Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 18 Review- A dangerous game

Billu has lost everything and he’s got nothing left to lose which is why he challenged Wali and questioned his intentions. Tauheen sirf gaddi pe behtney waley logon Ki hoti hai kya? Meri hadd sirf Kulsoom hai… It comes as no surprise that it’s a matter of do or die for Billu. Habibullah is spinning a web around Kulsoom and unfortunately, she can’t seem to see through him. I think Nimmo’s unabashed thinking was what triggered the rest of the family to ponder but she’s since been silenced. Pehley Dargah mein dafan honay ja rahi thi na abb Murshid ke ghar mein Jakay dafan ho.… Even though she’s been forbidden from meeting her, Nimmo continues rooting for Kulchu and Billu which is why she’s trying to make her family understand that they need to bring her back home.

Bibi felt the same way- she wanted Kulsoom to return home to her loved ones but it’s sad that her mother seems to think otherwise. Now that Kulsoom is married to Haroon, she has become a subject of ridicule and Tahira is still too engrossed in her false pride to feel for her daughter. Bibi was adamant that she will have Kulsoom return home and Habibullah almost had a slip of tongue when he mentioned his fear. He hinted at Kulsoom eloping and referenced his own kin. I wonder if there’s a backstory to what he let on- Hamarey gharaaney Ki larkiyan bhaag chuki hai…

Every time I see Habibullah approach Kulsoom he appears like a hungry lion ready to pounce. He’s gotten Kulsoom accustomed to his touching which is probably why she doesn’t realize his true intentions- how much more of a dead giveaway could there be? Ankhon mein Aakhein daal ke baat kiya Karo… Harey huay ko sirf hara hua hi sahara desakta hai… mein tumhari tanhai ko samjh sakta houn…

He knew that Bibi wouldn’t give in once she made up her mind so he worked his way through Kulsoom and had her convince Bibi. Kulsoom is still determined to meet Bilal one last time and she actually requested permission from Habibullah. Peer Sayeein knows better than to keep the lovers apart for too long but also knows he’s still got an invaluable assets in the form of Haroon on his side. Uss larkey Ki jeet mein hi hamari jeet hai Aur us Ki haar mein hamari fatah…Ya Bilal Haroon ka gala daba dai ya Haroon Bilal ko goli mardey

I’m so looking forward to seeing how this plays out. It just keeps getting more and more exciting with each passing episode. The previews keep me hanging on and I’m thankful they don’t give away the story so the unpredictability remains intact. What did you think of this episode? What will be the turning point?

Kanwal Murtaza


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