Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 17 Story Review – Brilliant

Ehd-e-Wafa has taken off for sure. Tonight’s episode was absolutely beautiful. It was a complete package with some amazing social messages which were presented in the most subtle manner. This episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was also thoroughly entertaining. I must say that I had given up on this drama few weeks back but the recent episodes have blown me away completely. I don’t even remember the last time youngsters were represented in such a manner in a Pakistani drama. It is delightful and refreshing watching youngsters on screen with a definite purpose in life. There were so many brilliant conversations in this episode and quite a few heart-warming scenes. The progressive approach of the writer and the way women have been portrayed in this drama is truly impressive. This had to be the best episode of Ehd-e-Wafa so far and I must say that I am expecting more from this drama in the upcoming episodes. If you too had given up on Ehd-e-Wafa I highly recommend you give it one more chance, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Powerful Scenes

Tonight’s episode opened with a scene we had all been waiting for – Saad and his father sharing some sweet moments. This scene was poignant; it was written and executed perfectly. Who would know the importance of friendship better than Faraz! This scene was just as nostalgic for those of us who have watched the previous two dramas Faraz has been a part of as it was for Saad’s father. I absolutely loved this particular addition since there was a history there most of us could relate to. Saad’s father probably had no idea what impact his conversation would have on his son. Ahad Raza Mir was absolutely phenomenal tonight. He is truly gifted! The way he changes his expressions instantly is truly impressive. He can make you feel for his character instantly. This scene also showed how the relationship between Saad and his father had changed for good over the years. After that incident in the college, Saad’s father was distant but tonight they interacted in a more friendly manner. Saad always treasured his relationship with his father therefore watching it get restored has definitely been the best development.

Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 17 Story Review - Brilliant

Another truly impactful scene in tonight’s episode was the conversation Saad and Dua had when they were walking back to the car. I never thought I would say this but Dua’s character is turning out to be remarkable. Through this scene, the writer so aptly conveyed the message that a woman’s career and education was just as important as that of a man. This is the kind of progressive thinking we need to see in our dramas. The best part about this scene was that Dua did not lecture Saad but she said everything quite casually like she was stating a fact and not saying something out of the ordinary. The way Saad took Dua’s ring size was adorable! Alizeh Shah looks great with minimal make-up and her performance tonight was definitely up to the mark.

Saad’s mother is another great role model. She is a wonderful mother and a working woman at the same time. We rarely ever get to see such representation of working women in our dramas. The advice she gave Saad was probably one which a lot of youngsters out there need to hear. These dialogues were so well written and Saife Hassan deserves all the credit for executing these powerful scenes perfectly. It is unfortunate that we don’t get to see such women/mother/friends in our dramas often.

Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 17 Story Review - Brilliant

I can’t praise Ramsha and Shariq’s scenes enough. They are good friends and together they are a force to reckon with. Their friendship coupled with the energy of both the actors involved have made their scenes an absolute treat to watch. We basically have three on-screen couples in this drama who are helping each other grow in some way or the other. Raani has her own way of supporting her husband. Her style of course is really different from that of Dua and Ramsha but her scenes have for the most part been enjoyable. Tonight, after a long time I really enjoyed watching Shahzain and Raani’s scene. Finally a drama with no negative female characters! Raani is silly, she is not as educated as rest of the leading ladies but she is lots of fun to watch and definitely not negative.

The Friendship

Saad once again decided to get in touch with his friends. In this manner the viewers found out what Shehryar and Shariq had achieved in all these years. Shehryar is such an amazing character, he does not hold grudges and even when Saad called after so many years, he talked to him as if they had never been out of touch. Waiting for Shahzain to join the group or perhaps he will always be an outcast! It has been great watching Saad, Shehryar and Shariq growing. Shahzain, it seems still has a long way to go.

Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 17 Story Review - Brilliant

Saad’s Troubles Are Not Over

Although Saad is an officer now but his troubles are far from over. The scenes at the new army base were written and shot so well, thoroughly entertaining. Although Saad thought he was on top of things but his seniors once again outdid him! Loved the expressions on Ahad Raza Mir’s face in the last scene. The conversation with Gulzar also suggested that Gulzar too was being fooled yet again! The reception Gulzar got was simple yet really emotional. This was yet another subtle message for the viewers about the importance of education.

Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 17 Story Review - Brilliant

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was exceptional in every way. There were so many important messages in this episode which were emotional and brilliantly put together. From youngsters focusing on their studies and career to showing that your background does not determine how far you can get in life, the writer hit the nail right on its head. I hope that Ehd-e-Wafa continues to be this impressive in the future too. The drama has also picked up pace which definitely adds to the entertainment value. The progressive element of the script supersedes every other aspect at this point. Eagerly looking forward to the next episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

Fatima Awan

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  • Ok.. I confess that I actually got teary-eyed while watching this episode of Ehd e Wafa, especially Saad and Faraz’s scenes. A thing which I did not expect EeW had the potential of. What a mindblowing episode and what fantastic performances!! And the way u picked and discussed each nd every scene, Fatima, ap ki tareef jitni ki Jaye Kam hai.. u really have an eagle’s eye;-)

    Saad and Dua are such mature individuals, which, being a youngster, I learn so much and even better I can relate tons with these two characters. The most important thing is that even when facing all these hardships, the writer didn’t show Dua as a “bechari” which has become the hot topic for our dramas from Thora Sa Haq to Jo tu Chahay πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. And then again Saad’s mother and her personality.. I always see my mother in Vaneeza Ahmed, this is how a mother should be and thisis how they should be potrayed on national television.

    I have to say hats off to the team of EeW fo giving such a remarkable drama to remember. Definitely looking forward to this drama every weekend..

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim, so glad you liked the review. I will definitely watch this episode again, it was superb.

      Totally agree with you Ibrahim. So glad we are getting to see such strong and positive female characters. Dua’s vulnerabilities and her strengths were translated on screen so well by Alizeh Shah.

  • This was such a beautiful episode and your review covered it all. I agree there was a point where I felt it wasn’t meeting my expectations but the last two episodes have been amazinggg. Loving ehd e wafa soo much

  • True. This episode was brilliant. Entertaining and seemed to lying down the foundation of their future. The last sentence that saad said to dua about might not be on side but having her in his heart made me teary eyed. And somehow scared me that we might loose him in the end.

  • I truly enjoyed both the drama “E e W” and Fatima’s review. I cannot appreciate enough the writer’s stance on young people’ goal setting and attitude towards life.
    This play is also a breath of fresh air on portraying women standing up for their cause and nevertheless focus on awareness of education in general. People like Gulzar coming from lower socio economic group can also rise and shine through sheer hard work.
    life in forces has been realistically portrayed and may encourage many young people choose that route for career building. Overall a great episode of Ehd e wafa.

    • Thank you so much Shabnam for liking the review. This episode was brilliant without a doubt, loved it. Absolutely agree with everything you said. We need more dramas with such positive messages.

      Truly appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I loved the episode & the review! But I particularly liked the fact that they’ve shown Saad’s mother a working women who has also raised her children so well!πŸ‘πŸ» Remember in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, the message given was that either working women end up destroying their house or they can’t raise their children well (Zaroon’s mother) which was very regressive!
    Quite happy to see this beautiful message being given to the people now!

    • I think ZGH was also about class. That people of a certain class are not sensitive to the needs of others. To be honest, Saads mother is a serious professional, helping people and so on
      Zaroons mother was a ‘joiner’, ‘conference attender’. There are plenty of people like that who talk about how important they are but reality is very different.

      • No reality is also the same. I have seen many females like this in my neighbourhood and family. it’s all about determination and courage

  • You have made a mistake :).Last paragraph under the title *Powerful Scenes*. Line number 7. You have written *make* where there should be *made*. Apart from that, πŸ’―

  • Hey Fatima, the review was so good just like the episode. Saad’s story is my favourite because I think it has the most precision; least mistakes. Shariq & Shehryar are also good but in this episode Shehryar said that he has done “BS” & now he is preparing for CSS. The point I didn’t understand was u can have ur BS degree in 4 years & not in 2 years so this was one thing. Another thing is that an MNA should be of 25 years old & as I am understanding Shahzain’s character, he is not 25 years old yet then how can he contest elections, I think this is factually incorrect.

    • Shahzain can be 25 year old, coz he was a repeater, that too multiple times. But the thing is that he didn’t do his FA, which is mandatory education to run for MNA. … They better show him giving exam privately in coming episodes, or it will be a huge blooper.

      • Yes he was a repeater but as per Raani’s father he failed thrice in matric & it’s been 2 or 2.5 years after their college as Shehryar said in this episode so that means the other boys are 20 or 21 years old so Shahzain should be 23 or max. 24 not 25.

      • As much as I know I don’t think so an FA is required for an MNA.
        And may be I won’t have heard correctly about Shehryar.

    • He has done his BA he said, not BS if I heard correctly…. But in the past he seemed to be doing BSc…

  • Thank you for the review. I am always looking forward to it.
    Ehd-e-Wafa is a brilliant show, and only truly progressive show right now. And I hope it is recognized too when the awards are given out. The story is connecting with masses and is giving important messages in such organic manner. Nothing is over the top or in your face. Baat kar bhi dehte hain, samjha bhi dehte hain, aur aap ko samjh bhi aajati hai. Koi heavy duty dialogues nahi hain, simple sada baatian hain, jo aam insan ko ek dafa main samjh aajain. Brilliant writing and brilliant execution. Ahad Raza Mir will always be my favorite, and the way he has transformed himself into Saad, is just amazing.

    Also we must commend Mustafa Afridi and Saife Hasan for writing and directing so many story lines and characters, so brilliantly. I mean there is no continuity issue, there are no major bloopers, everything is going on so smoothly. And also the fact that this is still been shot, and there arent any misses anywhere, is really praiseworthy. Behtareen kaam hai. Masha’Allah

  • I agree with you hundred percent. I loved yesterday’s episode. It was really mind blowing .I enjoyed every scene especially raani-shahzain saad-faraz ramsha-shariq they were so light and entertaining. I’m very excited for the next episode

  • gr8 episode and gr8 review Fatima. the show has picked up due to saad and dua story getting max footage, that’s what the fans want to see. Dua’s character has turned out to be the best and alizeh shah has been performing brilliantly.

  • It was the best episode of ehd e wafa up till now. Your review was to the point and precise as usuall.main episode and reviews dono aik sath enjoy karti hoon.
    Ehd e wafa ki sath start main masla yeh tha ki log is ko alpha brave Charlie se compare karty thy which was totally wrong. Woh alag drama tha completely army based but is main army sirf is script ka aik part hay. And es main patriotism ko four different angles se show kia gaya hain and har angle main aik positive message hay.
    Dua ka character bohat strong hain because usko confidence apny parents ki taraf si mila hy jo ki tamam parents ki liye zabardast message hain.
    Saad ka dua ki ring ka size lena bohat zabardast tha .full episode zabardast. Ahad raza mir is my favourite in every character.

  • I totally second you. Loved this episode. I appreciate the writer to show how important it is for women to achieve for themselves. Something I strongly believe, but find very limited people sharing this thought. I also liked the positive image they are showing of working women through Saad’s mom. This very limited in our dramas. It’s good to know Shehryar has achieved well and still in progress.
    I believe these four will come across through their professional situations and together they will do something for country as the title suggests.

  • Hello madam!

    After watching yesterday’s episode, i thought i would quit because i could only understand the scene of Saad’s father with his son. It was also obvious that Saad missed his friends and in the last scene something happened that seemed to me a threat to Saad’s career.

    About Saad’s conversation with Dua i didnΒ΄t understand what they were talking about but i can understand they are in love.
    Reading your review today i understand that the woman is being seen by the writer not only as mother and wife, but also as a being who, just as men, can make a contribution to the social and economic development of a country.

    About Shahzain and Raani i guess i have missed something . Only yesterday i realized that they are already married because i saw her at ShahzainΒ΄s . In fact i have never seen a love scene between them even a small kiss on forehead.
    I think i also understood that Chahzain is under pressure to enter the political world but i think he is not very enthusiastic about the idea.
    I apreciate the very natural performance of the actors and also your reviews that help me to understand something, without understanding even a word.
    Thank you madam and sorry for so long speech.

  • Hi fatima. This cmnt is nt related to ur review bt i just wanted to ask u smthng. I was reading articles written by the admin and i wanted to cmnt bt again comments are closed. Can u tell me why i cant cmnt??? Is there some issue gng on??

  • I am really enjoying the way they portray the situations in this drama, from friendship to dealing with hardships to making your parents proud. Dua, Saad, Shehryar, Gulzar and Shariq have become my favorite characters of all times.

    I really like how, for one in our dramas, the characters are thinking of and aspiring to things more than marriage and love. How the writers have shown the importance of education and career, along with sacrifice and remaining steadfast, is impressive and something I wish we would get to see in our dramas more often. Plus, the role of Saad’s mother is a nice addition.

    My favorite scene from this episode is the one where Dua and Saad are competing over working to set the house and my favorite dialogue is, “Main chahti hi Kay tum mere saath chaltay raho. Apnay pairon par main khud hi khari ho jaon gi.” I think it says a lot about Dua and her strength.

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