Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 26!

Ohkay so, despite being slow, this episode was enjoyable & I had a great time watching it. I find it quite interesting the way they have given a lot of time & space to each & every character & its feelings, because of which we can relate to them & understand what they are going through. They have added such reality to each & every situation that you can’t resist relating to them or feeling for them & this is the beauty of Diyar-e-Dil.

So, this episode was completely dedicated to Faarah Behroz Khan. It was all about the final push that she needed to recollect & prioritize things in her life. It was all about her questions getting answered that will now help her in understanding herself & everyone else accurately. Faarah has always loved Agha Jaan because after Behroz she saw a father figure in him but there was something that prevented her to be comfortable around him & that only thing was her question related to Agha Jaan’s decision of enforcing a Nikkah on her & Wali. That entire scene & conversation between Agha Jaan & Faarah was done to perfection where it showed that Agha Jaan was never oblivious of what Faarah used to think & go through emotionally. Agha Jaan tried to draw his granddaughter closer to himself but his wisdom made him realize that there was still some wall that Faarah was trying to knock down before being completely convinced about him. The way he introduced Faarah to her new abode & all the things he said about her privacy made Faarah a little more confused as she never could’ve imagined that Agha Jaan would be so courteous & considerate to be even worried about how she has never been comfortable with the idea of a joint family. At that particular moment, the expression on Faarah’s face (depicted beautifully by Maya Ali) said it all. Faarah’s mind & heart once again were at a battle where she didn’t know who to side with as the Agha Jaan Ruhina told her about was completely different to the Agha Jaan she herself was interacting with & that is why when she realized that she has always misunderstood Agha Jaan, she reduced to tears because she was letting go of the burden she was carrying all this while. I absolutely loved that scene & found it very heart-warming because finally, after so many years, Agha Jaan got to clarify himself; he has held himself responsible, he has apologized but this was the very first time when he got to explain himself & finally he did it. Even though the ending of that perfect moment between Agha Jaan & his granddaughter Faarah was tragic, it at least happened after he got a chance to say each & everything that he had on his mind so that makes it a little tolerable.

I understand the concerns Zarmeenay has regarding Agha Jaan & I also agree to what she had to say to Faarah because one way or the other, Faarah has always caused distress to Agha Jaan but for the first time I found Zarmeenay’s dialogues a little repetitive & I didn’t like Maryam’s acting as well. I am finding it hard to enjoy her scenes but I know they fit well with the situation so Yay for that. After being confronted rather insulted by Zarmeenay, all the things that ran through Faarah’s mind were elaborated perfectly. It must’ve been a hard day for Faarah but when she’d look back, she’d cherish it because this was the day when she realized how wrong she was & she let go of all the negativity & misapprehensions she had against Agha Jaan & his family. The sight of Wali crying & praying for Agha Jaan was another eye-opener for her because she saw for the first time what Agha Jaan means to Wali & she didn’t let any negativity cloud her judgment that is why for the first time she was clear about what she was seeing & she realized how pure his intentions were. Wali never wanted to blackmail Faarah & he never wanted her to feel guilty, he just wanted her to make Agha Jaan happy & this is the first time Faarah understood that, that is why she confided in him & accepted her defeat in front of him. It was yet another beautiful scene & now when I think about it, this episode was filled with so many beautiful moments that it brings warmth to my heart. :)

Sadly, Moeez is so blinded by the potential profit of his business that he has started to resort to cheap tactics, where he is once again planning & plotting to trap Faarah. He definitely is insulting Faarah’s intelligence by thinking that a few gifts would be enough for her to scurry back to him. For the first time, I thought Tajjamul was concerned & rightly so because he could see that this rage & craving to achieve his goals was turning Moeez into a monster. Zohra obviously can’t see that but Tajjamul was shaken after he analyzed the situation. I don’t know why but I really hope that Tajjamul realizes his mistakes & tells Moeez to stop playing with Faarah’s life & Ruhina’s feelings. I hope for a change we get to see that there’s someone sane enough in Ruhina’s family.

This episode was beautiful as usual & it was filled with even more beautiful details. The way Wali prayed & the way Arjumand recited Holy Qur’an while sitting in a hospital depicted a story of everyone’s life where you pray even harder if you see someone dear to you suffering from the fragility of health. I loved that they included this tiny little detail, it was beautiful. I think going by the things Agha Jaan said & what Faarah thought later, all those who have always blamed Agha Jaan would now understand that this man has done it all, he has compensated enough for a small mistake that he committed many years ago & I guess everyone is entitled to be forgiven if they yearn for forgiveness with so much sincerity. I think Ruhina should let go of her anger because if it weren’t for Agha Jaan, Ruhina & Faarah both would’ve suffered a lot at the hands of Tajjamul & co. Yes, things didn’t go Ruhina’s way in the initial days of her marriage but if she’d look back, she will understand that she has had a fulfilling past & now a very comforting & secure present & future & that is all because of Agha Jaan. Needless to say, Osman Khalid Butt, Maya Ali & Abid Ali were perfect in this episode too. They have given us such brilliant performances that I am grateful to them. Please share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :)

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