Dobara Episode 31 Story Review – Falling For Narmeen

I am certain I am not the only one who wants to give up on Mahir after watching this episode! I am no longer rooting for him and would love to see him pay for it if he decides to marry Narmeen. Even though Mahir started showing interest in Narmeen in the previous episode but tonight there wasn’t just a formal declaration of love but also a lot of talk about marriage. My blood boiled every time Mahir referred to Mehru as someone who meant nothing to him. While it was plain to see why Mahir would find Narmeen more attractive, I was not expecting him to be this ‘dumb’! The opening conversation with his mother was the final nail in the coffin.

Until last week, there was reason to doubt Mahir’s true intentions but after watching this episode there is no reason to do so. I just hope that Dobara really is ending soon since we have been told twice before as well that next week was going to be the second last episode. And I hope that we get to watch an ending that does justice to Mehru more than anyone else. The writer definitely made it easier for the viewers to decide whose side they should be on by showing Narmeen’s greedy side. Both Mahir and Narmeen had guilt pangs but clearly, they were much more focused on what they wanted than the reasons why they needed to reconsider their actions.

Falling For Narmeen

Tonight’s episode opened with Narmeen telling Mahir that she still loved him. It was almost as if that was all Mahir needed to hear. He was willing to leave everything and Mehru behind but Narmeen did not want him to do that because she also wanted his money. Like Mahir said in the previous episode, Narmeen did not want a Mahir without the monetary benefits. But it seemed as if Mahir forgot all about that and was willing to do whatever it took to marry Narmeen even if it meant leaving Mehru behind. This scene changed how Mahir felt. I must say that the change of attitude and priorities happened a little too soon but then the history these two share does make the entire thing logical even if it is not the least bit likable.

Dobara Episode 31 Story Review – Falling For Narmeen

Later on, when Mahir met his mother, I was expecting her to give him more useful advice but her advice was based on her own experiences. Although she had a conversation with her husband previously in which she said that she did not marry him because of his money, it seemed that was not entirely true. Also, Mahir’s father mentioned in one of the previous episodes that he was the one at fault. Therefore, her regret did not make a lot of sense to me. I understood that she regretted ignoring her son but besides that, her situation was not like Mahir’s situation at all therefore this particular situation did not make a lot of sense to me. It would be safe to say that Mahir followed his own heart and this conversation with his mother was more of an ‘excuse’ than anything else. He got support from his mother which perhaps made him even more confident. He did say that he loved Mehru in this particular scene but a few scenes later, his feelings seemed to have changed! Mahir has never been close to his mother and even though she is in a vulnerable situation right now, Mahir is not the kind of person who would follow her advice so readily!

The way Mahir lied to Babar said a great deal about how good he is at hiding things and lying! Bilal Abbas Khan deserves tons of credit for translating this particular side of his character exceptionally well on screen. Mahir’s most dominant personality trait has to be his manipulative nature and Bilal Abbas has made sure that Mahir comes across as a manipulative person even at times when you want to feel that he is being genuine. Narmeen and Mahir’s scene at the beach had to be the one that made me give up on Mahir entirely! He definitely deserves a gold digger who will leave him when he loses his wealth. I have always found Mehru’s conversations with her friend meaningful but tonight they did not go well with her situation especially because I don’t want to see Mehru ‘compromising’ at this point. Narmeen is definitely playing games and not being honest. She is also playing hard to get so that Mahir will not doubt her intentions.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode changed my thoughts and feelings about Mahir completely. The preview of the next episode suggested that he might overhear Narmeen and her mother talking to each other but it also seemed as if Mehru will not be willing to forgive him. I hope there is a good reason why the Narmeen/Mahir track has taken this turn. Mehru definitely deserves a happy ending and this drama should end in a meaningful manner. And I hope that the next episode really is the second last episode!

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Fatima Awan

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  • Part-III of second last episode will air next week… 😁

    Good thing about this drama is that most of the important tracks don’t sound illogical either you like it or not. Mahir seems selfish but the way his desire is shown is justified. This is an imp track. But will it end up as Mahir thinks? I dont think so. Let’s see. Kaheen…. “idhar k rahay na udhar k sanam” gana na gunguna parray isay aakhir main….

    Drama dekhne ka maza hai but it should end now.

    Nicely reviewed.

    • Haha true that! Let’s hope it’s the last part, yani ke hud hoti hey bewaqoof banane ki.

      I agree with you, there is still logic there, I liked how the writer and director covered this track. They made us fall in and out of love with Mahir, which is amazing! Interesting ride for sure.

      I agree, ab dikha hi dein second last episode ;)

      Thank you Urs. Enjoyed your comment.

  • Perfect analysis Fatima. If this twist has come towards the end then there has to be a good reason, and it should make sense. I agree that maahir’s behaviour is believable as he was always opportunist kind, but the way he changed so fast and so easily specially after he became so lose to Mehru was little hard to believe. I feel its 100% fault of Maahir in his affair with narmeen, and its not her fault at all. She is still not feeling good abt it, she is not going after him, he is totally smitten agn and on the other hand her selfish mother is just after maahir’s money and is putting pressure on her, just hate such mother characters, they dont have any feeling for their daughter …only money ?? I think narmeen wll back out at the end after meeting mehru and seeing how good human she is, but that agn will be her insult, bcoz maahir himself should realize that he cant do this to mehru. all of a sudden he feels he has the right to marry narmeen and its unfair to him to marry an old lady and he is saying that mehru is the third one who came in between, as if it was mehru who went after him for marriage, it was him who wanted money and proposed her, this was his real character as shown in the beginning and thats wat has come out now.

    if maahir and mehru dont get together at the end, then the whole purpose of drama fails , as it proves that the phupho and the children and the world were right abt the mismatch. Lets c.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I think it’s 100 percent on both sides because Narmeen is also playing games. She wants the money for sure even though she keeps on having the guilt pangs. You are right! Although, there was definitely a good side to Mahir but he was always an opportunist and immature emotionally. I think the drama can still have a really good ending if Mehru decides to take over the business and let Mahir go with Narmeen, who will eventually not accept him without the financial perks. The preview was enticing, I like that there is still suspense and we are looking forward to the ending, hope it’s worth it.

      I look forward to your feedback :)

      • Fatima g… there is no comparison between KTK and dobara
        dobaara is best serial of this Season, well written well executed performances are good KTK is a shit serial 100times repeat stories but it is our audience demand i think ary k achay Serials ko audiences ne ignore kiya pechle season me that’s why they are bringing just audiences demanding dramas, iam totally against of Toxic Heroes in our dramas mera social media accounts check kare me ne kiya kuch nahi kaha hai but me akela kiya kar sakta ho
        dobaara pe mujay islye gussa ata hai because us k saath cheekh and dunk wala kaam ho raha hai I can’t follow a drama more than 25 episodes that’s why aisa kaha
        thanks be positive

        • LOL @ be positive, I am A +, ab kya karun :) I am certain that you are just as agitated by the toxicity on our television screens nowadays as the rest of the sane viewers. Absolutely! Although Dobara has been stretched, it is still far more interesting and layered than the Bichoos and Khudgarz hero heroines in our dramas. It honestly boils my blood to see good writers churning out such scripts. Ratings tu Parizaad ko bhi mili thi, aisa kuch bana lein. They just want shortcuts.

          You’re welcome :)

      • Haha, you are right.

        I don’t know aur kitnee dafa we have to see Danish Taimoor in this irritating, villainous role, accompanied by aik khubsurat bechari larki aur us se ziada majboor us ka baap….

        Such a time waster.

      • Haha, you are right.

        I don’t know aur kitnee dafa we have to see Danish Taimoor in this irritating, villainous role, accompanied by aik khubsurat bechari larki aur us se ziada majboor us ka baap….

        Such a time waster.

        • I know right! Sick and tired of these toxic who literally take over. The bholi bhali lrki this time around is more annoying than ever! I also think that Dur e Fishan is not comfortable playing the role, she was awesome in Pardes, here she looks out of place completely.

          • BTW are u watching Aik Aur Sitam? I liked it. Plus, fight b/w two main patrogonists is lovely.

            Actig of both Anmol and Osama is zabardast.

  • Great review.
    You missed the main frustrating element of this episode: At the beach when he talks about her wrinkles. That was offensive to ALL women, young or old, and seemed to support the notion that a womans worth is based on her looks. Furthermore they used this to justify him cheating on his wife with a younger girl, becasue apparently thats natural? Eww. Puke. Im cringing!

    • Hey MM, Thank you. I agree with you Mahir hit a new low when he uttered those dialogues but I don’t feel that his actions were shown as ‘just’ or likable, Jahangir keeps on reminding the viewers that Mahir is wrong and I think that is the message here as well. What he said was detestable and it was presented as such, it wasn’t shown as a legitimate justification, it was shown as a lame excuse of a man who was being unfaithful and thankless.

  • I totally agree with you on everything and tbh it was very disappointing to see Mahir being like this. There is NO redemption for him now whatsoever, I don’t wanna see him change magically just because his father said some words.

    • Yes, it is. I had been rooting for him throughout but now I just want to see Mehru taking over the business and leaving him for Narmeen. I hope that happens.

  • I was disappointed 😞as never expected 😔mahir will ditch mehru .Such a nice lady with love and respect ❤plus trust on mahir .Bilal did a good job 👏he’s an excellent actor and knows how to do justice ⚖with his acting secondly narmeem is sharp she knows how to handle mahir by showing her sweetest side and caring nature for mehru. which is shown that she’s is double crossing mahir hopefully mahir will hear the conversation among mother and daughter before he gets himself trapped lets see how the story takes a turn will jhangir sahib would tellmehru about mahir and narmeen ?

    • Hi Romana, I agree with you, Bilal Abbas is amazing as Mahir. I just hope the ending is logical and satisfying, right now, it is impossible to predict how the drama will end. I am really interested in finding out if Mehru will ‘man up’ for a change!

  • I think Mahir is “smart”. He has always been street smart to survive not as Bechara but as a fighter and lived in style. Throwing lunch to celebrate his GF’s birthday. He stole 6k and spent it all not saving anything for his b/f the next day. So this is Mahir giving his 100%. In my view, he understood Narmeen when he said your face is so clean … as he was able to read her intentions. There was a flashback where Mehru’s sleeping face is shown, along with the background music. The gist of that was …. as I understood is he now completely belongs to Mehru and can see thru the facade of his ex.
    He met his mother who shared that she has met Narmeen’s mother. He is smart, to guess what mothers are planning. but he is human too, sometimes he is tempted and to bring closure to his temptation he will lead her to believe he is going to marry her. To know if narmeen is also involved with both mothers plan by joining his company or agreeing to marry him because of wealth or simply for her love for him without Mehru and her wealth

    • I agree with you he is street smart for sure and I also wanted to believe that he was playing games with Narmeen but his scenes when he is alone suggest that he is struggling. I hope you are right and if that indeed is the case then it is shown convincingly in the end. I always liked Mahir even with all his flaws, however, now I am not too sure!

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