Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5 Story Review – Highs and Lows

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was much better than last week’s episode but Shahzain got excessive screen time while Shariq was missing even in this episode. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali performed exceptionally well in all the episodes therefore there is no reason why they shouldn’t be given equal screen time. Also, Shariq and Shehryar’s situations were definitely more touching than that of Shahzain and even Saad. Saad’s scenes were not stretched since each one of these scenes showed tangible progress in the track whereas Shahzain’s scenes were a little too detailed. Saad and Dua’s meeting in this episode was actually quite cute. Raani’s scenes were entertaining and it was good to see Shahzain’s dada giving him a sensible advice in the end. Tonight’s episode was directed beautifully and the visuals were appealing as usual. The friendship between the boys it seems is over for good and their bromance is a thing of the past.

Latest Developments

After showing the angry and irrational side of Shahzain, the writer focused more on presenting the caring, sensitive and sensible aspect of his personality especially in the first few scenes of this episode. Shahzain is being groomed by his dada to take his place one day and he has taken up the role with the same confidence with which he lead SSG. He also has a big ego and he is used to having his way. Some of the conversations between the chaudhries however could easily have been chopped down. Raani continued to fool her parents and she focused on everything else except her studies. Zara Noor Abbas has simply nailed this character and some of Raani’s dialogues were hilarious. The energy with which she translates this character on screen makes it even more interesting. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of her.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5 Story Review - Highs and Lows

It wasn’t difficult for Saad to explain to his father why he decided not to get his forms submitted. His father’s nod of approval and his strict attitude with Saad was also explained in this episode through the conversation he had with Saad’s mother. It was good to see Saad remembering the times he had spent with his friends but the flashback scenes were not needed since these events took place only recently. The way Saad told Shahzain and Shehryar off yet again showed that he was not going to let this thing go easily. Also, Saad is really different from these two boys since he is constantly shown feeling bad for what he did. Ahad Raza Mir’s acting has been brilliant throughout. He has translated the shyness and docile side of Saad’s character so well on screen. Ahad Raza Mir has also excelled in giving the right expressions when he is angry or disgusted. There are different sides to his personality which makes this character well-balanced and interesting.

After being told off by Saad, Shahzain got another reality check from Shehryar’s father. This was one of my favorite scenes since the way Shehryar’s father made sure that Shahzain was out of the picture for good was quite relatable and in line with the father’s personality. The writer through all these scenes showed the reasons why all these boys could no longer be friends. The careless days of college are gone for sure and it is time for these boys to grow up. The elders have played a major role in ensuring that no one stands in the way of their children. Shahzain is considered a bad influence by all the parents therefore he was the one who faced the worst rejection.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5 Story Review - Highs and Lows

Dua and Saad finally had a ‘normal’ conversation tonight. This entire scene was wonderfully shot and acted out. Dua also apologized for something (for a change), I do feel that every time we see a different side of Dua’s personality. Alizeh Shah acted well in this episode and both these actors looked good together.

My favorite dialogues tonight were the ones from the last scene. For a change Shahzain’s dada said something which made a lot of sense. Hopefully, Shahzain will understand what he means and he will change his mind – not that Dua’s family will get her married to someone like him!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5 Story Review - Highs and Lows

Final Remarks

Saad’s mother’s nominal role has been a major disappointment especially because Saad is one of the characters getting the most screen time in all the episodes. Except for the scene in which Shahzain cries when he is driving back to his village, Shahzain’s scenes did not hold my interest at all. Osman Khalid Butt’s performance once again was shaky throughout, he did well in some scenes but mostly his acting was quite wooden. Still wondering if we will ever get to see Shariq again! Tonight’s episode had high and low points – scenes that had an impact and also those which could easily be forwarded. Raani provided the much-needed comic relief.

The preview of the upcoming episode showed that Saad will join the army in the next episode – definitely looking forward to that.

Do share your thoughts about this latest episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

Fatima Awan

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  • مزا نہیں آیا۔
    شازین کا کیا رول ہوگا ؟ وہ سعد سے بدلا لے گا اس کی محبت سے شادی کرکے؟
    کچھہ زیادہ ہی کوریج دی گئی شازین کو۔ اور یہی خاص وجہ ٹہری اس قسط کے ایوریج ہونے کی۔ ابھی پانچواں ہفتہ
    ہے اور ایک دوست شارق کا پتہ ہی نہیں۔

    ونیزا میری پسندیدہ اداکارہ ہے مگر اس کے سینس کم بھی ہیں اور اتنے بھی خاص نہیں۔

    اس ڈرامے، جس کی سائیڈ میں آئی ایس پی آر کا لوگو ہے، کو آرمی کے حساب سے دیکھنا شروع کیا، لیکن یہاں چودھریوں کے گھوڑوں اور ان کے آدمیوں کو دکھایا
    جا رہا ہے۔

    آئندہ قسط شاید وہ تبدیلی لائے جو ہم دیکھنا چاہتے ہیں۔

    بس جس سین میں “زورو” ہو وہی کام ہوتا ہے، سعد اور دعا کی ملاقات خوشگوار بن گئی، کتے کی وجہ سے۔

    دیکھتے ہیں آگے کیا ہوتا ہے۔

    • I know! Chaudhries ki overdose ho gaye but shukr hei is kist mei kisi ko goli nahi mari Shahzain ne LOL!!

      It is ironic ke the only actor who criticized the bloggers and media for not giving equal weightage to the Ehd-e-Wafa boys is the one who has been getting the most screen times and is all over the place!

    • Shorbaan we can only review two dramas – that’s a new rule therefore I had to leave DeS but I am watching it and find it quite interesting.

      • 2 dramas a week? But only you and Zahra are reviewing and so we get to read only 4 dramas, that’s disappointing! I always look forward for the reviews for you and Zahra! So does it mean Yeh dil Mera and Thora sa Haq won’t be reviewed?

        • Yeh Dil Mera will be reviewed Ash. Thora Sa Haq, maybe, not sure yet.

          So sorry about that but we don’t make these policies. Thank you so much for looking forward to the reviews and for your feedback, means a lot to me.

        • Shorbaan me and Zahra are more than willing to review more dramas but the policy of the website is such that no more than 4 reviews will be posted per week. Right now we are posting 5 because Khaas is about to end.

          I would have loved to read a review by you but unfortunately we can’t post it. Hope you will understand.

          • Really sad that they aren’t allowing more than 4 per week, honestly this website is all about drama reviews and that’s been restricted, where as there are unnecessary articles floating all over for celebrity personal pics, vacation pics which not many would be interested in, should they not limit those and give liberty for drama reviews

          • Thank you so much Ash, we will be reviewing dramas so please keep visiting because we look forward to these discussions just as much as everyone else here does.

      • Oh no that’s so disappointing Fatima! We look forward to reading yours & Zahra’s reviews. Some of the other articles posted on the website by other writers are often substandard, boring & almost irrelevant. We as readers are unable to understand why you both have been limited to 2 dramas each. I feel that both your reviews get the most comments. So sad! Reviewit, plz change this ridiculous rule!

        • Hi Sana, I understand your point but we don’t make the rules;) Yes! Loving the feedback. I look forward to these discussions. Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for engaging in the discussions, means a lot.

      • Ohh! Thats so bad! I loved reading reviews of your and zahra’s but lately this website is getting so boring all about fazool topics! Drama reviews hain hi nhi bas sensless articles like kis actor ki kitni shadi kiski divorce! Oh plz spare us we want drama reviews…
        You and zahra should start your own website on reviews hehe

  • Hi FA! You called raani, noori many times and i know its because that song “noori” which raani sang in first scene 😁. By the way apt review.

    • Hello AH, good to hear from you after so long. Yes! It’s because I have confused the names right from the first episode haha and Raani just isn’t getting enough screen time – it is Shahzain’s show for now.

      Thank you AH, means a lot. Miss your feedback.

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful review. I don’t know why I am not that fond of Saad’s character. I think he went over board with telling his friends off. I know whatever they did etc but it wasn’t that big of a deal. He is just over exaggerated it. I felt bad because of shehryar, they made an effort and he was very rude to them. I think they only reason I will be liking him is because he is the one who will be joining the army.

    • You’re most welcome SH. I just feel sad that their friendship ended like this, definitely not something I wanted to see but I am hoping at some point they will meet again and help each other in some way or the other. Thank you for the feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • This episode was better than the last one. Although I missed shariq in this episode. At least there should a shariq scene in this episode but unfortunately he was not shown like I m curious to know that what happened with his results. Saad and Shahzain are getting extra screen space. The flashback and malik chaudaury’s meeting scenes can be chopped. Raani’s scenes are treated to watch. Will definitely looking forward to see her more scenes. The most disappointing scene for me was that one when saad did insult of Shehryar and Shahzain, like its enough wo ghar taak chal k ayein hein he should not behave like that doston mein larai hojati hai but wo dosti hi kya jo aisy torr do even they apologized for that Aur ghar aye mehmano k saath aisa behavior thats not good. Khud tu larki k saath dosti kar li aur doston ko ghar sy nikal dia. Shahzain’s dada gave him a good piece of advise.
    I hope in coming episodes we would get to see more of Shariq and shehryar.

    • Yes, really weird that he has not been shown at all. I feel Mustafa Afridi fails to do justice to all the characters in his dramas, happened in Aangan too, the screen time was not divided equally. I know! That was really rude. Is scene ke baad tu Shahzain pe bhi rehm aya.

    • We all want to see more of the other two friends. This drama was promoted like a drama which was going to show stories of friends but friendship ended so soon. I watch this drama with my family. We are all unhappy with how the friendship ended.

  • This review perfectly sums up my own feelings about the episode. It is almost as if I am reading my thoughts. Only difference is that I cannot write so well ROFL. Fatima you have a gift because this was not an easy episode to review. I am waiting for the army part to begin. All the charm is in that part. Shahzain and Osman are getting on my nerves. Osman is not a versatile actor. How does he get all these roles and projects?

    • Aww thanks a lot Huma for all the appreciation. I agree, some dramas and episodes don’t give you much to discuss. Me too! Hoping it will get more interesting once that part stars. LOL!! No idea. I liked OKB in Balu Mahi though.

  • Totally agree with your review fatima this episode was much better than the last one ,perfect review 👌.I read your reviews the way you capture the minor details in your review is amazing.Rani’s scenes were v entertaining as always ,specially her dialogue when she saw Shahzain MAA SADQAY lol . Duas performance was better this time . Shahzain always gives same expression in every scene. Next episode looks interesting waiting for it .

    • Thank you so much Roma for liking the review and for the feedback. Haha yes that Maa Sadqay was too cute. I also liked Dua in this episode – finally!

  • Super super disappointed and disheartened by today’s episode.

    Dua’s 180 from last week didn’t make sense to me at all. She didn’t even mention the Medical College scene or apologize for it.
    When she mentioned the street fight, it took Saad a second or two to remember it.

    Saad is really letting me down. First off, don’t even get me started on how one night he is looking at his photos with the lyrics playing ” Mere yaara teri yaariyaan, Meri Khushiaan tu saariyaan” and the next day being very rude and insulting towards two friends who literally have a look of shame and remorse on their face. He can’t take out his fathers strictness/disappointment and distant attitude, and hold his friends accountable or responsible for this. Especially when Shah Zain so empathetically said they will talk to Faraz.

    And when it comes to the whole street scene/Dua harassing, which Shah Zain and Shariq do feel bad about and for which they came to apologize, Saad is upset by it and worried about his perception in front of Dua/his Dad. But what would his Dad say if he found out that Saad didn’t apply to medical college due to Dua?!?

    Honestly, I’m turned off by his character each and every episode.

    Shah Zain I truly felt bad for today.
    I don’t understand why Sheryar’s Dad gave him that lecture at all. In fact, this is something which I feel Pakistani parents do quite a bit, unfortunately. Children can have friends, take some time off from the books and have adventures while STILL studying and creating a bright career/future for themselves. Going to Lahore for a weekend wouldn’t have hurt Sheryar in my opinion. I understand where the father was coming from, but it was still wrong.

    Shah Zain’s grandfather’s advice at the end was amazing. I still can’t figure out if I like him or not. He is like Shah Zain in that sometimes he’s sensible and caring and I’m rooting for him and other times he’s overly angry/obnoxious and I can’t relate anymore. Like how he said that in love marriages a woman tries to keep her spouse under her thumb *rolling eyes*

    Rani scenes were hilarious and a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait until her and Shah Zain end up together. I’m already shipping them.

    And reiterating this again, but I really dislike not seeing the 4 in the same frame.

    I understand friends have fallouts and even if they don’t have fallouts, they go their separate ways and are busy in their separate lives. But in my opinion, a strong friendship is one in which you do your own thing yet still have friends who are involved and whom you make a priority, no matter the distance or differences. I.e. you can have an individual journey and advance in life, while still giving your friendships their due respect/time/care/nurture that they deserve.

    Lastly, it’s 2019. Why is there a lack of cellphones and a SSG What’s App group with these friends, Lol. Like honestly! Shah Zain found out about Sheryar in the newspaper, Shariq doesn’t have access to a phone and they were going to Lahore to find him via address. Like whaaaat *facepalm*

    • They have been shown as teenagers so we should not expect them to act like sensible grown ups, raging hormones and all. Saad’s character makes sense even if we don’t like his anger, no one can disagree that a teenager boy who is angry can react like this. I have two so who’d know better than me ROFL

      We all agree I guess that friendship should not have end this way. The reviewer mentioned it and the readers also do. If the makers of this drama are reading these reviews and the comments they should think about what they have done and what they could have done.


      • @Huma:

        Hi! Thanks for sharing your input about them being teenagers! That’s true I suppose. Teenagers do tend to act rashly, especially when angry. It clouds their judgement, so you are right about that. Hopefully we can watch them grow into humans who are able to self-reflect, grow, change and subsequently admit their mistakes.

        I guess SO many people on this review commenting how unappreciated Saad’s attitude was in this episode goes to how that we are in for emotions with this one, Lol.

        Last week, everyone was disgusted by Shah Zain and this week a vast majority felt bad for him.

        This week everyone is angry at Saad for acting how he did, but next week seems to focus on him and I’m sure we will have a soft spot for him again.

        Sheryar and Shariq, due to the emphasis on their socioeconomic situations, most viewers already have a soft spot for.


        Eye opening comment, honestly! I did indeed forget they just passed their FSC/HSC which means they are 18? Now that I think about it, my cousins in Pakistan didn’t have a phone that young, so you’re totally correct and thanks for pointing it out and correcting me!

        Also, general comment here, but now I’m wondering if the storyline will cover a timeline for 4 years? I.e. their whole Bachelors career/up until they are 22?

    • I think they have pretty much established that both sharik and shehryar don’t own a cellphone hence no whatsapp group. Also, don’t go by their faces. They have just finished fsc and i didn’t have a cellphone of my own when i passed out of college.

      • Posted this above, but posting it again here so it is directly under your comment!


        Eye opening comment, honestly! I did indeed forget they just passed their FSC/HSC which means they are 18? Now that I think about it, my cousins in Pakistan didn’t have a phone that young, so you’re totally correct and thanks for pointing it out and correcting me!

  • Zara noot abbas name is “rani” not “noori” 😊
    Fatima i agree with your review. I like Ahad raza mir performance most in this serial uptill now
    Ahmad Ali is good too but seems like in supporting role . They should give equal screen time to all the boys.

    • LOL yes!! Why is Noori stuck in my head – overdose of Superstar trailers I suppose and not enough of Raani. Definitely like Raani better than Noori.

      Glad we agree SK. Yes! Ahad has performed really well, his expressions have been on point throughout.

      Yes!! Poor Shariq, us ko tu dikhaya bhi nahi.

  • Fatima g there is a problem with Chrome browser. I downloaded Opera mini and now this review is visible here but not on my chrome browser

  • I was really in shock when Rani said ‘Maa sadqay’. She seems to like him and said Maa sadqay🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔… This episode was really good. I feel they delibrately didn’t show Shariq because i feel he hasn’t got a good result. I don’t know why but people are particularly hating OKB in this drama. He should have changed his looks and i Know he can look like a teenager easily. Ahad Raza Mir is an actor who is already up there. I think after a long time i have seen an actor who just came in the industry and knows instantly how to act. His expressions are always on point. I like this girl Alizeh shah but Everytime i see her i want to slap her and tell her go wash your face. You are a teenager so behave like one. You already are a pretty face so why put so much foundation?
    Brilliant drama and outstanding review

    • Thank you so much Ahsan. Hahaha I know someone like Raani therefore not surprised, enjoyed her remarks. So true about Ahad, he is brilliant.

  • Thanks for your review! Again I really enjoyed the episode and wish there would be 2 episodes per week. Fun and heart wrenching.
    The reason why Saad and Sherayar will get less time is because they are secondary leads and Ahad Osman are main leads and were paid more for their roles.
    Don’t worry as Saad will get some time once he joins his field.

    • Why did Osman Khalid then said that all boys were equal in the show. He said that give them equal weightage which should mean they are all important. Nobody is worried for Saad. We are worried for the other two. Shahzain is intolerable.

      • I meant to say Shariq not Saad sorry! Not sure why Osman said that.
        They are all important but Saad and Shahzain do have a meatier role plus they have female leads opposite them!

        • Good point about the female leads SM! Also, Hajra Yamin is in the OST with Shariq when he works in the news channel. Sheryar though I saw no potential lead for…maybe dua’s cousin Lol

    • You’re welcome SM. I am glad you enjoyed watching this episode. I guess OKB’s statement had everyone confused and I expected this to be the journey of all 4 friends, not selected two since covering 4 friends’ journey would have been quite easy.

      Not worried about Saad getting more screen time, more worried about the other boys not getting enough screen time ;)

      • I meant to say Shariq not Saad sorry! It will still be a journey of all 4 and they will be shown in their fields but my guess is they are slightly secondary but then again I could be wrong!

  • Welll I do agree with you this timee. The episode was better than the previous one. And i personally think they are not showing shariq scenes voluntarily. More ever I was literally felt very sad for shah zain. In that scene he was crying while driving shehryar’s father was right but whatever he said from a viewers point of view i don’t like it very much(just like mama ki dant). Saad larki k smny aur apny doston k smny kitna different tha wo bechary kitny dur s aye is trha nai krma chyw tha. This is not friendship beshak naraz rhy but yh kia bat hyi. According to me shah zain and dua scene is not gonna go anywhere. I’m excited to see pma scenes. Your review was exactly what I wanted to see. Adequate! Morever it’s my khyal that ehd e wafa is going to be a short drama merely of 12 or 13 episodes what do you thini about that!! Keep writing it’s fun to read :))

  • Nice review. Saad’s behavior was v disappointing, yes he could be angry for some time, but not for so long, and his behavior was too rude, not believable. And even tho Saad and Dua’s love story will be cute, this attitude of Saad somehow irritates us and same with Shahzain, cant understand in which direction his character will go. For me, whole Chaudhary’s part and even Rani are the most annoying thing in the drama. I don’t think the drama can rise above the average level, just normal timepass.

    • Thank you tiger. Like someone else said here, they are teenagers and sometimes young people act in ways that is not always understandable. While I absolutely don’t like the fact that their friendship ended like this and did not like Saad’s attitude also but I do understand where he is coming from.

      Enjoyed reading your feedback, keep commenting :)

  • Hii what is u ppls guess about other boys saad is going to join army .. What about others who else will join army ??? I want to know

  • Mery khyal maim saad ka behaviour is liye jaiz hain cz woh apny baap aur dua dono ki samny buree thara sharminda hay. Yeh dono jo uski life main bohat zyada ihmiyat rakhty hain un ki nazro main gir kar woh toot chuka hay. Is liye woh rude hain
    And shariq ko is episide main bohat miss kiya. Hope to see him soon. Otherwise this episode wa good

  • I did not think Saad and Alizay’s scene were cute…I found Dua again irritating…she apologised for yelling about the dog, but not about NOT stopping her cousin from getting them kicked out, when she KNEW, they were just TALKING to her, not harassing her per se. Although Shahzain’s attitude could be called unwelcome and harassing, Saad’s back then wasn’t. So I simply didn’t understand why she was talking normally to Saad. She even accused him of following her. Saad’s treatment of his friends was totally uncalled for. Has he no ettiquette whatsovever. And if he has zabaan, why can he not explain exactly what happened to his father? Truth is — he was GUILTY conscience. Bataaye kya? Ki Dad, Padhai karne ki jagah – I had a crush on this girl– this is why Shahzain and all went (but without my permission). Asli baat yeh hai ki asal baat bataane mein mushkil thi. Well I guess then I can understand his friends ruined it by taking initiative when he didn’t want any initiative…Just now while writing realized this…but not a fan of Dua’s overacting and DEFINITELY overreactive and pretentious ways and too self-entitled ways. I guess as expected the –the writing is — just you know slightly cliched…purana zamane type, not exactly “real”. I had expected this from the writer. Ahmed ali’s acting was spot on…and i see what u mean abt Shahzain slight self righteous OTT acting…he shud tone down…but i think it suited him well in the school…in this setting…he has to soften particularly because it looks sharper because of his already sharp features…he sounds sharper…he can soften…otherwise decent…dont mind watching…

    • Totally agree Wonder! Saad shouldn’t take out his issues with his Dad and blame them on his friends. He should talk to his Dad and work on clear communication.

      And totally agree with how inconsistent Dua was in this episode too.

      • And somehow Dua’s inconsistency is made more irksome by the actress…compounding effect of her complaining character from jo tu chahay tu. She was the best in Ishq Tamasha…Don’t know why she changed after that in her acting too…She is doing roles too grown up for her… Find it interesting that Pakistani dramas cast such young girls…so many actresses started work when they were 15 or so…

      • Thanks Fatima. I am Indian, Fatima. Not even muslim. I love you guys! and the dramas.To be honest, sometimes I feel really bad. I wish we had such dramas and I could go and be part…I find it amazing your actresses started so young too…You had a vibrant theatre scene as well…You still have Urdu writing alive…and Khawateen who are writing all these../

        • You’re most welcome Wonder. I always feel so happy when one of the drama fans from across the border comments and appreciates our dramas. I have made some really good friends from India in these 6 years of reviewing dramas and I must say that you guys are really into Pakistani serials. In fact your comment did remind me of one of my friends in India. Thanks a ton wonder for sharing your thoughts here, I truly enjoyed reading your comment.

  • I concur, most certainly the viewers had more expectations from this serial. The writer Mustafa Afridi kept the viewers confused and waiting for some logical progression in the story in Aangan. I have an ill feeling that he might be at it again. Even Sang e Mar Mar ended so badly. He ruined his own masterpiece script by giving it an incomplete ending. What will he do with Ehd e Wafa? ISPR could have done better than this. Ahad Raza Mir keeps on playing problematic characters with finesse. He is a talented young fellow.

    • This has been my worry since last night, since Fatima pointed out Aangan as well.

      On one hand we had amazing promos giving us ABC/friendship feels, and after a long time we got a drama that families watch together on Sunday’s. It is laid back and chill, has equal doses of laughs and emotions. But now I am wondering if it will be butchered as well. The last two episodes have not only been disappointing, but there is lack of logic in some scenes.

      Like last weeks horse shooting scene, was not explained well at all. Viewers had to decipher the logic of it on their own. Osman Khalid Butt did a very good job explaining it on his social media handles (basically saying that it shows the worst of the feudal system, is never okay, and Shah Zain went from being the leader of SSG to being abandoned and feeling useless so he took it our on the horse), but shouldn’t the writer have explained this rather than the actor playing the character?

      So you nailed it!

    • I agree with you Saman, exactly what I was thinking too. Viewers should not be left wondering, these scenarios did remind me of Aangan too, hopefully it will get better. Even in Aangan, we used to wait for weeks to find out why a certain development was shown.

  • That is right this episode had few good scenes but the time has not been allotted properly to all the different tracks. They do not need to focus on two characters alone. They could easily have accommodated all the boys. Good review by you.

  • Totally agree with ur review. I mean is it ehd e wafa or ehd e shahzain? Y he is getting all the screen tym? Writer ka koi khaas lgao hai os se ya rishtedari hai? It seems lyk he only have 2 xpressions. N i hate his guse wala xpression. Ktni ankhen kholo ge bhai? Although his scenes were a bit btr than b4 bt the qstn remains itna screen tym q??? No doubt this episode was wayyyy btr than the last one. Rani was outstanding. Again my qstn where is shariq? Nt even a sngl shot of shariq in the entire episode. The way saad bhvd with his frnds was really weird. Didnt lyk tat part. U hv covered every teeny weeny detail of the episode so well. A job well done. Looking fwd for the nxt epi where the real story n fun begins….

    • Well actually, if you look at the progression of each episode thus far, last week Shah Zain acted angrily/foolishly and this week most viewers had a soft spot for him. This week Saad acted angrily/foolishly and next week is focused on him and am sure viewers bashing him this week (myself included) will have a soft spot for him next week.

      I think instead of giving equal coverage to all 4 characters in each 45/50 minute episode, the writer/director have chosen to give them different weightage in terms of how many episodes are dedicated to them, and at the end it will all level out.

      • Rizwana some of the scenes covering Shahzain’s chaudhary pan could easily have been chopped down to keep Shariq in the picture. Shahzain was responsible for what happened, he has a habit of taking over and leading even when not needed. Saad’s father means the world to him and his anger is somewhat justified – he doesn’t want anything to do with Shahzain in particular because he is trouble. Saad’s personality is completely different from that of Shahzain, he is actually affected by everything that happened but it made absolutely no difference to Shahzain as such. The fact that he decided to get in touch with Shehryar was the nice bit and I felt for him only because he got told off not once but twice. His reaction however showed his mindset..Saad is better that way at least he didn’t think on those lines. He doesn’t want to be friends but he is also not planning to take revenge.

        • I totally get what you’re saying with regards to Shah Zain’s personality vs Saad’s. But despite that, I did feel bad for Shah Zain when he came to apologize and then get insulted in return. You explained their personality differences beautifully (though I will argue that Shah Zain has been affected by everything as much as Saad had, though he is emoting differently) but at the end of the day, I can understand Saad but I can’t agree with his actions personally.

          As far as screen coverage and scenes being cut down, that’s my whole point exactly is that each episode will be dedicated to one of the four. From the promos, next week definitely looks like Saad and who knows, since the episode is dedicated to him, we may get pointless scenes with him as well. I have a feeling this will be redundant in the drama and there will be a lot of wasted scenes that they can cut down. I think right now it seems exclusive to Shah Zain, but I think in future episodes it may equilibrate.

          The only difference I see is that OKB seems to have a lot of haters and so his wasted scenes may irk some, where as Ahad is easy on everyone’s eyes and every girl crushes on him so his wasted scenes may not be called out as much.

          Also, I feel like Shariq missing, as strange as it is, has some reason behind it. I know someone else pointed this out, but I am thinking it is part of the plot? Maybe he failed?

          Anyways, Let’s see how it progresses.

          • I meant affecting him in terms of his relationship with his family. Shahzain was always bossy now his ego is hurt, in comparison the other friends have lost much more than him…their parents/guardian’s trust being most important.

      • I didnt get it. Mtlb hr dost pe aik aik episode hogi n end men balance kren ge screen tym? 😳 Tat dsnt make any sense. i thnk it strtd with all 4 of them n it shud continue n end with the story of all 4 of them.
        Yes with tym cmnts n emotions change depending on the story n scenes bt by far shahzain has failed to impress n entertain majority of ppl. I agree wid fatima, kch scene avoid kie ja skte thay. Shariq being cmpltly left out of the story is nt liked by most of the viewers including me.

        • Oh I agree, it started with all 4 and should cover all 4. I have been a huge proponent of this. I don’t even enjoy it as much when all 4 are not in the same frame, Lol. But I am just making a logical conclusion that this is what it seems to be. Each episode will focus on one more than the other 3. Like I said this week was Shah Zain and next week will be Saad (from the look of the promos). Just explaining my observations.

          As far as Shah Zain failing to impress and Saad piquing everyone’s interest more, and wasted scenes, like I said, for now, yes it seems Shah Zain had more space/coverage and hence wasted scenes, but who knows, maybe as the show progresses there will be wasted scenes with Saad, Sheryar, and Shariq as well.

          And I wrote this above, but I am starting to think Shariq missing has to do with the storyline and he is missing on purpose (someone wrote above he may have failed). That or as another wrote above Ahad and Osman will end up being the two stars and main characters and hence there will be flip flopping in every other episode where one covers Shah Zain, the other Saad, and Shariq and Sheryar get bare minimum/minor coverage.

          Who knows

          • Eventually all 4 will be shown as they enter their fields (some more than others). I am sure they will run into each other while having their own tracks!

          • May b u r ryt. May b there will b wasted scenes with others as well. Shahzain ki acting se filhal chir c hogai hai lol. Fatima used the perfect word. Wooden actor 🤣 May b shariq’s absence is on purpose. Yes saad n shahzain seems to b the 2 main leads bt j wud really love to the story of all 4 of them. I hope other 2 r nt left out. Lets s what comes next.

    • LOL @ Ehd e Shahzain. Thank you so much Hania. I know! Shariq being out of the picture is really weird. I still feel Saad’s character make much more sense than that of Shahzain, I actually get where he is coming from. Raani is fun! Yes, much better than last week and hoping it will get better.

  • For me, this episode of EEW was not so entertaining as the previous. The writer has completely ruined the character of Shazain by showing that shooting scene. I found it difficult to relate to Osman Khalid’s character, though his acting in some scenes was quite good. I also had difficulty in understanding Shazain’s motive behind marrying Dua. Saad is the real victim over here… If he has kept quiet, why Shazain(who is the real culprit!)would take this sort of ‘revenge’?? However, I was instantly able to connect to Saad’s character…Not only has his education be affected but he has lost his reputation in front of his father. Really looking forward to the next ep when Saad joins the army..