Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 10!

Like always, this episode was beautiful & was packed with a lot of different emotions that were elaborated beautifully on screen tonight. I really like how the director here is taking things slow for a while before stepping into the second phase of the story. Even though, Suhaib was not present, what I loved the most about this episode was that he wasn’t just forgotten & each & every conversation revolved around him because he was absolutely special for each one of them.

Agha Jaan (read Abid Ali) made me cry once again with his brilliant performance in this episode. I have never seen such a powerful depiction of emotions coming from any other actor but Abid Ali for sure is phenomenal. Indeed, it wasn’t difficult at all to understand what he was going through. He has lost the best & the most valued person in his life; his son Suhaib, who was not just a son but was more than that because he gave Agha Jaan more than what he ever thought of & asked for, that is why it was so hard for Agha Jaan to accept that Suhaib is gone forever & his death scarred him more than anyone could’ve imagined. It is so evident that Behroz is trying so hard to fill the void but he can never reach the bar that Suhaib has set so high.

It was so heartbreaking so see Zarmeenay & Arjumand completely shattered. It was indeed another powerful performance by Hareem Farooq in this particular episode. She depicted the emotions of someone who lost everything to perfection. Suhaib indeed was her shelter & to see it being torn away & buried somewhere was the most difficult thing that Arjumand had to go through.

The highlight of this episode for me was the conversation between Behroz & Wali. Not only because Behroz realized how similar Wali was to his father but also because it showed how much Suhaib loved Behroz to let his children know about him, which is why despite the fact that Wali met him for the first time, he met him like he has known him all his life & he wasn’t hesitant at all. This thing also sheds a light on how different Behroz & Suhaib were & how differently they raised their children because Suhaib made sure that both Wali & Zarmeenay knew their Baray Baba & he made sure that his kids be familiar with Behroz just because if there comes a time when the family gets back together, both Wali & Zarmeenay should know what Behroz meant to Suhaib & how he was always a part of the family even if he wasn’t around. Then it took me back to how Faarah was being raised, where the only family she knows about is the family of Tajjamul & how easily Behroz has kept her oblivious of her paternal relatives. The way Behroz lied to Faarah about the gifts that were from Suhaib actually shows what a weak person he is & how ‘important’ Suhaib was for him, which is why now when he said ‘Suhaib mera sab kuch tha’, I really had a hard time believing him.

Well, I have a request for all those who’ve read the novel, I am giving you guys a single but golden chance to share a spoiler alert with me here; please please please let me know that something bad happens to Tajjamul because I so want Ruhina to learn a few lessons in life as well. I so want her to lose her brother to comprehend how it is to be in that position & then I will see how worried she’d be about Behroz & Faarah. The things she said actually made me want to smack her because ohkay, if she is clinging onto that bad memory & those insults are still lingering on in her head, that’s perfectly fine but is she so low on humanity that she cannot even sympathize or feel bad that someone in Behroz’s family has passed away? For the first time in 20 years, Behroz chose to speak to her about his father & his brother & all she had to do was remind him of his carelessness? Behroz has taken care of her for the last 20 years & has filled her life with so much love so why can’t she move on & forget all that she went through back then? She still doesn’t believe in giving Behroz an edge even though she knows that he is going through a very difficult time right now? Even though we shouldn’t expect anything from Behroz as he is so smitten by this emotionless statue that he calls his wife but I so hope he shows her the right place because seems like she got a lot more than what she actually deserved.

I am looking forward to what Laila has to say to Behroz. I really liked the fact that even though Laila & Suhaib shared a cordial relation for a very little time, the way she was there for Suhaib’s family in this difficult hour showed that she may have moved on in her life but the bonding that she shared with Suhaib is still very special to her because they both parted at a good note & most importantly, she knows what a gem of a person Suhaib was. I really like Laila’s character for the fact that she has such a high regard for Suhaib who didn’t do anything for her but that is only because she knows everything about him & his struggles.

This episode was beautiful & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I so want to see Ruhina’s face when Behroz will break the news of Faarah & Wali’s marriage. Yes, he wants to make things right & he wants to compensate for all the sorrows he has inflicted upon Agha Jaan but I think Behroz like always is making an irrational & hasty decision because now; with Faarah, he is doing exactly the same thing that Agha Jaan asked him to do by marrying Arjumand; someone he didn’t love & didn’t want to be with, 20 years ago.

I must say, being a newbie the girl playing the role of Zarmeenay is doing a brilliant job. I am glad that Osman Khalid Butt got a good coverage in this episode but I still felt his acting was a bit forced, as if the emotions weren’t coming naturally to him & he really was trying hard to get them across. I am sure as the episodes will pass by, he won’t give us a chance to complain but for now, I found his acting a little too weak in comparison to all the other actors who are doing a brilliant job. Please share your say with us & let me know how much you enjoyed watching this episode. :)

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