Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 19

Ussey pata hai ke Bibi ka pehnaya hua dupatta kaun utaar sakta hai… Habibullah’s evil intentions were finally revealed as Kulsoom found him making a very bold move forward. At one point, Haroon walked in on Habibullah caressing Kulsoom’s face but as expected his ghairat takes a backseat as he can’t conceive his revered Peer would ever do anything unholy. Habibullah would never allow Kulsoom to meet Bilal as he knows that Bilal wasn’t at fault and Kulsoom would believe in his innocence. He “allowed” Haroon to accompany Kulsoom under the pretext that she would be meeting Bilal only to be scorned and silenced.

Meri toh khair hai, mein toh houn hi khawmakhi Ki... Nimmo’s emotional outburst on finding out Kulsoom was out with Haroon was spot on. She knows Bilal is suffering and believes he wasn’t at fault and she also knows there’s more to this story. Her pleas continue falling on deaf ears… Aisi darpook maoun Ki betiyon Ki ban hi jaati hai... Bibi decided to publicly proclaim Kulsoom as her sister to elevate her status and while Kulsoom’s family rejoiced, Nimmo was clearly upset. Nimmo is the one friend who has the sensibility to look beyond what’s at the surface and hopefully she’ll save Kulsoom from being violated by Habibullah.

With Haroon and Bibi dancing to his tunes, Habibullah has complete access to Kulsoom and he’s also confident that even if Kulsoom were to retaliate, no one would believe her. On the contrary, she would get shunned and prosecuted. Kulsoom’s beauty is her undoing as Habib sees his ex in her and he’s so smitten by her that he will go to any lengths to have her. Habib cannot differentiate between love and lust and he’s driven only by his desires.

Bibi’s pregnancy seems to have completely turned her blind as she’s stopped questioning the obvious. I expected Bibi to see through Kulsoom’s lies but she believed her when Kulsoom narrated her “meeting” with Bilal. Also, she couldn’t tolerate Wali yet he’s around ever since the night of the nikah and she hasn’t once asked for him to leave. Is this the same woman who sat on the throne passed down by generations and made decisions on behalf of others? Bibi’s character has gone off track and has stopped making sense altogether. She was one of the most impactful characters at the start of the show but is being sidelined and I hope there’s more to her in the episodes to come.

I absolutely detest Habibullah and Wali which goes to show how brilliantly they’ve portrayed their respective roles. I haven’t seen Sonia Mishaal before but this role will go down as one of her finest. Each week, I’m in awe of the beautiful dialogues and each episode manages to maintain the narrative while making me anticipate the next. This drama is definitely one of my favourites this year. What did you think?

Kanwal Murtaza


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