Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, it was another one of those episodes that left me heavy hearted by the end. Even though I absolutely am an avid fan of Diyar-e-Dil & love it for its perfection, I now feel burdened by the incessant dosage of depression. I do believe that this is the beauty of Diyar-e-Dil where they have been successful in showing us a perfect journey of people with whom we’ve connected on some other level but to be honest, it actually is getting a bit too much for me to handle.

Behroz has died too, leaving everything behind & new challenges for everyone to face, especially Agha Jaan. The note at which Behroz’s life ended took me back to Suhaib’s death, where he died with a lot of peace & satisfaction in his heart because he meant well for everyone & lived his life to the fullest by making others happy but sadly, just as much as Behroz’s life was different to that of Suhaib’s, his death was different as well. Behroz spent his whole life in frustration & dissatisfaction because the guilt of wronging his father haunted him throughout & that is why, when he died, he didn’t have any peace in his heart & that is extremely sad. This whole scenario actually made me understand the proverb ‘dunya maqafat-e-amal hai’ a little bit better. Suhaib’s life ended at a good note because his life was filled with the smiles that he spread on everyone’s faces, whereas Behroz’s life ended at such a sad note because deep down he also knew how wrong he was & it somehow affected him a lot more than he could’ve imagined. Which no doubt makes me say that he didn’t deserve to be left alone in the end because he did everything for his wife Ruhina & was a good husband to her at least.

‘Faarah bete, Allah aur Rasool (SAW) ki mohabbat ke baad, janti ho sab se afzal mohabbat kaunsi hoti hai? Walidain ki. Jab dunya ki har mohabbat, har rishta hamara saath chorh deti hai, to ye mohabbat tab bhi hamare saath rehti hai. Beta, khoon ke rishton ko kabhi nahi chorhna chahiye, unka koi naim-o-badal nahi hota. Hamare har gunnah ki saza hamain akhirat mai milegi, lekin ma baap ki nafarmani wo wahid gunnah hai jiss ki saza hamain is dunya mai hi mil jati hai’. These were some beautiful & thought-provoking dialogues from this episode that I couldn’t resist mentioning. I am glad that of all the people, Behroz got to speak to Farah before he left & he got the opportunity to teach her something which will stay with her for the rest of her life. Behroz understood what he has done is something that he has to pay the price for, that is why without blaming anyone; he blamed himself for the consequences he was facing. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to see that the one Behroz loved the most, probably a little more than his own father, left him in the lurch & by the end came across as someone who was just another ‘dunyawi rishta’ for him.

Of all the people, I felt the most of Agha Jaan. Even though he did get to spend some time with Behroz before his death, he just wasn’t ready to lose another son because he didn’t have enough of him. He had so much to say & so much to listen to, but sadly, he was deprived of this opportunity. I am glad that at least, Agha Jaan found a way to forgive Behroz for what he did & Behroz found a chance to seek Agha Jaan’s forgiveness. The scene where Arjumand reminisced about both Behroz & Suhaib was very emotional too & for some reason I found it very impactful. No matter what had happened in their lives, these three were friends & Behroz & Suhaib were her companions since her childhood days, she not only lost her husband but now she also lost her cousin who used to be her friend too. Even though it may seem that Agha Jaan or Ruhina or even Faarah are the ones who got affected by Behroz’s death the most, I liked that they took a time to show how his death affected even those who weren’t actually related to him emotionally.

To be honest, I believe Tajjamul redeemed himself because he let go of what happened when Behroz was alive & didn’t let that negativity cloud his decision. He took an initiative & did what was right, which was to allow Agha Jaan & Wali to take Behroz with them. I think of all the people, Tajjamul was the one who analysed the situation like a rational person & didn’t side with anyone. He only considered what the most important thing was for Behroz & took a decision based on that. The thing that actually showed how weak Zohra or even Ruhina’s Imaan was the way they started blaming Agha Jaan for Behroz’s death. He was meant to leave & he did, no one else can decide that but the way they held Agha Jaan responsible for what happened only showcased how small their minds were & even smaller their faith was.

I must say, I was amazed by everyone’s acting in this particular episode. Sanam Saeed, Maya Ali, Abid Ali, Hareem Farooqi & also Osman Khalid Butt – their powerful acting made this episode work for me completely & it was a treat to watch them all. Also, I must say, just when I wanted Wali to speak up, he did. Very politely, he took a stand for Agha Jaan because he had to make sure none of Ruhina’s words hurt Agha Jaan as he was already in a fragile state & this was the very first thing that made me like Wali’s character a lot more than I actually did before. With so much ease Wali reminded Ruhina of how she was crossing a line & I now feel Wali wouldn’t let Ruhina hurt his family anymore. I am glad he is not going to be one of those who wouldn’t step in when needed. What Wali said showcased how important it is for him to protect Agha Jaan, along with his honor & his dignity because he wouldn’t keep quiet when he will see people disrespecting Agha Jaan.

To be honest, the preview of next episode seemed quite depressing to me & for that, I am looking forward to only one particular scene where Zohra will spew venom against Ruhina, haha. At least, that will keep things interesting because I am so not in a mood to see some bed-ridden characters once again. :/ Sadly, it looks like Faarah will follow the footsteps of her mother & will start blaming Agha Jaan, which I believe will make Wali speak up. I am so looking forward to their track now & I hope we’re done with the dose of depression. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful episode filled with realistic portrayal of feelings & emotions, but can we please move on? Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Diyar-e-Dil.

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