Mumkin – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, this episode was really interesting & now when the cat’s almost out of the bag now, I really hope this is their way of wrapping the drama up because if they don’t end it within next 2 – 3 episodes, that for sure would take the fun out of this great drama.

So, Waleed knew that he hit a jackpot the moment he witnessed Aziz & Mehreen spending some time together. Going by the smiles on their faces & their body language, it was so obvious that anyone could understand the comfort level between the two, that is why without giving a benefit of doubt to Aziz, Waleed planned to make the most of the situation.

To be honest, I knew that Waleed was quite a business minded & a practical person, but I never knew that he would be this much practical to literally blackmail someone into getting what he wanted. Waleed felt this was the perfect time to change things in his life because the way Natasha used to look down at him, really bothered him a lot & also, Natasha’s constant reminders about the family business belonging to Aziz also forced Waleed to do everything to own the business so that he could put a stop to Natasha’s taunts.

The showdown between Waleed & Aziz was interesting because the way Aziz stood up for his relation was good. He has said it a million times & he actually means that he doesn’t care about anything or anyone, anymore, that is why even when Waleed threatened him, Aziz didn’t stutter & told him to do anything he wanted because he wasn’t going to back off. Yes, it was kind of interesting to see Aziz agreeing to consider Waleed’s proposal but it was too late. Waleed had already spoken to Nageen & it didn’t take her a lot of time to put two & two together because she had already been sussing out on something & she needed some assurance to get straight to the conclusion. To be honest, seeing all these developments that too, so suddenly really made me happy because I knew that the story was now going somewhere.

Even though Mehreen has gone back to the phase where she has accepted Aziz as her husband, she still is keeping herself mentally prepared to part with him if the time arises because she knows, their reconciliation can create a lot of problems for not only Aziz but for Maira too, so even though she wants to be with her husband, she is tackling this whole situation with a lot of practicality & also this is the reason why she isn’t as mentally prepared to disclose the secret, as much as Aziz.

The showdown at Maira’s birthday gathering was done well. This is exactly what you can expect from a person like Nageen, she has always looked down at both Mehreen & Maira so now when she got a chance, without blaming her husband, she straight away jumped to conclusion that Mehreen is the real culprit. To be honest, as much as Aziz portrays to be a man of his word, the way he stammers & lets Nagreen overshadow him, shows that he still hasn’t mustered up enough courage to speak up in front of Nageen. It kind of shows that Aziz is intimidated by Nageen that is why even when Mehreen was being insulted, he didn’t step in to stop everything & to stop Nageen from accusing Mehreen so bluntly.

This episode for sure was interesting & it also gave us some special moments of Maira & Muneeb but to be honest, their track has been completely overshadowed by Mehreen & Aziz’s track because it seems more enticing now. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mumkin.

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