Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 23!

Ohkay so, another week, another amazing episode & another set of brilliant performances in Diyar-e-Dil. This drama has given us so much & I am so glad to have been able to enjoy this journey so far, it really shows what an amazing script it is & how beautifully it has been directed. Each & every episode till date has offered us something different & unique where we get to know & learn more about all these amazing characters. I must say the way they are revealing different aspects & traits of all these actors elevates the level of the drama a couple of notches because mostly in our dramas, by this stage there’s nothing left to be explored in all the characters but hats off to Farhat Ishtiyaq for making it all so gripping & engaging.

It was good to see that honesty’s all that Faarah has got, that is why when she was forced to act like a Miss Goody-two-shoes in front of Agha Jaan, she found it beneath her to do so. I liked the fact that where at one hand she is eager to get out of here, she doesn’t believe in stooping low from her level, which shows that she has a strong sense of self-esteem & self-policing that is why even in such an intense situation, she doesn’t want to let go of her values & morals. The way she wore a stole on Wali’s demand indicated two things, one of which was obvious that she is ready to go to any length to set herself free from this marriage but the other thing that got highlighted was that may be she understands Wali’s perspective as she herself can see that all the demands he’s putting forth have nothing to do with him but Agha Jaan, his family & to some extent the norms of the Haveli as well, that is why just a single reminder from him was enough for her to do what she said she wouldn’t do. Even though Faarah has always been someone who has always wanted to spend her life according to her own wishes & rules, she never got a chance to do so that is why may be she has become a bit more submissive but the difference is, this time she is being submissive for good things & is not falling prey to unnecessary negative emotional blackmailing. All she has to do now is to reciprocate some affection towards Agha Jaan & that is why unconsciously she is feeling a lot more peace inside her than she expected because it is for the first time she is not being forced to do things she doesn’t agree with.

I really can’t emphasize enough on the fact how each & every time I get to see a massive difference between Arjumand & Ruhina. Even though Arjumand knows that Zarmeenay doesn’t like being around Faarah, she didn’t encourage her once & told her to be courteous which was taught to her. Arjumand didn’t allow Zarmeenay to ignore Faarah & say whatever she wanted to because she knows this is not how Zarmeenay has been brought up. Even though Arjumand herself is unhappy with Faarah being in the Haveli, she has not said a single word about it to Zarmeenay, which shows she doesn’t believe in pulling people apart & then there comes Ruhina, who just once saw that Faarah was being nice to Agha Jaan, she told her not to get carried away & started brain feeding her against him. It really shows how different these two women are, where one is a woman of substance & the other is just a Negative Nancy.

Well well well, the way Meesna Moeez spoke to Tajjamul authoritatively & the way he highlighted that Tajjamul couldn’t do one thing rightly really told a story of how he has some ulterior motives too. It was too obvious that he wasn’t saying all that because he was concerned for Faarah but it looked like he was worried about something entirely different, something that he wants but can’t get now because Faarah is away. The preview of the next episode confirmed my suspicion but I really want Moeez to give Ruhina some hard time too.

Haha, even though Wali is giving Faarah such a tough time, even though he is not leaving any chance of taunting her that he gets, I still find their scenes really enjoyable. I love the way Faarah defends herself & takes a stand in front of Wali & I also like how Wali keeps on reminding her about what she is supposed to do. I must say, even though I really like Wali’s character, every other episode gives me something even better to like Wali even more. It was so nice to see him inviting Faarah for lunch & dinner every single time. Even though he doesn’t want to give this relation a chance & he has made his mind of putting an end to it, he still doesn’t want to give such hints to anyone where they can mistreat Faarah at all. Wali really is trying hard to maintain a balance where even though he knows that his mother & sister aren’t happy with Faarah’s arrival, he is not allowing his personal bitterness get in a way & stop him from being a gentleman that he is. Very subtly he is also putting a message across that till the moment Faarah is in their home, he wouldn’t allow anyone to misbehave with her. I also liked that after her conversation with Wali, Arjumand didn’t bring that topic into the discussion again. Arjumand had a lot of chances to talk against Faarah & share her agitation with Zarmeenay but she chose to stay silent because she believes in Wali’s decision & doesn’t doubt her son at all, which is another beautiful aspect of the mother-son bonding.

Overall, it was a beautiful episode. I really love how Agha Jaan is all happy to see his grandchildren taking care of him. Faarah’s presence really makes a difference & just because Arjumand & Zarmeenay can see how happy & relieved Agha Jaan is, they are quiet too. I must say Maya Ali looks really nice & I love her wardrobe too, looks like they completely changed her styling ever since she has come to the Haveli & she really looks polished & chic. Osman Khalid Butt looks nice too & so does everyone else. I am glad that they put a lot of effort on their appearances too because it does make a lot of difference & makes it all very pleasant to see. I loved the camera work in this episode especially because all those wide angles & different shots made it an absolute treat to watch. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Diyar-e-Dil with us & oh, needless to say, the wait for next episode begins right now!

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