Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Story Review – Entertaining and Emotional

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was powerful as well as entertaining. Once again, the journeys of the Ehd-e-Wafa boys were covered in such a manner that there was something interesting or emotional about all of these tracks. The story is getting more entertaining and exciting with every passing episode. The evolution of the boys and their struggles were covered convincingly in this recent episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. Shehryar, Shariq and Saad continue to be my favorite characters. Their scenes tonight had a little bit of everything – some comedy, emotions and most importantly these tracks piqued my curiosity. Waiting to see Shehryar and Shariq excel in their respective fields. The leadership qualities in Saad were evident from his scenes tonight and it was clearly shown that the training of the PMA had polished him. Except for Shahzain, all the other boys are struggling to get somewhere in life. they are more committed today than they ever were before. I absolutely loved the way Shehryar and Shariq’s family lives were covered tonight. These scenes were beautifully written and acted-out. The director Saife Hassan has done exceptionally well while covering the scenes at the PMA, these scenes truly make you feel like you are watching the actual training and drill sessions on screen.

Important Developments

Shahzain and Raani got engaged tonight. This was yet another episode which opened with their scenes. While Raani’s father has ulterior motives, Shahzain’s grandfather also feels that being friends and relatives is better than being competitors. Shahzain’s mother it seems is not happy with this arrangement. Zara Noor Abbas’ confident and solid performance which went so well with the character that she is playing had to be the best thing about these scenes. She looked great and her scenes were quite amusing. Her dialogues were written well and Zara Noor Abbas did complete justice to them as well. She should definitely do more comedy because she is so good at it. Raani’s energy and her vibrant personality make these scenes a treat to watch. Shahzain was stiff as usual and I must say that Osman Khalid Butt isn’t really into this character just yet!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Story Review - Entertaining and Emotional

Shariq had a confrontation with the person incharge of the post mortem and as it turned out, he was the man his sister had already entered into a nikkah with. When his sister told Shariq that this man was already her husband, it came as a complete shock. Shariq is on a mission and his values have clearly been laid down in these past few episodes. This is going to upset him a lot and I am waiting to see what is going to happen next. Also, someone like his sister surely deserves better. Shariq’s energy and enthusiasm has been translated on screen impeccable by Wahaj Ali. His character too is wonderfully etched-out. The scenes with his family tonight were one of the best scenes in this episode. I also like the actress playing his mother’s role, really sweet. The love these three family members share has always been shown so realistically. I still remember the first scene covering Shariq’s sister’s reaction, it was extremely powerful and even now, their interactions are always emotional and impactful.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Story Review - Entertaining and Emotional

Saad’s military training was the highlight of this episode since it showed how all this drilling and mentoring had changed him. Saad was always the intelligent one in the group but he never showed leadership qualities before. He was shown as the introvert and shy young man who did not open up unless he was around people he was really close to. Looks like he has found the right place where his innate skills are being polished and tonight he lead his group towards success. This development too was covered in such an amusing way. The way the boys backed out and decided to sleep but couldn’t – it was really realistic and therefore easy to relate to. Saad is truly dedicated at this point. Ahad Raza Mir has done exceptionally well in making sure that every aspect of Saad’s personality comes alive on screen.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Story Review - Entertaining and Emotional

Shehryar’s scenes were also directed and acted-out so well. I absolutely love Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance, his expressions are always so natural and genuine. His overall look too is completely in line with the character he is playing. Shehryar and Masooma’s interaction was sweet as well. I find myself rooting for Shehryar every single time. His character is extremely likable and simple yet so appealing.

Final Remarks

Overall, this was one of the best episodes of Ehd-e-Wafa, with the performances, script and direction on point. I am definitely looking forward to the reunion more than anything else. I hope that the drama continues to be interesting in the upcoming weeks as well.

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Fatima Awan

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  • That was such a sweet and emotional episode… loved your review.. though i m reading your reviews for last few years but never commented because i think i cant express my views and feelings in words…
    This episode made me write for the first time lol and that b coz of the scene when shariq and his friend brought sofa from some neighbours k mehmaan kahan bethen ge.. we used to do the same.. apni samney wali aunty se dinning table le ani kyun k mehmaan zameen pe kaisey khaian ge..
    Hamari crockery itni achi nhi he .. dost k gher se le aati hun, mehmanon ko achey bertan me khana dena hai..
    Soo soo real man.. i loved the moments.. i could feel how a brother was caring things for the sister.. safai kerna.. kher…..
    Pma scene was a treat to watch.. backed out boys ki on bes conversation was very cute…
    I am hooked for the next episode..

    Ps: i am fan of your and zahras writing skill and observation ability… u guys feel and give words to every emotion so aptly..mashaAllah.. such a great gift from Allah pak.. achaa likhna buhat nara hunar hai.. and mujhy achaa likhney walo se aik khaas unsiyat he..
    Take care

    • Awww what a sweet comment yaar, I really enjoyed reading it, so heart-warming. So glad you decided to comment. Bilkul buhat hi sweet aur genuine scenes thay yeh, mujhe bhi buhat achay lagay.
      Absolutely! Loving this show now.

      Thank you so very much for all the love, we try our best and we are so glad that our readers appreciate our efforts. We truly value your support and feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • AoA Fatima, I enjoyed reading your review and am absolutely enjoying the drama thus far. I love how this drama has 4 different scenarios that all have an interesting plot. I can’t wait for the next episode and I have a feeling that Saad might get upset with Shahzain again after he finds out that he was the one who brought the proposal for Asia. Anxiously waiting for the next episode and for your next review. I was also wondering if either u or Zahra will review Yeh Dil Mera at all?

    • Thank you so much Alisha for liking the reviews and I am so glad that you are enjoying watching this drama. Yes, he looked upset for sure, let’s see. I am glad they will finally meet up.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Was waiting for ur review since the ep ended. Again Fatima, u have covered all the details of the ep in a most analytical manner. I loved the PMA scenes in the ep, they were really shot well, especially the aerial shots when the cadets are running. Perfection!! For the first time, I also enjoyed Shahzain and Ranni’s scenes as well. Especially the scene when Raani is putting on more lipstick whene Shahzain comes!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Is larki ko waja se cosmetics ki dukanien Khali hojayen gi…..
    Gulzar always uplifts it mood with his witty dialogues and hilarious accent. What a treat to watch him every time. Shariq was also phenomenal and the scene in which he brings new furniture from his neighbours was so powerful.
    Eagerly waiting to see what happens next!

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for reading the reviews and for the valuable feedback. I am glad you liked the way I analyzed those scenes, I really enjoyed watching and reviewing this episode. LOL @ cosmetics ki dukan, sahi kaha aap ne. Yes, Gulzar is something else, I enjoy his scenes as well. Waiting to watch the next episode.

  • Amazing episode. I really like shehryar’s track. His character is so good and real. Wahaj ali is a great performer, very energetic performance. Exactly, Zara should do comic roles. She has that thing in her genes. I really like the scenes of shariq and his family. The actress in his mother’s role was a filmstar in old pakistani films. I dont remember her name.

    Fatima your review is amazing.

    I wanna ask…. Are you and zahra friends?

  • I always try to find a review on before starting to watch a drama. As always good job.
    I’m a little confused. The scene in preview with Shazain and his dada – where he goes “dil ka pata nahin, aankhon ko pasand aa gayi hai” I don’t remember watching that in the previous episode. Is it just me or was that scene not in the previous episode at all?

    • Glad someone else took the notice as well … The scene u’re talking about isn’t there in the previous episode uploaded on hum tv channel but it is part of the one uploaded on ISPR youtube channel … Hum tv sometimes cut some of the scenes, don’t know why 😏

  • Wonderful review and well wrote! Another great episode goes by. I enjoyed all the scenes that you wrote in your review especially the PMA ones. The preview of the next episode looked good and it seems Saad did not look too happy probably because he knows Shahzain send rishta to Dua.
    Thanks for your review!

    • Thanks a ton for liking the review SM. Yes, he didn’t look happy but when Shahzain tells him who he is getting married to, it’ll all be good. So glad they are finally going to meet in the next episode.