Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 17!

Ohkay, so, it was such an interesting episode because finally we got to the phase we all were waiting for. I am so glad that the younger lot has overtaken the story & now the main focus will be on them. I don’t mind the elderlies as well, but as far as they are at a back-seat, it’s all perfect. I am so glad with this transition because it opens a window for us to get to know more about the characters that are somewhat new to us & that makes me even more intrigued & engaged. :)

I really liked Faarah in this episode. She proved that even if she is submissive & even if she is innocent & polite, doesn’t mean she will accept everything that happens around her without questioning it. All her life she has heard how much her mother has hated Agha Jaan & the rest of Behroz’s family, so it was obviously a shocker for her to see Ruhina agreeing to be dependent on Agha Jaan for financial help. The questions she raised & the stance she put forth showed that she really has a high self-esteem. Till date Faarah saw how much Ruhina badmouthed Agha Jaan so to see her change all of a sudden made Faarah a bit more confused & embarrassed.

Like I said before, Ruhina doesn’t know how to take responsibility of what she does & she proved me right once again. Ruhina is so immune of blaming others that it didn’t even take her a second to put the whole blame on Faarah for the tiff she had with Behroz. Ruhina knows that she did it all out of her ego & Faarah was the last thing on her mind, but still, when the moment arose, she didn’t even think for a second about what Faarah might feel & how much she will dwell into self-detest if she’ll start considering herself as the reason behind her parents’ fight. Why was it so hard for Ruhina to face the reality now? What Faarah said & did was exactly what Ruhina taught her against Agha Jaan, so now when it backfired, why couldn’t she handle it? What was so difficult about the whole scenario that she couldn’t tell Faarah the real reason behind this deal with Agha Jaan & she took it to her heart? Was it done just for the sake of creating some drama so that she could make herself look like an even bigger victim in front of her daughter; Faarah?

The conversation between Ruhina & Agha Jaan once again highlighted the difference between their mentality & caliber. Ruhina looked like a shallow person who had nothing in her hand, except her ego & Agha Jaan accepted everything with so much grace that it showed he really is a bighearted person. Agha Jaan proved that he is a man of his word & that is why, no matter what Ruhina said, didn’t affect him at all because now when he has promised to do everything to bring his family back together, he surely is working on it with full fledged determination.

I liked Wali in this episode as well, but before saying anything about Wali, I will mention that he reminds me so much of Suhaib. Wali is just as responsible & focused as Suhaib was & now Wali is also facing more or less the similar situation that Suhaib faced in the initial stages of his marriage. It was so good to see Wali taking the responsibility without having anyone remind him about it. What I love about his character is his decisiveness & his determination. Even though Arjumand & Agha Jaan both didn’t want him to join the business yet, he went ahead with what he had planned for himself & his family. I also really like the fact that Wali takes it as his duty & responsibility to protect Agha Jaan, that is why while Agha Jaan was talking to Ruhina, Wali made sure that no one else interrupts, without even thinking that Tajjamul is Ruhina’s brother. The whole time Tajjamul sat there like he had no clue what was going on, actually made me laugh. He is the one who has insinuated all this & he chose to act all masoom as if he had no idea what was going through his sister’s mind. ;)

I loved Wali & Faarah’s interaction & meeting. Faarah is just going by what Ruhina has told her, but Wali is out to prove her & her mother wrong. Wali knows that Faarah was taken aback by what happened that is why he is ready to give her some time & space, which really makes him a thorough gentleman. He understands what Faarah must be going through, that is why without burdening her with the gravity of their relation, he just wanted her to befriend him, so that they can at least work on understanding each other first. It was good to see Zarmeenay in this episode as well but later what happened was actually really sweet. Wali has fallen for Faarah; his wife, that is why he is ready to be patient & doesn’t mind what she says because he knows she is just misapprehended for now & that can change, as in Wali for sure will make it change.

Oh boy! Moeez has no shame whatsoever, does he? He finally professed his feelings to his #married cousin? How decent is that? For Faarah, Moeez has always been a cousin & a friend that she knows she can rely on, that is why she is in a comfort zone when he is around, but Moeez really has gotten ahead with the idea, that is why he just cannot stand seeing Faarah with Wali but too bad, Wali is Faarah’s husband therefore, it is highly recommended for Moeez to find someone else because Jageerdaar Ka Beta is not going anywhere. If Moeez had so many questions about the financial help & the joint bank account stuff, why didn’t he bother asking his father first because it was his father bear who instigated this idea, therefore before burdening Faarah & telling her to go against everyone for him, he should get his facts straight.

So, all in all, it was an amazing episode. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I had a good laugh when Ruhina had an outburst because I needed it & oh, I must say there was so much emphasis on marna marana in this episode. Ruhina says ‘wo marna pasand karegi’ & even Faarah repeatedly said ‘wo bhi marna pasand karegi’ & in the end I heard Moeez saying the same thing too, so I really want to ask why this family is family so obsessed with the idea of ‘marna’? I loveee the subtlety in everyone’s expressions in this episode/drama. Wali understood why was Agha Jaan called to Lahore for the meeting, that is why he sat there & nodded in disbelief, which showed that he couldn’t imagine how low could his Tai Jee stoop. Similarly, Agha Jaan had a smirk on his face because he knew exactly what was happening but just the sense of him being able to help Faarah was so strong that he let go of what just happened & all the things that were said to him.

I must say the director really has brought out the best in all these actors because the way they are performing makes it all look so natural & real. A big shout out to Maya Ali & Osman Khalid Butt for their amazing on-screen chemistry & I am so glad they both acted really well in this episode. Sanam Saeed was good too but her shaky voice takes away the impact from most of her scenes. I must say, I really feel lucky to have gotten a chance to not only view but ‘review’ Diyar-e-Dil. :) Please share your thoughts on tonight’s episode.

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ps: Just letting my awesome readers know that I am down with flu, fever & all that jazz, so just in case you find my replies short & robotic, please bear with me. I promise I will be fully active for the Good vs Bad; Ruhina vs Agha Jaan debates in the next review, Insha Allah. :)

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