Mumkin – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, it was an interesting episode of Mumkin but I still feel the pace has slowed down because the focus of each & every episode is more or less one a single situation & then they make sure to cover it in so much detail that at times a few of the scenes & conversations become repetitive.

Finally, Aziz has finally let go of the secret as to why he couldn’t come back to Mehreen after leaving for UK. He struggled a lot & got married to Nageen for the sake of money. I remember someone commented in one of the previous reviews that Natasha might not be Aziz’s biological daughter & I was surprised to see it being the case. Natasha is Nageen’s daughter but Aziz loves her as his own, which is why Natasha always sides with Aziz a lot more & never questions or doubts him, because he has been a perfect father figure for her all these years. To be honest, as sincere Aziz sounds, I don’t think his justification was a justification enough for leaving his newly wedded expectant wife in the lurch & never making an effort to get in contact with her ever. Yes, he went through a tough phase & got busier in his life that he had no time for Mehreen but then, how long would’ve it taken for him to settle down? 5 years, 6 or 10 at tops? So, for that to see him being missing for 20 years & never paying heed to Mehreen, doesn’t really make him look as sincere as he poses to be. It only would’ve taken a single phone call for Aziz to contact Mehreen but he cut her out of his life. If he hadn’t come across Mehreen at Maira’s Nikkah, he would’ve never bothered about his first wife because he had pretty much moved on & going by how he was before, he seemed pretty comfortable in his life, so I really don’t find his urge to reconcile with his first wife quite appealing.

It was good to see Waleed knocking some sense into Natasha. Even though, she has changed a lot after Aziz’s accident but Waleed tried to make her understand how she can be rude at times & how she puts others down. That is why I liked the slight change in her attitude by the end of the episode. She was always like that, controlling, rude & arrogant but she wouldn’t bother much about some intricate situations until Nageen forced her to think about them, that is why she found it easy to own her mistakes & apologize to Maira too.

To be honest, as much as they’ve kept it simple & decent, I find Sajid Hassan’s attempts at being romantic with Irsa Ghazal a bit odd. The way Irsa Ghazal melts every time she comes across her oldie but a goodie husband is a bit awkward too, lol. But, I am interested to see how things will roll as far as their relation is concerned. Obviously, Aziz wants Mehreen back but she is not ready as she can see the bigger picture & being a woman, she knows how hard it will be on her & on her daughter as well, so for this reason, I find her stance a bit more logical & justified than that of Aziz’s.

It was interesting to see Nageen picking up the hints about what was happening & plus it was so obvious, Nageen & Natasha are always hovering around Aziz, so it was a mistake on Mehreen’s part to visit him repeatedly at the hospital because anyone would eventually find out about it, but still I believe they’ve been realistic in taking the story this far & I am sure it will continue to be that way unless they decide to give it the ARY treatment. Mumkin indeed is a decent play to watch & I like it for this reason. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mumkin.

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ps: As far as I know, Muneeb’s family is quite well-off, so I hope Maira goes out & buys some new bed-sheets for her room, because that loud printed hideous flowery messy bed-sheet is screaming for a change ASAP.

Zahra Mirza

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