Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 18 Story Review – Positive & Inspiring

This was yet another beautiful and thoughtful episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. The meaningful dialogues, superb performances by all the actors involved and the fact that the outdoor scenes in particular were shot so well made this episode a treat to watch. The pace of the drama and the screenplay is much more engaging now than it was few weeks back. Ehd-e-Wafa is refreshing, original and entertaining.

Latest Developments

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa opened with Saad finding out that his seniors were actually playing a prank on him and later on the viewers were shown how Saad continued to show his leadership skills. Saad and Gulzar’s conversations were entertaining and enlightening at the same time. In a fun way the viewers got to see different ways in which the soldiers are trained. This episode also had a short but meaningful scene which showed the special relationship Saad had with his mother. She is the first one he shares his achievements and fears with.

Raani’s scenes tonight were hilarious. Raani and Shahzain have not changed at all, their essential nature is the same as it was in the beginning. Raani was shown fooling the women so that they would vote for her husband. It was amusing watching Raani tell these women the importance of education. Raani’s dialogues about how politicians use fake promises to get votes were sadly a true reflection of our political system. It was however good to see Shahzain telling her not to do that but at the same time he does not really qualify for the seat he is contesting from. The preview of the next episode also suggested that Shahzain is just as arrogant today as he was so many years back.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 18 Story Review - Positive & Inspiring

Shariq was always focused but now he has a definite direction in life which has given him so much confidence. The relationship between Ramsha and Shariq is truly refreshing. Both these actors have amazing on-screen chemistry and their performances have been on point right from the start. The way Shariq managed to have his own way and wasn’t willing to work without Ramsha was likable. At the same time Ramsha was more than happy with Shariq going ahead with this position without her. I have said this before but I feel the need to say it again – I don’t remember the last time we saw such a healthy and positive friendship between a man and a woman in a Pakistani drama. The writer deserves full marks for this realistic representation of so many young men and women who help each other grow as friends.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 18 Story Review - Positive & Inspiring

Similarly, Shehryar too wants Masooma to study and the idea of marriage doesn’t appeal to him just yet. Just like all the other youngsters in the drama he too wants to focus on his studies which he knows that is the only way to get a good job and improve his living conditions. Having said that, I truly felt for poor Masooma. It is definitely great watching men who expect more from women than chai and roti! Masooma has a completely different mindset and I do think that there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of women are housewives and they also contribute in their own way. It was good to see Shehryar re-evaluating his actions later on and heading back home to perhaps apologize to Masooma. I am wondering if Shehryar telling Masooma off will give her the motivation she needs to change the way she perceives her future. Through Shehryar, Gulzar and Shariq’s track, the writer has aptly shown how young people can change their destiny by setting certain goals for themselves and working hard to achieve these goals.

Final Remarks

All the actors performed absolutely remarkably tonight and I love how the writer has represented the youth in this drama. The variations in the characters and their journeys has made Ehd-e-Wafa a must watch. The preview of the next episode was brilliant – Shariq’s confidence and conviction on one side and Shahzain’s arrogance on the other! Also, looking forward to Dua and Saad’s conversation. Ehd-e-Wafa has taken off for good and it seems like it will only get even better from here on.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Your final remarks say it all Fatima. An excellent episode and a superb review by you. In Pakistani dramas we see romances and marital issues but we rarely see such representation of young people. It is good that this drama is popular. It gives youngsters some good inspiring things. Ehd e Wafa is different than all the other dramas I have seen.

    • Thank you so much Seher for all the appreciation, means a lot to me. Yes! Definitely it has a completely different agenda altogether and I love the way the writer has penned down these tracks.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • “Surma kaalay main ka,
    Vote sirf Malik Shazain ka!”
    These lines had me in fitsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I was laughing so wildly while watching this that even my fathet had to come and check on me from the next roomπŸ˜….

    I have to say I am looking forward to this drama more and more every week. This is the fast-paced drama we need to show our youngsters!! Whether it is the headstrong women or the career-oriented men , whether it is the power of media or the true image of manipulating political power, Ehd e Wafa does all that while covering each track in all its emotional depth!! Woah.. that is definitely an achievement!!

    Very glad all the actors got more or less equal scree time. Really looking forward to the next episode and..(SPOILER) the marriage of Dua and Saad as a BTS circulated through the internet recently.

    • LOL!! Yes what a slogan! Same here, I am pleasantly surprised and loving this play now. Yes! I saw those pictures, I am happy Dua will also end up in military service yayyyy

  • Today’s episode was especially very good. I think my favourite so far. I don’t remember getting bored once. So nice that they showed Everyone! Masooma’s acting today was fabulous! As was Ahmed, Wajahat, Ramsha and others’. Correct – inspiring for young people and youth of the country!!

    • Yes it was for sure. We need more fun entertaining and meaningful dramas like this one. Hope it continues to be this good.

  • What a perfect review Fatima. You said everything that was on my mind. This drama should be watched by all the young people. You are right it is one of a kind. Did you see those pictures about the future happenings which have gone viral?

    • What a nice and wonderful review! This is a gem of a drama, so fun, entertainment and meaningful to watch. It is going to be a great ride till the end.
      Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Ayesha. So glad we are on the same page. Oh yes! I did, looking forward ;) And Shahzain was there too – how??!!

  • Assalamoalaikum .this is totally a different concepts which is the beauty of this play.
    Mujhy sirf masooma ka laiki hony ki bawajood izhar karna thora saa ajeeb laga .

    • Waelukum Asalam, Yes it surely is. I thought that was also something new, this drama doesn’t promote stereotypes therefore acha laga kuch aisa bhi dikhaya.

  • Loving it. Perfectly divided episode. This drama is reakky inspiring, from dua and saads track to shehryar’s determination to shariq taking stand against system. Saad relationship with his parents, even raani has a good thinking about keeping promise of dispensary, school. The patriotic element. Gulzars life. Everything is just perfect.

    And yes fatima pleaseeeee watch ALIF. Tell us when you start it. In my point of view, alif drama nhi h, esa masterpiece dahaiyon mn bnta h….. Please watch it.

    Perfect reviews FA!

    • Absolutely AH! It has been so meaningful and so entertaining which is always the perfect combo.

      I will Ali, I have read so many amazing things about it. That is why I want to watch it once MPTH ends, right now I am really into that play which is a completely different genre. I am so glad that Umera Ahmed wrote yet another masterpiece.

        • Yuo, ibrahim. Alif is something else. I never loved a drama like this before. Shehre zaat was my favorite but now alif is above all.

  • good review Fatima, the drama has become better now. I always liked the serious aspect of the drama more that the fun side, as that was just not working for me, it was not funny at all. looking forward to next episode as dua was missed in this one. shahzain is a cheapo, but I feel even shariq is not right in annoying him during the interview, he shouldn’t be too stubborn, as a friend, he should try to make him realize his mistakes and not make him more upset and lead him to more wrongdoings.