Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 22 Story Review – The Reunion

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining. The writer Mustafa Afridi has been making sure that every episode has enough emotional and meaningful scenes to keep the viewers connected to the characters. For the past few weeks every episode of Ehd-e-Wafa has been impactful and it continues to deliver. This recent episode covered a great deal. In fact all these developments could have been covered in more than one episode but it is good to watch a play which actually is taking off towards the end as opposed to slowing down because that is what generally happens. Usually by 22 weeks, the viewers are waiting for a drama to wrap up but Ehd-e-Wafa still has a great deal to offer. Tonight’s episode was directed brilliantly too. The wedding was covered quickly but convincingly and it was good to see that the focus was on the journeys of the main characters. I am still waiting for Shehryar to get in touch with Masooma, hopefully soon. The best part of this episode was Dua’s surprise and SSG’s reunion.

SSG Reunited

It was great watching all the boys together again. Their scenes together reminded me of the scenes we watched in the first few weeks. Even though they have come a long way in terms of their careers but when these 4 are together, they are still fun and adventurous. These scenes were so well written and beautifully executed. All those viewers who have crazy friends like these 4, must have been able to relate to these scenes. These grown up men who are actually quite serious and practical otherwise, turned into teenagers when they were with each other – that is the beauty of friendship. For a change Shahzain too was quite likeable in this episode and Osman Khalid Butt’s energy went well with the turn his character has taken. Saad too didn’t take the jokes seriously for a change and after a long time, these friends were back together like they were in college days.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 22 Story Review - The Reunion

The scene covering Firdous sahab’s meeting with the SSG boys after all these years was heart-warming. The respect these boys have given to their teacher and whatever they did to help him has been another inspiring element of the drama. Although, their relationship with Firdous sahab wasn’t ideal but it was that punishment they got in college which turned their lives around in a way. All of them needed such a shock so that they could get back on track. In a way Firdous sahab shaped up their lives with his discipline and strictness.

The Power of Media

Through Shariq’s scenes, the writer showed the power of media. All those people who were criticizing Ehd-e-Wafa for showing the corrupt element of all the institutions and organizations, must watch this episode since it clearly showed that there were people in the media like Shariq and his boss who were doing their job right. It was Shariq’s video that ultimately made all the difference and that is how Firdous sahab got his land back. Later on, Shehryar was ‘punished’ for his role in all this but that did not seem to make much of a difference to him.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 22 Story Review - The Reunion

The Wedding

Saad and Dua’s wedding was the most sweet and fun part of tonight’s episode. Right from the moment the SSG got together to the scene when Dua enters the marriage hall, the entire wedding was covered brilliantly. Dua gave Saad a big surprise on their wedding day and I absolutely loved Alizeh Shah and Ahad Raza Mir’s expressions in these scenes.

All of Saad and Dua’s scenes tonight were short but really cute. I loved the dialogues and the performances as well. The romance between Saad and Dua has always been sweet and not too cheesy. The credit khane ki machine dialogue was the best! Ahad Raza Mir is a brilliant actor who translates every single emotion superbly on screen.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 22 Story Review - The Reunion

Shehryar and Shahzain

Shehryar was transferred to Shahzain’s constituency and the welcome scene was one of my favorites tonight. Shehryar’s conversation with Laal Hussain resonated because his father too was in the same profession. Shehryar values people and their occupations in general but this profession is specifically close to his heart because of obvious reasons.

Shahzain’s political and family feuds got a lot of screen time tonight. The writer through these scenes, laid the foundations for what is coming ahead. Will Shahzain die? The story will once again take a more serious turn in the next episode when Shahzain gets injured and Saad goes away for his next mission. All of these boys are fighting some really serious battles and anyone of them can have a tragic ending. It would however be good if all of them stay alive till the end and then perhaps we can watch a sequel in the next few years!

Final Remarks

This was another episode of Ehd-e-Wafa with remarkable performances to its credit. There were so many small gestures shown in this episode which suggested how these characters were supporting each other. Whether it was Ramsha and Shariq, Dua and Saad, Dua and Saad’s parents or Shehryar and Firdous sahab – all these characters in some way or the other are proving to be a viable support system for each other. It was also good to see Gulzar there on the stage with Saad on his wedding. Overall, tonight’s episode was engaging and heart-warming.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Great review Fatima. The only female character who has hardly got any screen time is Masooma. I hope they show some growth in her character since many years have now passed.

  • Lovely episode and superb review! Great job Fatima!

    “Shehryar’s conversation with Laal Hussain resonated because his father too was in the same profession.”

    Great observation! When I was watching that scene, I didn’t connect the dots but your comment made so much sense. Love you!

  • Great episode and thank you for a great review. The wedding was beautiful and loved all the teasing by friends. Its true grown people act like teenagers when with friends and that was shown beautifully. I loved Duaa’s surprise and the conversation with her mom, in our culture people have their perceptions like damad ka ghar, Duaa’s confidence and independence is a breath of fresh air as compared to other leading ladies in our dramas.
    Shehryar is my favorite love his stance on everything. It will be good to see his and Masooma’s happy ending and scenes together.
    Shahzen is better with friends now. Still can’t trust him completely because of all the negative things he has done. Let’s see how the next episode unfolds. Looking forward to the next episode and your review.

    • Thank you so much Asma for liking the review and for commenting. I missed your feedback, good to have you back. True about Shehryar, he is such a likable character. Yes! feel the same way about Shahzain, he still has a big ego and likes having things his way.

      I will wait for your feedback too. Keep reading and commenting.

  • What an episode and what a review, both are brilliant. After reading your review, I watched the laal hussain scene again. Great observation sister. Love your reviews. Keep it up.

  • Is the word “flawless” enough to describe this episode of Ehd e Wafa? Absolutely beautiful ❤️. I don’t have words to explain the variety of emotions I felt in this episode of EeW. It’s surreal how a drama serial like Ehd e Wafa, who everybody thought was just another army-driven propoganda has delivered such a relatable, revolutionary and an original script, which we desperately needed for our youth.

    I guess I can’t further pen down my feelings for EeW right—very moved by this episode that Saad and/or Shazain might need their doom. As much as I adore the former and hate the latter, I don’t want any of them to die!! I don’t want to see Dua and Rani suffer!! Plz HUM we have already very painfully survived KRQ’S repetitive endings, we are not ready for another one..😭

    • Yes, let’s hope this drama has a meaningful but happy ending. Well people who thought it was an ‘army-driven propaganda’ sadly still think so! I actually find it shocking that such people easily ignore all the wonderful things being shown in this drama and criticize things which don’t even make sense! Expecting ISPR to show discrepancies within the armed forces in this drama is such a strange expectation! Like what were you expecting?!!!

      • Totally concur with you Fatima..this drama has skillfully all important professions in Pakistan and not just army…ISPR has sponsored true…but the emphasis is Pakistan and not just armed forces.

        • Haters will be haters. Ye nai to koi aur drama pakr letay😂. I’m glad EeW has atleast made an effort to prove this agenda wrong…

          • True Ibrahim! It’s just sad that even dramas like EeW which have such a progressive theme for a change are needlessly criticized. The script is clearly very well thought out and it has a great deal to offer. Yet some people choose not to see that!

  • Not very impactful episode, as expected. General Faraz scenes seemed recorded separately and then merged. Episode was mostly focused on civilian black sheep in different institution instead of showing Army’s battlefield. Shehryar positivity is ray of hope for society but as usual he was relocated on going against the winds. What’s Shahzain’s contribution towards upliftment of society as a politician?? He is so far shown a selfish and cunning feudal politician.

  • Ehd-e-wafa is such an amazing show initially i started watching it because of Ahad❤ but this show is just amazing…great episode…but I’m a little worried for Saad I really don’t want to see him die 😥😥he is going to be a father…I really wish he comes back alive and there would be happy ending of the show and for saad and dua as well❤❤…Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Hello Aashi, it is always wonderful getting feedback and appreciation from viewers from across the border. Thanks a ton for watching and liking Pakistani dramas and for all the love.

      Keep visiting and commenting.

  • I must admit I have been reading your Ehd e wafa reviews every week, but not watching the drama. I stopped watching around episode 13 as I felt the story was a little disjointed and I just couldn’t connect with it.

    But after reading your recommendation to give it another go, I did and wow!!! I have just caught up and I am astonished at how this drama has turned around.

    The drama has become one of my favourites and I absolutely loved Firdous Baig Saabs entry and situation. It just goes to show waqt kabi aik jaisa nai rehta.

    Sheryar has grown so much as an actor and in Ehd e wafa he has been outstanding. I watched him in Tajdeed e wafa and thought he is a good actor but with firdous baig saab to his family scenes to him becoming AC… these scenes have just transformed him to another level.

    All in all, great script, directions, actors.

    And I must say I loved duas army outfits, I didn’t know women wear army uniform when getting married and the sari type uniform in the hospital.

    Rani has grown and matured in her different roles in life.

    Fantastic, apt review as usual- thank you Fatima.

    • I am glad you decided to give it a go again Azmat. Few weeks back, I couldn’t even have imagined that this drama will take off in such a manner. It has given us many wonderful surprises and continues to impress.

      Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for sharing your views, truly appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Just curious that how this beautiful journey will end.

    Dua’s hairstyle was awful. It could be better. And i like how raani always stands with her husband. Shehryar, he is the most likable character from start.

    Amazing review as always FA!

    • You’re right about Dua’s hairstyle, Alizeh Shah and Hania Aamir are two actresses whose hairstyles are hardly ever good.

      Thank you AH, appreciate your feedback.

  • Or agr hua saad shaheed to danish se bhi zyada dukh hona awam ko…. Uska ghum bhoole nhi abhi…..

  • Another great review to go along with a brilliant episode! I think we are down to maybe 3 episodes. I wish all of them survive but I highly doubt it.

  • Assalamoalaikum fatima. Ap ka review parh kar episode ka maza dubala ho jata hay.
    It is the power of your writing that people who left ehd e wafa joined it again. Great job..
    Everything was perfect but the sentence of shehryar LAAL BOHAT QEEMTI HOTA HAY CHAHY WOH LAAL HUSAIN HO YA LAAL KHAN effected me very much.
    Fatima mery khyal main shehryar and shariq ki CMH wali leaked picture next episode se hay when they are with shahzain not saad. I hope ki woh kashmir se bhi kamyab ho kar jaldi wapis ayega. What do you think?

    • Waelukum Asalam Noor, Buhat shukriya janab. I am glad ke mere reviews ki waja se kuch viewers ne dobara se ye drama dekhna shru kiya kyunke jo sachi baat hei mjhe bhi tawaqo nahi thi ke drama itna acha ho jaye ga. Ab tu yakeenan sb ko ehd e wafa dekhna chahyeh aur hopefully hamei aise aur dramas dekhne ko milei gay jis mei shadi aur pyar mohabbat ke ilawa bhi buhat kuch hei.

      Kya kamal dialogue tha yaar, awesome. Haan ji aisa hi lg raha hei. Same here, I also hope ke Saad ke character ko zinda rakhei.

  • The only drama I am watching these days and I am waiting for the next episode impatiently. I never get bored of it I love the story and their performances everyone did best thanks for the such nice entertainment.

  • Shehryar wellcome scene was a superb scene ……. How they give lesson to Lal Khan about his art….. And also tell to not taking protocol as he is a paid servant of govt .

    A very good lesson to all buerocray…..

  • An excellent drama after a very long time different from women discrimination love affairs domestic violence child abuse,all the team of Ehad e wafa is wonderful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Nice review, you missed out on Rani and shazain’s scene with her brother.. the way they took a stand for each other was very sweet. I won’t be able to see shazain getting shot 😫😫 obi is loveeee

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