Meer Abru Episode 5 & 6 Story Review – Well Executed

Opening Thoughts – Interesting & Happening:

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting & happening episode of Meer Abru. I like watching this drama for the fact that there are quite a lot of characters & at this stage things have started to get a little complicated for most of the characters which actually is a nice build up for what is yet to come. I like how the director has made sure to give a proper coverage to the emotions of all the characters, even though the writers have added a lot of detailing but it is a director’s job to bring all that to life on-screen & the director of Meer Abru surely has succeeded in doing that, so well done!

Abru – The All-Rounder:

So, Sana & Haya continued to get trapped by the lies that were told by Waleed. Haya, who already liked Waleed didn’t take much time in believing that whatever Waleed was telling her was the truth. Sana being a little emotional & mature was making it hard for Waleed to convince her because she kept on doubting him every now & then but because Waleed has thoughts things through, he kept on saying all those things that he knew would eventually convince Sana that he loved her. With Haya, Waleed has taken the easier route where he has told her to keep their relationship a secret & she obviously is obliging while Sana is definitely making it harder for Waleed unfortunately, but while still resisting, she is getting entrapped too.

This fake love triangle may seem interesting at this stage of the drama with one thinking what will eventually happen but while watching this episode, I kind of had a bad feeling. Haya is immature but Sana is quite emotional so I really hope they don’t show one of the sisters (most likely Sana) committing suicide because of the betrayal & then Waleed ending up marrying Haya out of guilt in order to rectify the situation. To be honest, this is the easiest way out that our writers resort to in situations like these so I am hoping Meer Abru turns out to be different. In fact, I hope to see that after Waleed gets exposed, Haya & Sana turn into a formidable duo, form a team & teach Waleed a lifelong lesson, I guess that would be a good change than seeing a girl losing her life over a guy who is not even sincere to her.

I must say, even though the situation that Waleed has created is messy but I really liked the reactions that followed where Abru was trying to get to the bottom of the situation but both Sana & Haya were keeping it from her. I liked the way all these actresses performed during those scenes like the entire vibe was very real & casual like it usually is in real life too. I like how Abru is not just an elder sister who bosses around her younger sisters, in fact she is concerned about them & realizes the responsibility she as an eldest daughter has. It is unfortunate that both Sana & Haya have started to feel irritated by Abru’s questioning but I hope they do realize later that she is doing it to keep them safe. I actually enjoyed minute details like Abru being upset & angry at Haya for not telling her the truth & misbehaving, but then getting concerned that her younger sister might skip a meal – these kind of situations actually add another dimension to the story & complete the drama.

Meer has actually started thinking about Abru & he actually felt like he could ease out around her. It all started off gradually but then Meer found himself talking to Abru on the phone other than discussing work-related details. Saira’s call did force Abru to be concerned about Meer too & she was unsure why was it happening. So far, Meer has not given Abru any reason to see him differently & even he knows that he has not left a good impression on her. I found it interesting that on his own Meer has developed feelings for Abru but is not even thinking about changing her perspective of him. Meer has quite a subtle & different approach towards it because in stead of saying what is in his heart, he was actually questioning Abru to know if she was concerned about him & why?

Saim is serious about Abru & he has even decided to involve his entire family into it. Zebi didn’t have time for her son but then Saira was there to hear all that he wanted to say. Saira did inform him how everyone especially Zebi reacted at the thought of his marriage to Abru but then Saim has made up his mind & he won’t back out. Zebi is kind of selfish & it is ironic that she wants the best for her sons but when it comes to being present for them or giving them time, she doesn’t believe in making compromises. She wants Jamal to set up a business for Waleed before his graduation but when it comes to hearing something important that Saim might have to say, she’s got no time. Also, Zebi spending time with Meer was purely based on the ulterior motive that she has because she feels threatened seeing Meer’s hold & position in the family business.

Meer showed his vulnerable self to Abru because he felt he couldn’t take it anymore but then after seeing Abru’s input, he immediately took it away from her where she might end up feeling that she was his friend, like taking away the power to feel that she had a say in their personal equation. Even though Meer hates the way his father is & how he treats his mother but unconsciously he takes after some of Ghazanfar’s traits too where he belittled Abru & made her feel she was not important to him even if he shared his secrets & feelings with her. I must say, I like how dignified Abru is, she has understood that Meer has some issues & even though she was moved by all that she heard from him, she immediately composed herself & didn’t let him see that she was moved or even affected by his vulnerability or his rigidness.

After seeing Sana with Waleed, Abru intelligently decided to dig deeper into this situation & she was right, Waleed did tell her everything but then again, he wasn’t too scared as he knew that he had the tact of fooling Sana & making her believe him up his sleeve. Even though Abru did warn Sana but she finds herself falling for all the things that Waleed says as she has started to feel for him. Sana definitely believes that Waleed is misunderstood that is why she keeps on giving him one chance after another.

Closing Thoughts – Well Directed & Acted Drama:

Overall, these episodes of Meer Abru were executed brilliantly. The scenes were to the point & the episodes were happening. It is good to see that all the characters are contributing to the story & they all have an important part to play. All the actors especially from the younger lot are making Meer Abru worthwhile. I like how effortlessly everyone has acted & the credit goes to the director for keeping it so casual & real. The girls are beautiful & lovely while the guys are graceful & charming. Loving it so far. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Meer Abru.

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