Dobara Episode 29 Story Review – Narmeen Is Back

This was yet another episode of Dobara that belonged to Mahir. Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance tonight was more impressive than ever. Mahir is such a well-written and beautifully portrayed character. The last scene was one of the most powerful scenes we have seen in recent dramas. The director and the actors involved did complete justice to it. Narmeen’s entry has breathed new life into the story. Honestly speaking, I was not looking forward to this part of the story but this scene and the situations leading up to it, made it an absolute delight to watch. This episode also had so many meaningful dialogues to its credit. Some of these dialogues were even alarming. While the writer has taken the main track forward convincingly, I would not say the same about some of the sidetracks. Zameer and Minal’s track in particular has been wrapped up illogically, to say the least.

Important Developments – Convincing or Not?

Most part of this episode covered how in control Mahir was and how he dealt with every single issue wisely. His plan was kept a secret right till the time he executed it. Surprisingly, this plan involved a lot of thinking because Mahir kept into consideration that Minal’s happiness depended on whatever he would choose to do. Mahir is definitely capable of such wisdom but it was definitely not expected at this point considering how much harm Zameer has done over the years. I must say that I am still finding it hard to believe Zameer’s change of heart. I cannot seem to brush the fact that he wanted to see Mahir dead and Affan in jail under the carpet! I really wish, we were not shown that evil side of this character. If Zameer was only greedy, it would have been easier to forgive him and accept the change of heart. Although he did not do much practically to contribute to Affan or Mahir’s troubles, he did try to get Affan arrested by telling the police the truth. I feel that this particular track has not been wrapped up too wisely.

A person such as Zameer surely needed more of a reality check to get back on track. Ultimately, we were shown that his love for Minal superseded everything else. I found it difficult to relate to this ‘love’ because he has been playing a really negative role in Minal’s life for the most part. He did not only use her mother’s business to meet his own ends but he also tried to destroy it completely. Most importantly, he brainwashed Minal against her own mother! Now, all of a sudden, he loves Minal so much that he cannot bear to leave her. All of this made no sense to me whatsoever! Minal’s dialogues in this episode were written really well but unfortunately perhaps for the first time, Maheen Siddiqui’s performance was not up to the mark. She was clearly struggling while delivering those dialogues. The message the writer wanted to put forward was a powerful one but it would have been far more impactful if these dialogues were delivered more confidently and aptly. The final warning to Zameer also could have come earlier; this was not the perfect time for it since he had already mended his ways. We need to hear such dialogues more often in dramas; full marks to the writer for penning them down.

Dobara Episode 29 Story Review – Narmeen Is Back

Mahir and Mehru’s track took an interesting turn tonight. Mehru’s dialogues were more meaningful than any other tonight. Her conversation with her friend suggested that she would willingly let Mahir go if that would make him happy. Later on, when she talked about how short life was, I was wondering if Mehru will die in the end. Even now, I feel that Mahir likes being in control and is a good person but he does not ‘love’ Mehru. Mahir’s expressions when Mehru left to answer the phone call suggested that he is hiding his feelings. I am definitely very curious to find out how he actually feels because I feel that is still a mystery even after all these weeks. Mahir’s stepfather’s reaction was unexpected but definitely not surprising. The last scene made me feel for Mehru; she had no idea what was going on in Mahir’s mind.

Mahir and Narmeen’s meeting was the best part of this episode. The OST playing in the background coupled with powerful performances from Bilal Abbas Khan and Zoya Nasir made this scene an absolute treat! Bilal Abbas Khan’s expressions in particular were simply outstanding. He said so much with those expressive eyes and the way he was lost after seeing Narmeen was translated brilliantly on screen!

Final Remarks

I am looking forward to the last two episodes after watching this recent episode. I also think that Dobara is one of those quality dramas that overstayed their welcome! It could easily have been a more entertaining drama had the story been covered in 25 weeks instead of 31. The preview of the next episode was really enticing. I am glad this drama will get the kind of ending which brings viewers back because I am certain a lot of viewers must have stopped watching it by now!

On a side note, I really want to review more dramas but all the recent dramas are too commercial and have done-to-death stories. I am truly missing the Parizaad days! If you have any good recommendations, please let me know. Otherwise, I will take up one of the commercial dramas on air right now! Even Dushman has a predominant commercial element to it. Kindly share your thoughts.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Fatima Ji,

    You are right, Parizaad is a cult classic that will be missed, it certainly will be watched by fans time & again….

    You could review –


    Saba Ji in an interview with Nida Yasir said that the writer of “Cheekh” has improved upon so much on the mistakes & misgivings of this drama, that “Fraud” was waiting to happen….

    Mor Moharan:

    If one can change the way, (Mod muddna) for a better tomorrow, then change is always welcome.

    Sonia Ji in an interview said that she was convinced by the producers and the director that the problems, hurdles and solutions of social issues, can be better expressed/ explained to the masses through the medium of entertainment.

    Then, why not highlight issues on water scarcity, climatic changes and it’s effect on environment through a beautiful story in a drama serial form.

    Samia Ji is also in it….
    she always picks up drama serials that are worth watching….

    TV One & PTV are associated together again…..

    I watched the first two episodes and it looks promising….

    Looking forward to your reviews on Mor Moharan or Fraud or both.

    Thank You & Regards,

    • Hi Ketan, so good to hear from you. Thanks a ton for the recommendation, I am not watching Mor Maharan yet but will watch it today. I always prefer reviewing meaningful dramas because commercial dramas hardly ever give you much to talk about. Zahra will be reviewing Fraud. I am seriously disappointed with the toxic leads in the new drama.

      Thanks to you for your valuable feedback.

  • 1. Mere humsafar is a simple yet very sweet story. Loving the chemistry of Farhan and hania
    2. Dil zar zar is really worth watching drama. But it’s almost ending
    3. Badshah Begum is also interesting with mystery and thrills.

    Haven’t seen the new dramas yet

    • Rida I watched a few episodes of Mere Hamsafar, Dil Zar Zar, I will definitely watch. Badshah Begum, I had great expectations but some of the performances are so fake! I am glad you’re enjoying watching these dramas. Reviewing a drama every week is a serious commitment, I find myself fully invested in the dramas I review and if they don’t have enough substance to offer, it can be such a difficult task. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Fatema, pls review Fraud. Also ask Zahra to review another drama too, now the reviews on this site somes one in 2 or 3 weeks .

    • Tiger, I am planning to watch Mor Maharan. Zahra is interested in reviewing Fraud. I agree with you, I am definitely all for reviewing more dramas but sadly I feel that after Parizaad and Jo Bichar Gaye, we didn’t really have much of an option. Even Sang-e-Mah does not give you a lot to talk about. The commercialism in dramas is getting worse. HUM used to have one artsy drama in every season but right now there are none. Thank you for being a regular reader, I value your feedback.

  • I look forward to reading your reviews since impeccably covers nuances and depth of emotions portrayed by actors and also highlights script potholes.Please review older dramas if possible. Thanks in Advance
    1.Ullu braye farokht nahi
    3.Dil na umeed to nahin
    4.Aangan 2018 Hum Drama
    5.O Rangreza

    • Thank you so much Angeliq for reading the reviews and for liking them. Aangan was reviewed on reviewit and so was ORangreza. UBFN was a masterpiece and even though I did not review it, it was covered in the articles. Older dramas can definitely be reviewed again, we did it once before too and got a really good response. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I haven’t watched Qurbaan, will watch it :)

  • Hi fatima man
    why you and zahra didn’t review Hum tum and Choudhary and sons both were most enjoyable dramas of the season.
    And also zahra stop reviewing sinf-e-aahan after 11th episode, for me sinf-e-aahan is a masterpiece, motivation for women
    and dobara is also worth watching but that ilzaam twist on mahir did not make sense to me, and also Dragging in the story spoil the whole charm.
    and apko habs kaisa laga??

    • Hello Ayaz, I was busy with my mother who was unwell. I can’t speak for Zahra, it is her choice whether she wants to continue reviewing a drama or not but I found Sinf-e-Aahan highly repetitive. It is difficult to continue reviewing such a drama therefore I understand why she must have discontinued.

      Meinay abhi nahin dekha, ab dekhun gi Habs.

      Appreciate the feedback.

  • “Habs” starring ushna shah and feroze Khan <3 .. Acha drama Hai boht and start bhi different Lia Hai instead of cliched pyar k lie roti dhoti orat like in "pyar dewangi Hai" .. Erghh.. Hated that one.. Topic, characters, story dynamics, dialogues – everything is refreshing in "Habs"

    • I watched the first episode and thought it was slightly more ‘commercial’ than I had anticipated but will definitely give it another go on your recommendation. Thank you.

  • I’m enjoying Dobara. I hope they bring more women powerful role drama ‘s . Where the woman is Not Dominated by Mother in Law , Husband or Babhi or Sister in Law . I loved watching Ishq e Laa , Sinf e Ahaan. Cheekh , Ehd e Wafa and Pardes .

    • Hey June, thank you for sharing your views here. I agree with you, powerful, nuanced roles are always needed and well-received. Ehd-e-Wafa and Pardes were my favorites.

  • I think, Narmeen’s entry will make Mahir feel more for Mehru than ever before and they will end up together.

    • That would be interesting. I love how Mahir keeps me wondering, the writer has penned this character down soooo well & Bilal Abbas is awesome as Mahir. I guess I am the only one who felt something might happen to Mehru.

      Good to hear from you Urs, no recommendations?

  • You have said it all. Dobara is one such drama that somewhat kept me hooked despite getting dragged but glad that it’s back on track. I loved the execution of that scene with OST too.
    Honestly, nothing on TV is grabbing my attention right now. Over glorified, same old topics again and again. Just tired of it all. Even projects like sinf e aahan and ishq e laa turned out to be huge disappointments. I really want to see Zafar Mairaj, KRQ, Farhat Ishtiaq, Bee Gul, Sarwat Nazeer (her old simple yet captivating style) back on TV.

    • Hey Pakistani Po! Long time, no see. Good to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well. I agree with you. I stopped reviewing Ishq e Laa because it was so unappealing but Dobara always held my interest even though it did disappoint at some point. Loved that scene and this episode, looking forward to the next one.

      I am so with you! Seriously, all the new dramas are so commercial right now. Overemphasis on make-up and visuals. Fraud was better, slightly more engaging. Mor Maharan is definitely worth a watch. I watched it after the recommendations here and even though it is not perfect, it is definitely more meaningful and relevant than all the other new dramas which are so run of the mill! TV One takes risks more than any other leading channel so kudos to them. I heard Big Bang is coming up with a Farhat Ishtiaq drama soon. I definitely want to watch Zafar Mairaj’s drama. I just hope Big Bang does not drag it. ARY needs to take it easy with the overemphasis on the visuals, it takes away the realistic feel from dramas. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi has to be the biggest disappointment since Radain Shah has given us so many amazing dramas. I am surprised HUM doesn’t have a Parizaad or Ranjha Ranjha Kardi to offer this season, kind of disappointed as well…hopefully soon. HUM always has one such drama on air, Dobara was close but not as powerful.