Sang e Marmar Episode 12 Review – Absolutely Beautiful!

Ohkay so, it was yet another beautiful episode of Sang e Marmar. I think the strength of this drama is the way all the emotions have been elaborated on screen & what makes them even more powerful are the dialogues that back those emotions up. It happens quite rarely in a drama where the viewers actually form a connection with each & every single character, where they understand what all the characters are going through & the viewers get to understand their struggles too & this drama beautifully portrays that.

This episode focused on how the dynamics in Gulistan’s house changed with the entry of Shireen. It focused on how each & every single family member was affected one way or the other with the Shireen & Safiullah’s marriage. From Safiullah to Gullalai to the mother to Sherbano to Palwasha to Aurang & to some extent Torah as well, all of them were linked to this marriage that took place & were now contributing one way other to make things right or to pick up the pieces. I loved how the director gave an importance to all the characters & showed us their participation in this regard.

Saif ur Rehman did realize that a lot of pieces were missing from the puzzle & what made him more curious was his conversation with Baroo Kaka. Just when Durkhane kept the truth to herself after being asked by Saif ur Rehman, I really felt anxious but then fortunately, she told him just what he needed to know that neither Shireen was interested in Gohar nor she went to meet him. I am sure Saif ur Rehman knows that a bit too well that he can not do anything now but at least, what he can do is find out the truth so that he can ask for Shireen’s forgiveness & ease some of her burden that she may be feeling knowing that her brother misunderstands her. I am sure finding the truth won’t be easy for Saif ur Rehman because his wife will keep on confusing him more & more.

Safiullah’s mother tried to resolve things as much as she could, as she knew that now she couldn’t do anything but what she could was make Shireen a part of her family. Shireen’s mother in law knew that Shireen was innocent & most importantly she was now Safiullah’s wife, so she deserved all the rights everyone in their family had. Gullalai was finding it hard to accept everything that was happening but it was actually quite heart-warming to see that even though the mother in law wanted to be just with both of her daughters in law, she still understood Gullalai’s pain. She wasn’t oblivious of everything that was going through Gullalai’s mind & all those reasons that were clouding her judgment but she also knew that Shireen was already struggling & she needed someone to make things easier for her.

It wasn’t easy for Gullalai to accept Shireen & looks like she won’t be able to do that ever, that is why despite everyone’s attempts of making her understand, Gullalai didn’t leave an opportunity to display the detest she felt for Shireen. It was good to see that at least Gullalai knew that she had to make a team with Shireen against Sherbano, otherwise Sherbano will make things difficult for both of them, but then, her courtesy with Shireen ended at that point & she couldn’t put up an act or sugar-coat her feelings because every-time she looked at Shireen, she was reminded of all the things she didn’t or couldn’t have, for which Shireen was brought into this home.

Palwasha came into the foreground & emerged as Shireen’s well-wisher & I thoroughly enjoyed her presence. I loved Palwasha’s stand on this entire situation where she not only tried to make Shireen comfortable, but also tried to make Gullalai realize that she was being a bit too harsh. Palwasha’s sole reason behind supporting Shireen was the fact that Shireen was a victim of circumstances & Palwasha understood that. Also, Palwasha felt bad for the way Sherbano & Gullalai treated Shireen & just because she has a soft corner for Shireen in her heart due to being her childhood friend, she went out of the way to comfort her. What I loved the most was when Palwasha tried to reason with Gullalai & told her to stand by Shireen because just as much as Gullalai was a victim, Shireen was a victim too & in this male dominant society, the least these women could do was support each other despite being in such a relation which no woman likes. It was a beautiful message that was given through this episode. I loved the way Palwasha handled the entire situation & also told Aurang to have a word or two with Shireen. It was made clear that even Aurang is interested in Palwasha, may be that’s why he stepped back from getting married to Shireen as he pictured Palwasha as his life partner. Sadly, Shireen got to have a conversation with Aurang & she didn’t hold back in telling him the truth which disturbed Aurang a great deal, not sure how he will be able to deal with this burden, but I am sure it won’t be an easy journey.

The most powerful scene for me in this episode was Sherbano & Torah’s first conversation that they had after getting married. That was the moment when Sherbano told Torah that he held no important in her life only because she thought of herself as a blue blood in comparison to Torah & his complexion was also a label placed on him due to which Sherbano looked down on him. That scene depicted the clash of egos between Sherbano & Torah beautifully & also it showed us the promises they both made to each other against one another. Torah knew that there may come a time when Sherbano will regret her decision but Torah on his own is so iron-willed that he would never go against his word, that is why after having a conversation with her mother, Sherbano did feel the void in her heart & may be she would want to make amends but Torah on the other hand has gone way too far & there’s no turning back for him!

Overall, this episode was power-packed, intense yet so beautiful. I loved Kubra Khan in this episode once again, she has portrayed the feelings of Shireen impeccably. Also, the actress who takes the crown in this episode is the one who is playing Gullalai. I just loved her acting – the way her body language changed in every single scene was so amazing. She sat in front of Shireen arrogantly, trying to show her that she still had an upper-hand while still struggling to hide her insecurity & complexes but the moment she faced her mother in law or husband, she tried to portray that she was a victim too & there was this humility & hopelessness in her body language. It was amazing. Also, Sharmeen Kashif did a great job in this episode too. I loved the way the ladies ran the show in this episode & each one of them is beautiful in her own way. Also, I can not emphasize enough on the fact that keeping the overall look minimal of all the ladies is so appeasing & so real. The entire bare-faced look actually enhances not only their beauty but the beauty of the characters that they are portraying. I commend the vision of the director & also the makeup artists for giving everyone a no-makeup look, which was absolutely necessary for portraying these type of characters & I will commend the actresses for sporting this look & making their characters look so genuine & realistic. It is actually quite nice to not being distracted by makeup on the actresses faces, but being captivated by their acting. I will thank the director for keeping everything just so real, be it in terms of emotions, conversations, personalities & acting, nothing seems like a ‘drama’ in this drama, which I believe is the beauty of Sang e Marmar. I can not wait for the next episode because looks like Saif ur Rehman will do some more digging & Torah will continue with his plan of destruction. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Sang e Marmar.

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