Digest Writer – Last Episode! <3

Ohkay so, this episode marked the end of the drama; Digest Writer. Even though they gave us a complete, logical & decent ending with a little tweaking in Fareeda’s happiness but to be honest I still have some mixed feelings about it not because of what Fareeda decided but because of the people she chose to stay with.

Yes, Fareeda made it very clear that it’s only because of her kids that she has decided to let go of Shehryaar, I still can’t seem to digest the fact that just because Shaukat was fortunate enough to get married to such a girl who compromised so much, sacrificed so much & kept on forgiving him for everything he used to do, he stayed lucky throughout his life. Keeping Fareeda aside I still can’t seem to understand that why didn’t Shaukat or his mother every pay the price for all the sufferings they put Fareeda through for so many years? They ruined the prime years of her life & now just when she was considering parting ways with them, they just took it as a close call & decided to change themselves? I mean it’s so unfair because it looks like it was a win win situation for them throughout their lives. They were still in a plus when they were at the lowest level of humanity & they still are in a plus just because of Fareeda’s generosity & I don’t think that’s a compensation enough that just because they understood what & how much she has given to them, they get away with everything they did so easily & spend the rest of their lives scot-free? Sajida tried to make Fareeda understand that she is now a mother & being a woman she has to showcase how big-hearted she is by forgiving Shaukat but then if she wanted Fareeda to leave everything because of her kids, Sajida should’ve left Fareeda & her kids alone too but then that’s the truth that deep down Sajida was restless because she didn’t want to lose any of the luxuries she was getting due to Fareeda & she wasn’t concerned much about Shaukat as well.

I for once wanted to hear Anwar & Zarina say that Fareeda deserved to be happy. Even if they didn’t support her, I don’t think it would’ve cost them anything to at least say that they understand how tough this journey must’ve been for her. Being parents I so wanted them to say that yes, their daughter has endured so much & she has gone through enough but right till the end they were persistent that a girl has to ‘tolerate’ so many things of her husband that she doesn’t like but then I just can’t understand when they were so conservative, how could they take Shaukat’s infidelity so lightly? I don’t think that if a son-in-law cheats on one’s daughter, the parents still believe that their daughter is bound to be patient about it & take it as a destiny’s final stamp? Yes, it can be an option for those parents who see their daughter becoming a burden on them but this wasn’t the case with Fareeda because she wasn’t only taking care of herself, her kids & her in-laws – she was supporting her parents & her siblings as well. I so wish they hadn’t made Anwar & Zarina so rigid about this matter because I really wanted to have some good memories of their characters because I really hate to say it but they come across as mean parents too, who just got lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing & selfless daughter but when it came to supporting her, they turned out to be so poor to even afford a few words of acknowledgement & consideration. Yes, even though the final decision would’ve been of Fareeda & they were right in not encouraging her to get divorced but for a moment they could’ve taken a matter in their hands & should’ve tried to do everything to ease their daughter’s pain. Farhaan gets full point for being such a darling of a brother, I loved the way he reasoned with Zareena & made her understand how much Fareeda has done for each & everyone & how the time was right to pay her back by at least understanding & supporting her. I am so glad that Farhaan gave words to what we all were feeling for Fareeda.

I am glad that all the chauvinists would be rejoicing over Fareeda’s decision because God forbid if she had opted for Shehryaar, I’m certain that a hell would’ve broken loose so in that regard I am glad that Fareeda put her kids ahead of her happiness & curbed everything else. I know other than showing Shehryaar as a selfish person, they had no option left but I still found his frustration & irritation a bit forced. I still feel they could’ve done without it as he was patient throughout these years so I don’t think there was anything bad if he seemed a bit agitated because he was eager to get Fareeda as he actually loved her. Yes, he actually wasn’t ready to compromise for Fareeda as much as he was asking her to compromise but then I still feel that he was a lot better than Shaukat & at least he made her happy & I so feel that she should be with Shehryaar because she deserves to be with a man she has always idealized & most importantly, he definitely made her happy as she was in love with him.

Now coming onto the ending scene, I was so glad to see her reaching to the peak of her success & the cherry on top was seeing Mazhar Hayat witnessing Fareeda’s moment of glory. I was actually surprised to see him around after so many years but I feel his presence completed the picture perfectly. Even though I am happy with what Fareeda has achieved & I agree to everything she had said however I feel her speech could’ve been written with a lot more sophistication & elegance because to be honest there was a lot of focus on lassan, pyaaz, chula, bartan, chamach, joota, pamper, dahi, salan, chawwal etc & it just didn’t convey the message appropriately which more or less looked like a disclaimer about how much respect the digest writers alone are entitled to. I feel Fareeda could’ve shared her struggles without mentioning her household items as well but finally, our Fareeda did it & she materialized her dream of becoming a famous writer. :)

Anyhow, I am gutted that this drama has ended but I am glad they didn’t stretch it further. Watching Digest Writer has been such an amazing experience & they actually took us on a beautiful journey where they gave us beautiful moments, they made us laugh, they made us rejoice & most importantly, they made us feel for all the characters. I will still remember the initial episodes that showcased Fareeda’s struggles & how her family stood by her side because that was the best & my favorite part of Fareeda’s life. I still feel so connected to Fareeda’s family that we got to see in the beginning & this bond is definitely going to stay. Fareeda will be one of my favourite characters because she was so much more than just a sacrificial housewife; she was generous, she was head-strong, she was cultured, she was groomed, she was well-mannered, she was very clear-headed when it came to her priorities, she was ambitiously driven & most importantly, she put her family’s needs ahead of her which makes me like her even more.

To be honest I still remember I was a bit skeptical about this drama & I even decided that I’d let it pass but I am so glad that I took my chance & fell in love with what was offered. I must commend the entire team for paying so much attention to detail which was a strong point of this project. I must commend the director Ahmed Kamran for resorting to such a perfect approach in executing this drama because he did justice to such a brilliant script & stayed true to his position. I will especially thank the writer Madiha Shahid for giving us such a beautiful drama, a perfect script & some amazing characters & in the end I will thank Saba Qamar, Gohar Rasheed, Maheen Jaffri, Aiman Khan, Mehmood Akhtar, Sajida Syed, Parveen Akbar, Agha Ali & all the actors for their brilliant performances. They completely did justice to the roles they were appointed to enact & gave their 100 percent but I will give a little more credit to Saba Qamar & Gohar Rasheed because they were so convincing as Fareeda & Shaukat & I can bet on it that no other actors could’ve portrayed these characters with so much perfection. It goes without saying that the styling team of Digest Writer has done an amazing job as well in giving perfect looks to all the actors to fit into their characters so seamlessly. They all contributed aptly in making Digest Writer a wholesome package & a journey which is so very special. Last but obviously not the least I can’t go without thanking all my awesome readers who supported me by appreciating my reviews & kept all the discussions thoroughly enjoyable. Please share your say about this episode & on the complete journey of this deeerama named Digest Writer. :)

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