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Moray Saiyaan Episode 02 – A Feel Good Drama!

Ohkay so, this episode was Moray Saiyaan was interesting. I think the selling point of this drama at this stage is the cast & the location. Even though the actors are all new-comers & even though you can see some sort of discomfort & effort in their acting, you can definitely cut them some slack because of the fact that it is actually quite refreshing to see some new faces on screen after a long time with such an amazing direction.

So, our hero Ghaziyan continued with his plan of pestering Zubaria because he wanted to cheer her up & luckily he got to spend a lot of time with her too. Ghaziyan actually shifted to Gul Bibi’s place for a few days despite knowing that Zakia won’t appreciate any of that but he actually doesn’t care because he is a bit too self-sufficient & keeps himself independent of any situation which can be used to emotionally blackmail him. So, Ghaziyan throughout was on a hunt for opportunity to have a conversation with Zubaria but she always responded back in a way to give him a clear message that she was not interested in having any kind of friendship with him & she liked being left alone. Just because Gul Bibi got a bit busy with her visits to the hospital, Ghaziyan got a chance to divert Zubaria’s attention on him but he found out that no matter what he’d do or say, Zubaria will remain unaffected.

Throughout the first episode, I was under the impression that Nimra & Ghaziyan were engaged to be married, that is why Zakia & Ghaziyan’s father were having a conversation about arranging their marriage but by the end of this episode, it didn’t turn out to be the case. Ghaziyan actually wants to make everything right in his family but looks like his approach isn’t right. He is actually ignoring Zakia to be with Gul Bibi, so how does he think will make her feel about Gul Bibi, especially knowing how Zakia is so possessive about him? I think in stead of spending time with Gul Bibi, Ghaziyan should have had some conversations with Zakia & repeatedly at that, in order to convince her & also to understand her perspective about this entire situation. Yes, at this point, Gul Bibi got a bit busy so he chose to stay at her place to accompany Zubaria & Khalil, but he still can not be ignorant of the fact that Zakia won’t be happy with him. It is totally understandable that Ghaziyan is a free-bird & he does what he likes, but where he plans on bringing his entire family together, he can not turn a blind eye especially from Zakia who is far more rigid, egoistic & paranoid, in comparison to Gul Bibi. Even Ghaziyan knows that Gul Bibi is very lenient & easy-going, so in stead of spending time with her & telling her again & again that he wants to amend the situation & broken ties, he should spend more time with Zakia to be able to convince her.

Nimra has always been in love with Ghaziyan & she has always dreamt of him as her life partner, that is why she feels affected when she sees no contact from Ghaziyan. It looks like Nimra ended up having a lot of expectations based on her one-sided love & everyone in their family, including Ghaziyan’s father decided to get Ghaziyan & Nimra married without even knowing Ghaziyan’s opinion on this. Nimra is obviously going to have a heart-break but it will be sad to see that happening to such a nice girl, who is so optimistic & nice, despite living under an influence of a mother like Zakia.

I liked the fact that they have added this entire professional thing in this drama, where there is some focus on the doctors & their routine too. I liked seeing Dr. Farah’s scenes & her conversations with everyone. I am definitely looking forward to her & Altamash’s track, I am sure it has something to do with Kabeer, who is Zakia’s husband. Well, the note at which this episode ended left me a bit confused, especially in regards to Ghaziyan’s stand on the entire situation. I mean I am not sure if this was done purposely or was a glitch on the writer’s part because how can a guy not know that his entire family is planning to get him married to a certain girl, while he on the other hand is dreaming of getting married to someone else, who he knows won’t be accepted by his family easily. As far as Ghaziyan’s father is concerned, he will accept Zubaria but how will Ghaziyan explain everything to Zakia who is so possessive about him & wants to see him as her son-in-law? I think the writer made a giant leap without establishing everything properly because this makes Ghaziyan’s character seem a bit too impulsive & immature. At one hand, Ghaziyan focuses on bringing his family together but on the other hand, he says something so random, that he knows will give rise to more family issues. Also, I am not sure how can Ghaziyan fall for Zubaria so easily while completely forgetting about Nimra, because in the first episode, we got an impression that Ghaziyan was engaged to Nimra & also, he said he just found Zubaria mysterious & wanted to cheer her up, which was actually quite nice for a change. It think it would have been better if the writer & the director had taken things especially in this matter a little slow, like if they had shown that Ghaziyan became friends with Zubaria first & just when he was getting to know her better & better, he ended up falling in love with her, because all of a sudden, to see Ghaziyan’s focus shifting from his family issues to his marriage without anyone’s consent seemed a little abrupt & not too well-thought out. Also, looks like Zakia will conveniently blame Gul Bibi for this entire situation & also for pushing Zubaria in Ghaziyan’s life, let’s see!!!

Overall, I had a good time watching this episode. I liked the conversations between Ghaziyan & Zubaria, also their scenes were a treat to watch. I will say that apart from Kinza Hashmi, both Uzair Jaswal & Neha Farooq seem to be struggling with acting but I will definitely give them a benefit of doubt knowing it is their first project & also for the fact that they look so cute together. I liked the chemistry between Uzair/Ghaziyan & Neha/Zubaria so I’m definitely looking forward to their journey. I know it is going to be a love-triangle scenario but as far as it is going to be a feel good drama, I have no complaints. :) Also, I am quite happy that this drama doesn’t have a lot of negative characters, yes, we do have 1 in the form of Zakia but she is not completely negative, she is just someone who likes to think of herself as a victim of circumstances, but apart from that, everyone seems so optimistic & admirable, which is a bonus. I loved loved loved the locations & all the homes they have chosen for shooting this drama, for someone like me who is interested in interior designing, it gives me immense joy to look at aesthetically pleasing backdrops. The direction of this drama is on-point & I actually like the usage of the OST as well. I am quite happy with the progress of the story, let’s see how it unfolds. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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