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Firaaq – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, that was one interesting episode of Firaaq. Just when I was thinking whether they have another set of interesting cards to reveal to keep the story going, they surprised me pleasantly. I like these new tracks & developments a lot more than the first half of the drama may be because all the mysteries related to the main character Imroz are getting unravelled one by one.

For a change it was good to see that Paymaan was being taken care of by the relatives in Pakistan. Paymaan’s quest was no less than a rollercoaster ride because she experienced all sorts of emotions which she mustn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams. She found out that Imroz has passed away & just when she felt her life was over & decided to go back to her family, she stumbled upon Imroz who looked perfectly fine. I think she was a bit too quick in trusting Imroz so easily because all he has ever told her are nothing but lies. Imroz thought he could intimidate her by the idea of an approaching death & that will make her run away but if he had known Paymaan’s determination, he wouldn’t have bothered trying. Paymaan knows what she lost & what she has found, so there’s no way she will ever let go off Imroz henceforth. I must say Sanam Saeed acted her bit brilliantly because the transition of Paymaan from being depressed to being overjoyed was portrayed by her beautifully & that made me feel for Paymaan a lot more than I ever have. The way Paymaan tried to keep her calm knowing that her world was falling apart & the way she had this contentment on her face after she found Imroz was a treat to watch. Who would’ve thought that a girl who has spent a major part of her life under a very dominating mother & someone who has never had a power to make her own decisions will now run the course of her life all alone & face all these challenges, that will either make or break her.

So, the mysterious Imroz is nothing short of mysteries & surprisingly, I am interested to find out more about him. I think all the cards are being revealed at a perfect time because it’s about time we got to know more about Imroz & what he has been up to. Just like Imroz effortlessly lied to Paymaan about him spending a time in a hotel & waiting for his death to come, he was concealing the reality as to why he moved back to Pakistan. Imroz has had a wife all these years who happens to have a son Hamza from her first marriage as well. I found Hareem (Hira) as a very considerate & caring wife who’d do anything to keep Imroz happy even if it means she has to stop her child from being playful & carefree. May be it’s because she has had a failed marriage before so this time around she is being extra cautious to not do anything that would upset her husband. It looks like Imroz is still unhappy & in fact a lot more rigid with Hareem in comparison to Paymaan. There are so many shades to his character that you really can’t form a definite opinion about him. Just because he faced his worst fears when he saw Paymaan in front of him, he had an outburst & used Hamza as an excuse because he knew Hareem was there to take whatever he’d have to say & wouldn’t retaliate. I think Hira actually has played the role of an obedient & caring wife to perfection. Right from the moment she made an entry I saw it all in her eyes; the intimidation, apprehension, cautiousness & restlessness which really made me sympathize with her & yes the emotion of love; love that she has for Imroz was evident too. I feel her story has a lot more to offer & it’s a fresh addition to the drama.

Hareem’s first husband didn’t seem as negative as Imroz tried to portray him. Ahmad (Adnan Jaffar) seemed like a harmless person & just a father who was attending to the duties he has in regards to his son but it was Imroz who thought he knew all that Ahmad was trying to do in order to create a rift between him & Hareem. Ever since the new life of Imroz has been revealed, I found all the other people as innocent victims whereas he was the one who was ruling negatively. One thing’s for sure, Imroz wants his things his way even if it means asking a mother to sacrifice her motherhood in order to please him.

The preview of next episode seemed very engaging as well. I think all the new entries have really contributed in making the serial a lot more interesting. In the first half, it was a couple of Tabassum & Haider that kept the things going but fortunately, in the second phase of the story, all the tracks seem equally interesting. I found this episode conveniently fast paced as well & thankfully they didn’t drag Paymaan’s depression either. Tell us how did you find the new developments in the story & share your thoughts about this episode of Firaaq, please.

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: Covering for my dear friend Fatima Awan but please keep an eye on the comments section for her say. :)

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