Karb – Episode 10

This episode was packed, full of deceptions, lies and broken hearts. Hania surely doesn’t think twice before lying big. As if the divorce issue wasn’t enough, she has lied about her child as well. She just spoke out of malice but obviously in future, Hamza will think it was to keep his daughter away from them. I had really wished for Hania to open her eyes when she saw her mother celebrating Samra’s pregnancy. She even did for a moment but her mother is just too controlling, too convincing for Hania to use her own brain and Hamza was just.. typical Hamza. No patience, zero tolerance, his own version of right and wrong and no idea how to handle things in the heat of the moment. And though, she hadn’t been able to abort the baby, her in-laws shouldn’t have been surprised if she did, with the way she was so determined to. Till now, Ammo jan seemed just an over pampering mother but now we see that she has ulterior motives. She is actually taking revenge from her own daughter for preferring someone else over her mother’s opinion. Such a narcissist, I must say.

Samra is being a good bhabhi, even if a little selfish, and I had thought her intentions were good unless I saw the promo in which she is worried that Hania will stay with them all life. But it’s her brother who surprises me the most. Even if the father has no spine, atleast he can speak to his mom and sister, but apparently he is his father’s true copy in that sense.  Alia doesn’t seem to be upto much good. Although she is not shown bad, I somehow found her goody two shoes attitude irritating. If she has always lead such a clean life, why did she keep Hamza’s pictures with poetry on them. She didn’t even try to clarify once to Hania, rather she acted in front of Hamza as if Hania was making it all up. It might be just me but I don’t like this girl’s acting, not here and not in jugnoo. In the end, Hamza has seen his baby with Hania.. Looking forward to his reaction to all this, though I doubt being parents would change Hamza’s or Hania’s attitude. They are far too set in their ways..



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