Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 1 Story Review – Young and Adventurous

The first episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was thoroughly entertaining and the best part of this episode was that all the characters were introduced with utmost precision. It isn’t very often that you feel an instant connection with so many characters. This first episode also had the most amusing opening scene which set the mood right from the get-go. SSG of course was the highlight of this episode and it made me realize just how desperately we needed to watch a play which focused on something other than married life!

Ehd eWafa4

The dialogues, situations and the overall feel of this first episode was quiet lively. This first installment was also fast-paced since it covered a great deal. The director and the entire team working behind the cameras did exceptionally well in giving this delightful script the right treatment. The performances by the ‘boys’ were energetic and all the characters had a definite presence.

SSG – Young and Adventurous

This episode opened with Sheharyar (Ahmed Ali Akbar), Saad (Ahad Raza Mir), Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt) and Shariq (Wahaj Ali) trying to make their way out of the hostel. The way they were caught and the manner in which they dealt with this entire situation was really interesting. Their dialogues were witty and the way these young boys stood by each other showed their strong bond. All those college students out there who must be watching this show must have been able to relate to this friendship at some level and all those viewers who might have forgotten what it is like to be young, naive and adventurous must have felt nostalgic.

Ehd e Wafa 4

The college and hostel life was covered perfectly in all these scenes. The horror of being caught red-handed doing something which was against the rules and then the terror of being held accountable by the principal was captured immaculately in all these scenes. One thing is for sure SSG boys are not afraid of anyone or anything, they are experts at what they do and as long as they are together, nothing else matters. The story they made up in front of the principal and their revenge plan revealed just that! Ahad Raza Mir acted brilliantly in this particular scene. I especially liked the performances by Wahaj Ali and Ahmed Ali Akbar, they are so well-suited for the roles they are playing. The body languages of all these boys was superb, they translated the carelessness and the confidence of their age perfectly on screen. Ahad Raza Mir’s antics on the lunch table were an absolute delight to watch.

Ehd e Wafa3

Shahzain is the leader of the group, he is the one who comes up with all the plans and everyone else follows his lead. The chemistry between these boys, the way their scenes were written and executed made their friendship come alive on screen in the most delightful manner possible. Their friendship encapsulated the beauty of young age and college days.

The Other Characters

Raani (Zara Noor Abbas) was the most interesting character other than the boys. Her dialogues and Zara Noor Abbas’ acting made her scenes extremely enjoyable. The hostel warden’s personality was equally interesting and Sajeer Uddin Khalifa played this role so well. Watching Faraz Inam on screen after such a long time was one of the best surprises. He is playing the role of an army man who has great expectations from his son. This episode only covered Saad’s family and I believe the actress playing Saad’s sister’s role is the girl who was one of the top contenders in Miss Veet competition 2017.

Ehd e wafa5

Dua (Alizeh Shah) was introduced as a confident girl with a vibrant personality. I must say that Alizeh Shah definitely looks more appealing on the big screen but I am looking forward to seeing more of her nevertheless, she might surprise us this time around. I absolutely loved the scene covering Saad’s love for his ‘dog’, what an interesting conversation and an innovative introduction to another important character in this story.

Final Remarks

Ehd-e-Wafa’s first episode was extremely promising, it truly delivered in every way possible. The locations, script and the execution was faultless. This episode was also visually delightful. Ehd-e-Wafa it seems is going to be an enjoyable ride and one which will give the viewers a much needed break from all the other dramas which most often focus on relationships from a completely different perspective.

Ehd e wafa 4

Refreshing, energetic and delightful, Ehd-e-Wafa’s first episode was just what the doctor ordered. It was the kind of first episode which makes you want to pick up the phone and call or message your best friends from college. I am completely sold, blown away by how perfect this first episode was and eagerly looking forward to more.

Do share your thoughts about the first episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Thank you for the review. I really enjoyed the episode. Everyone did well in their characters. Zara’s makeover suited her role well. I liked Zoro’s importance in family and in view of the servant. It’s always good to have some light hearted shows while wehave many intense drama going throughout the week. Looking forward to the show.

    • You’re welcome Pakistani. Yes, her makeover and her acting, loved it and kamal dialogues, paki aurat LOL!! Yes it is going to be a light hearted show with a big heart, if you know what I mean ;)

      Absolutely! Loved this first episode, will be watching it again.

  • Was waiting for your review sister to decide whether to invest mbs in this drama or not but after reading your review sister, i am surely going to watch it. Then will discuss about story. By the way, quick review. Doing great job. Best wishes aapi

  • The boy holding camera and taking pics of SSG in opening scene reminded me of ‘Silencer’ from Three Idiots. I m afraid other hostel life/ classroom scenes can also have the inspiration from same movie, but overall it was treat to watch EeW, sth executed extraordinarily. Kia locations theen! So verdant and so beautiful.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this and I immediately checked on here to see if you’d reviewed it. It truly was a breath of fresh air watching this drama. The chemistry overall is brilliant and the humour had me cackling to myself.

    I loved Zara’s character as well. And SSG is overall brilliant, but I also liked that it gave Ahmad Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali, both of whom have absolutely wonderful natural comedic timing (but don’t necessarily fit into the traditional brooding “hero” box that our media seems to love) a chance to shine too.

    I’m even interested in Alizey’s character. It’s nice to see her acting her age as a cheerful young person not cursing her qismat, lol.

    All in all, what a wonderful way to finish off the week!

  • So finally a Good treat to watch is on screen and without your review episode can’t be completed, beautifully reviewed, I have high expectations from Wahaj Ali and Ahad Raza. One thing i would like to mention the scenario of hostel life was of Cadet college but the SSG boys dont have that hair cut of Cadet boys hope they will do that later on except shariq aka wahaj
    Good to see faraz back and the way he delivered the dialogue remind us of alpha bravo charlie, hopes are high but still have to wait again for a week for another episode

      • they are not in cadet college yet. Lawrence college is a boarding school. Only Ahad’s character is going in Army. Rest will go in other fields. I heard, politics, media and civil service.

      • It’s not a cadet college but it used to be very strict discipline wise and they used to have same hair cuts as cadet colleges but I’m talking 15 odd years back so maybe things have changed there now!

      • Yes Cadet college is complete different institute and Lawrence college is different.
        the students studied in Lawrence are called Gallian and students of Cadet college are called Cadets or lower topa cadet college students are called Topians.

    • someone commented about the hair cuts on Osman’s Instagram and he said to wait and watch, so may be there is explanation or a change in the hair in future episodes.

  • Superb episode. Finally a drama that doesn’t focus on marriages, divorces and rona dhona. Pakistani industry needs more of these plot driven dramas which highlight different aspects of our society not just the same old same old.

  • Thank you for the perfect review Fatima.
    You’re so right it’s so refreshing to watch something other than dusri shadi, cheating husband, sazishi saas & mazloom bahu.

    I loved the episode but I think somewhere at the back of my mind I kept looking for that Shoaib Mansoor touch. Saif e Hassan is a brilliant director but I just felt like in sunehrey din & ABC all the main cast was non professional actors or new actors which were not that well known at that time giving more authenticity to the drama but the main cast here is already very well known which just gives it too much of a commercial feel.
    Somehow Faraz Inam didn’t gel in well with this very colorful professional cast.

    Another tiny thing which left a bad taste was Raani saying ‘Allah ki qasam’ When she was obviously lying.

    I loved watching the locations as Murree holds so many of my fondest childhood memories, I remember going to Lawrence College to visit a cousin.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.
    PTV Uploaded hd version which made it an even better experience.

    • You’re most welcome Tricksy. Totally agree with you about Faraz but happy he is the same old Faraz we all know from ABC LOL!! Hasn’t changed a bit, same acting style.

  • I really want people to watch it as ‘ehd e wafa’ not as a sequel to ABC. Only then would they realize how good the first episode was. The only thing i found a little out of place was alizey’s interaction with that old man on the road. Jokes about female names were also a little off putting but then let’s accept we also make jokes with friends that might sound inappropriate to any third person. Otherwise loved it. Loved your review. I’m almost sure that it’s only going to get better in the coming weeks.

    • You’re right it’s not a sequel, Saif e Hasan said that too but because it’s about Army and also ISPR is involved aaaannndddd because there’s Faraz in it I can’t help comparing it to ABC :)

    • Thank you so much Javeria for loving the reviews, means a lot to me. LOL!! Really, why did you find it odd? I thought Alizeh was too over-excited in the scene covering the meeting with her relatives. We so needed a drama like this one.

  • Finally getting to see something like this! All the ssg scenes were a treat to watch. I loved zaras acting too but i just felt like makeup bohat nahi tha lol? Are inter girls allowed to do this much makeup cuz i always had such a strict school lol. And similarly i wish osman had a haircut and shave more appropirate for college. Ofc everyone is older than what they are playing, but i think
    that is being unnecessarily criticized by some ppl because we literally don’t have any actors aged 17 18 and they all acted so well ke feel hi nahi hoa. I found that dua scene with the uncle a bit out of place and unnecessary. And alizay needs to tone down the shouting. Overall though bohatt maza aya the all the ssg members are such namone 😂😂 and it was suchhh a pleasure to watch faraz back on screen🤧❤. Just wanted to share these few problems i had cuz meri expectation or bhi high thi i guess. Anyways really looking forward to the next episode!

    • LOL yes make up buhat tha lekin Raani khud hi tu buhat over thi haha! Agree with you about the ages, ab kahan se laye aise actors! Yes, agree with you about Alizeh Shah, she goes overboard at times.

  • Fatima, I am an avid follower of your reviews as they are always very detailed and I usually relate so much to them.

    That said, however I found the first episode a little lacklustre, the boys did not look like college fsc/inter boys at all. The comedy mostly lacked the wit and humour seen in Alpha Bravo Charlie. Some of the jokes were funny but most sounded clunky.

    Zara Noor Abbas’s character is intriguing but there was quite a bit of over-acting on her part. The direction however was good and the introduction to the characters was decent.

    But overall it had a meh effect. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Aangan in the making and the story does pick up nicely.

    • Thank you so much for being an avid follower, means a lot. Really surprised to hear someone feels this way. I shared my thoughts in the review therefore not going to repeat how I felt about the boys. Had they taken younger boys, they would have looked odd later on, this is only the beginning of their journey plus I thought Ahad, Wahaj and Ahmed were on point, OKB was slightly more energetic but then his role is like that too.

      Respect your opinion and appreciate your feedback.

    • Hum aap say bilkul ittifaq kurtay hein… humein khaas taur pur Alizay k saray scene itnay OTT lugay. Zara ki overacting….. OKB ko college boy hazam kurna bohat mushkil luga… dua hay k yeah bus first episode tuk hi rahay..

  • Yes, rameen (saad’s sis) is veet contender n her name is komal meer, also she has worked in 2 or 3 humtv dramas already n currently she is playing role of Husna in Resham gali ki husna along with EhdEWafa.
    Review is on point. Thankyou Fatima.🙂

    • You’re welcome Rubia. Oh yes! That’s what her name was, I haven’t seen any of her dramas yet, so glad she started working because I remember she left Miss Veet because she had to study.

  • The man who played the role of Firdos Baig(warden), in his first scene reminded me of Karam Dad(Irfan Khoosat) and in the 2nd scene Jaffar Hussain(Jamil Fakhri) from Andhaira Ujala

  • As a first episode, it was promising and engaging though not as satisfying as I’d thought (hoped) it would be. The guys (especially Ahad) were fabulous and the supporting cast really good. The girls, however, jarred with their over-acting. Loved seeing Faraz after so long…but with his presence came the memories of the inimitable Sunehre Din and Alpha Bravo Charlie. Of course, comparisons are inevitable…but I’ll make just one: though the acting and direction here is good…the difference in writing is glaringly obvious. The screenplay in SD and ABC was beautiful, the writing sharp and the humour full of punch…in EeW, so far, it’s been fairly mediocre. But I’m sure it’ll improve and I loved it inspite all that. And reading it reviews is always a pleasure…half the fun actually.

  • Well Well Well! Finally a light-hearted drama. I enjoyed the episode. Everyone and everything for me was perfect. Also, for the first time Alizeh was looking like a school/college girl with minimal make up in her first scene. But obviously, the makeup followed her all the way to murree. I loooovvvved Zara Noor Abbas as Raani. Can’t wait to see her and OKB’s track. Am sure it will be good too. I have set high hopes from the it now.
    It was so nostalgic to see Faraz again. I think he was the one who left army after ABC. I also liked the dialogue where rameen says to warden, “apki ammi hain ya meri” We need such light dramas where actors are not “Over actors” like in Suno Chanda.
    Thanks for the review Fatima.

    • I thought Faraz was banker by profession but Capt. Kashif and Gul Sher were Army men. I really had hoped it was a sequel to ABC with Capt. Gul Sher and Faraz’s kids in the army and Capt. Kashif being in the cadet college .

  • Yeah it made me remember my college days. I have Never been to a hostel but certainly i have bunk college. Introduction scene of SSG was really awesome and i was laughing on their lunch table talk where they were teasing khursheed. OB, Ahmad, Wahaj and Ahad are for for these roles. Actually Zara made me laugh as well. Over confidence got her 😂😂😂… Alizeh shah is growing on me slowly. In this role she will be perfect. Lawrence college and Murree are beautiful locations. Btw Captain Faraz is not Captain anymore. He is a birgadear now in Pak Army and yes it was a pleasure to watch him again after a long time. This will be a roller coaster ride. Absolutely phenomenal episode and brilliant review

  • Btw some people asking why their hair aren’t cut? Thing is they are in Lawrence college not in PMA. They are studying in an army college not an army personnel yet. That’s why their hair aren’t cut

  • Super review. This drama is a welcome change from the usual ones. It was a nice beginning, and enjoyable , though not very hilarious or pathbreaking or not new when it comes to such stories, but it was nice. All 4 actors acted very well, Ahad, Ahmed ali and Wahaj look their part, OKB is a little misfit, but will get used to it.

    Both the actresses were good but loud as everyone mentioned. Zara Noor Abbas is slowly increasing her overacting with her every role. she was good in khamoshi, but with her 2 movies and now this one, it seems she will turn into overacting ki dukaan.

    All other actors are new for me, anyways looking forward to it, Im into this serial for Ahad.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Especially the dialogues like ‘Ye tau wohi bat ho gae foji se us ka aslaha le k bolo jao jang laro.. mujhy ni larni jang! ‘ 😂 and Ahmed’s : ‘Tu konsa match dekh raha hai us se goal ni ho raha’ followed by OB’s ‘dafa ho’ :p And being a student I could relate to that bit where Shehryar and Sharik were complaining that they are left out from the ‘planning’ lol this happened quite recently where my friend came up to me and said you all do the planning and take decisions and just tell us in the end. This is so funny everyone has such friends 😂 Someone here said Khorsheed reminded him/her of silencer but I’d say don’t we all deal with such character ? There always is that one student who is on teachers’ side.
    Enjoyed your review. Will be looking forward to them.

  • Finally… Some different to watch .. something that takes you back to your college life..friends carefree days.. something that will bring smile on your face

  • A great episode after a long while. I was only annoyed by Alizeh Shah while seeing her in promos but I must say, she did as much good as any other character. Her make up and looks in this drama were also perfect in contrast to “Jo Tu Chahay”. I thought Zara would be a bit older but in just two scenes she did awesome. Her expressions gave me a huge laugh when examiner asked her “haath ooper karo”…LOL

    Your review has missed two points; the driving scene of old couple and the brilliantly executed music in the background.

    I hope Saif e Hassan has produced it with as much energy and devotion as was produced by Shoaib Mansoor.

    Waiting to see all of them joining army.

  • Woww! what an episode after such a long long longg time! your concluding para perfectly sums up the emotions this episode brings out. I was so negatively biased after watching the teasers . I thought most of them are older for their parts, nothing could be like Alpha Bravo Charlie, so typical of MD production and bla blah ….. but episode aisa tha k maza agya. I loved Zara Noor Abbas scenes….they were so so SO funny! And thank god! Hum TV learnt their lesson and uploaded it on YouTube. Bus ye Alizey Shah heroine na hoti . I hope this drama maintains its standard.

  • Spot on review as always. However, I felt Wahaj and Ahmed Ali weren’t given a lot of importance and lines in this episode. They were basically just reduced to nodding their heads to whatever the other two said. They are such good actors ( head and shoulders above Osman when it comes to acting ) that it hurts to see them not given equal importance as the other two leads. I have a feeling things won’t change much as we go on. Anyway, it’s so good to see a drama like this after so long. We needed this.

  • Superb review
    I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode.
    The SSG boys and Rani just stole the show. All these 4 characters are so confident and not afraid of anything. Finally got to see something light hearted serial with an interesting story, superb directions, amazing dialogues and good actors. Ssg boys , rani, Warden fardous, his son khursheed, ahad father faraz all were treat to watch. Looking forward to coming episode a

  • Honestly the first episode wasn’t that worth the hype and expectations. I was really hoping that this drama would be something great and unique as it has such a strong cast and unique storyline but the first episode has put me in a doubt. the only actor who was acting good was Osman Khalid butt. Ahad raza, ahmed ali and Wahaj were not acting up to their usual standards. the way they were acting made me feel like they were not suited for the characters they were portraying. overall the first episode was a little disappointing. I hope as the drama progresses things do get better.

  • Hi Fatima, The drama looks very promising and it started very well, no flaws so far. I also noticed the two side lead characters Wahaj & Ahmed Ali, they were brilliant with their body language. The warden was brilliant throughout. The Veet girl delivered promisingly. The drama is really freshen up from routine however while watching i am getting the feelings of Mohabbatein, 3 Idiots, etc. I hope they don’t copy/paste sequences.

  • This review is as beautifull as the first epi.
    The girl who plays Saad’s sis is Komal Meer. She is Husna from Resham Gali Ki Husna. And you are right she won miss Veet. .

  • Pta nhi mere pehle wale comments kahaan gye. Kher assalam o alaikum fatima how are you. Ehd e wafaaa……… What a drama. Really enjoyed it. Its like fresh air. I loved the humor, rani k dialogues, nd lant, talaaq wala scene. One more thing usman should have change his look he didn’t changed it. It been long time. May be change in his look could help him appearing younger.

    AH Loves your reviews.