Do Bol Episode 17 & 18 Story Review – Simple Yet Interesting

Opening Thoughts – Simple Yet Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol focused more on Gaiti & the emotional struggle she was faced with. The way the writer has given an insight into all the characters is really amazing & in such an easy fashion, she has allowed the most intricate details & emotions to surface, which lets the viewers connect to these characters & feel for them.

Gaiti Got To Experience Her Mother’s Love:

Jahan Ara was going out of the way to make Gaiti feel at home. Jahan Ara & Gaiti got to spend a lot of time together which was a much needed catharsis that Gaiti deserved. Gaiti got to hear all that her mother went through, more like Gaiti was now getting the answers to all the questions she ever had about her mother. Gaiti not only got to hear what Jahan Ara felt but she also understood her perspective. Gaiti did realize that just like her, Jahan Ara was a victim too who was not treated with love & respect & unfortunately, the one Jahan Ara blamed was Iqbal – someone who made Gaiti feel like she meant nothing to him too.

The only aspect I liked of Jahan Ara’s presence in Gaiti’s life was the fact that Gaiti got to connect to her mother, she got to pour her heart out, she felt that warmth & love that she longed for all these years but that’s where it stopped for me. Jahan Ara had no control over Gaiti’s life when Iqbal sent her away but now when Gaiti herself walked into her life, Jahan Ara was doing everything to make sure that all of the doors of Gaiti’s return are shut & she stays with her for the rest of her life. Yes, Jahan Ara’s concerns for Gaiti’s well-being were understandable but she took it to the point where she came across as quite selfish in her approach. Jahan Ara is being over-protective about Gaiti but she was taking it to that point where she was not even ready to give Gaiti a chance to make her own decisions. I liked how Gaiti didn’t just sign the divorce papers even though Jahan Ara brainfed her against Badar quite a lot.

Badar was struggling but then he tried to make himself understand that Gaiti was not going to stay with him forever. Badar decided to meet Gaiti once so that he could put his heart to ease but Jahan Ara didn’t allow that to happen. It was nicely shown how even though Gaiti was at peace after meeting Jahan Ara, she kept on thinking about Badar & smallest of things kind of took her mind back to him.

Iqbal picked up on something fishy that was happening at the office that is why he showed eagerness to join it back. Once again, Nafeesa tried to help him make that decision because she wanted to bring Iqbal out of that state of confusion. It was good that Iqbal met Jamil & told him to join the office but I so wish Jamil had told Iqbal about whatever Zafar was upto as he himself stumbled upon the files that lead him to Zafar’s wrongdoings. It is interesting to see how present-minded Firdous is where she always intervenes in order to save her son even before someone says anything. Firdous definitely is exploiting the love & respect her brothers have given to her. Firdous wants Zafar to inherit all that belongs to Iqbal but she is mistaken to even think that would happen. I am quite sure that the reason or person behind Iqbal & Jahan Ara’s failed marriage is Firdous, let’s see when that secret will be unveiled.

Iqbal got to meet Badar & not only that, he also found out how Badar was helping Jamil too while still taking care of his father. For Iqbal to learn that Gaiti was with Jahan Ara was quite shocking as he never could imagine that Gaiti would ever do such a thing. I really like how the situation is changing & is kind of compelling Iqbal to make some changes, curb his ego & welcome Gaiti & Badar back in his life.

So Sameer came back & Hassan happens to be working for Nafees. This was an interesting & coincidental way of reconnecting Gaiti & Sameer. Obviously Sameer has not being able to get over Gaiti plus Gaiti herself is now at a distance from Badar. Even though Gaiti may have found the peace she was looking for after meeting her mother but she is unable to overlook how her presence is causing distress to Nafees because he makes it very obvious to her. Gaiti must have stayed with Jahan Ara if she was alone but after seeing how her presence is being troublesome to Jahan Ara’s husband Nafees & how he is giving her a bit of a hard time, Gaiti is forced even more to second guess her decision.

Closing Thoughts – Perfect Entertainment:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was interesting but a bit slow. However, I am glad that the story is moving forward & 4 episodes per week definitely help as well. The preview of the next episodes did seem interesting too where Gaiti despite meeting Sameer & hearing his side of the story will take the decision of going back to Badar. Gaiti definitely needed to come to this side of the fence to see the other side from a different angle. She always thought that meeting her mother & being with her will erase all her problems but she learnt it the hard way that even this side of life was not free of complications & loneliness. Even though Gaiti was unhappy & couldn’t stop thinking about being with Jahan Ara when she was with Badar but now she can’t take Badar out of her mind & she is slowly realizing what she meant to him & how he made her feel valued & important. Dramas like these show that simplest of stories conveyed in simplest of manners can often make such amazing dramas to watch. Do Bol is definitely a very nice drama which helps you disconnect with real life & enjoy it as an entertainment – something which dramas are or should be made for. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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