Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 15 Review- New beginnings?

The recent episode of Dumpukht was extremely disturbing and left me emotionally traumatized. The writing has been crisp and the acting has been exceptional. Noman Ejaz gave me the creeps as he approached Kulsoom after the nikah- Iss waqt mein tumhara Murshid nahin, tumhara dost houn…

As expected, Habibullah was easily able to convince Haroon that he’s the chosen one and his goal in life is for the greater good-Yeh jo larki hai Kulsoom Bibi yeh koi aam larki nahin hai…mujhe iskey saath noor ka ek hala nazar aya hai…Kulsoom ko uskey muqaam tak pohchaney ke liye, Bilal, tum Aur yahan tak ke mein, Hum Sab iss Amal mein karinday hein…aaj se mein tumhey Kulsoom Ki mureedi mein de raha houn...

Uss kamzarf ne wohi Sab kiya jiska mujhe ilhaam hua tha… Habibullah fabricated a story to stain Bilal’s reputation in the eyes of everyone and further consolidated his position as a well wisher by justifying his decision by saying it was in Kulsoom’s best interests otherwise her family would have rushed to marry her off with just about anyone who would possibly be a far worse choice for her. Bibi hasn’t been able to read Habibullah- she believes every word he says which makes me think she’s not as smart as I thought earlier or maybe she’s become too emotional now that she’s expecting. Even though Bibi promised to make things right for a Kulsoom, hearing Habibullah’s narrative and character assassination, I doubt Bibi will try anything further to support a reunion of Kulchu and Billu.

Once again, I missed Bilal in this episode. The short flashback of him singing was sweet though. I really don’t know how Bilal will manage to prove his innocence because it will be his word against the Peer’s and we’ve seen how everyone worships the Peer so there would really be no question of refuting anything spoken by him.

Although Wali was instrumental in orchestrating the separation, he’s become very insecure and has resorted to neech harkatein to cause more trouble. He was trying to get Haroon to disobey Habibullah by reminding him of his Shariah haq and when I saw Haroon entering Kulsoom’s room, I was in tears. Thankfully, he is heavily subdued by the hukum given to him and after a brief discussion with Kulsoom, he returned to his wazifas. I chuckled when Kulsoom out of habit kept calling him Haroon Bhai and he had to keep reminding her not so. Sar jhukaney mein hi aafiyat hai…darjaat buland hotey hein…

Kamaskam mein toh Kulchu ke liye rongi na, baqi Sab toh apney liye roh rahe hein...
Nimmo once again was the voice of reason who had the courage to speak out and feel Kulsoom’s pain unlike the others who were too engrossed in log kya kahein gay... I find Kaneez Baji extremely selfish and envious- she was jealous of Kulsoom getting her happy ending and even after the hell that broke lose, she’s concerned about how her sasuraal will treat her. The actress playing Kaneez Baji is a huge letdown amongst an otherwise strong cast. Nimmo has been the most genuine person who’s not affected by what others have to say and she is the only one who supported Kulsoom from the start. Try as I may, I didn’t feel sorry for Kulsoom’s parents especially Tahira because she was the one who was after Kulsoom and cursed and abused her endlessly so her pain is nothing in contrast to what Kulsoom is going through right now.

Habibullah’s words creeped me out- Tanhai se ghabra jao toh mere pass chali ana… I don’t know what’s worse- the fact that he has access to Kulsoom or the fact that Kulsoom may eventually find herself drawn to him. I was an emotional mess seeing Kulsoom which only proves how brilliantly this drama has been made and how flawlessly it has been acted out.

What do you think happens next? This drama has been so unpredictable I’ve been shocked time and again.

Kanwal Murtaza


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