally picked up again. Share your thoughts on this episode of Digest Writer please. :)

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