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Pakistani Drama Firaaq1

Firaaq-Episode 8

Whoa- that ‘2 months later’ caption took me by surprise! The pace of the show is remarkable but I am not very sure about the recent turn of events. Since the very first episode, I have been struggling to relate to Imroze’s character. Imroze fell in love with Paymaan the moment he laid his eyes on her and proposed her within days, leaving us viewers with one big question: WHY? And now there he is, suspecting his life-long friend and loyal wife, and here we are again, questioning WHY? Imroze clearly has a strong background story, which I am hoping they will unravel as the episodes progress. Maybe he is one of those people who spend their whole lives searching for a firm relationship, and when they do find one, they are too afraid to let it slip through their fingers and that’s where their insecurities get the best of them. Those scars on his chest suggest something really serious has happened.


After two good months, Shams finally got to know that Paymaan and Imroze have tied the knot. I am not very pleased the way a mere  conversation between Shams and Roomi is practically changing the course of the story. Shams still believes that Roomi sacrificed his ‘love’ for the sake of Imroze. I wish Roomi had clarified his position then and there in front of Shams because right after overhearing the conversation between the two, Imroze started having second thoughts about the person who played the biggest role in his marriage to Paymaan, he put two and two together (that too very irrationally) and started to believe that Roomi really is interested in Paymaan. His reaction went on to prove that he is not a psychiatrist-he actually NEEDS a psychiatrist! And the way he is relating his patient’s experiences to his own is not something very convincing.  Roomi’s frank attitude with Paymaan reminded me of Humsafar’s Khizr and Imroze’s constipated expressions every time Roomi appeared, reminded me of Ashar but the difference here is that Roomi is true in his intentions. Imroze has been friends with Roomi for so long and he, of all people, should know that Roomi tends to get extra-candid because that is sort of his style when it comes to interacting with people. Remember how Roomi once said to Shams that ‘mujhay Sara jaisi koi nahe mili, iss liay shadi nahe ki’? And Shams, knowing his nature, took his somewhat chichoray comments very lightly. But like I said, Imroze has got some serious issues.  I would definitely mention here how I really liked the way Paymaan kept on correcting Roomi just to make it crystal clear that Imroze is her first priority. This should be enough for Imroze to accept the fact that Paymaan loves him truly and unconditionally! I can already feel for Paymaan and her phooti qismat. First Tabbasum the Dictator, then Shams the Control-freak and NOW Imroze the stereotypic Shukki husband! Seems like over-bearing and dominating people are all she got! The episode again had a lot of meaningful dialogues to offer and Mohib Mirza delivered them quite well. However, I was expecting more of Imroze-Paymaan scenes. Perhaps the only ‘normal’ conversation they had was in the first one minute of the episode. I am sure we could all use a few light romantic scenes or sweet dialogues, hmm?


It was a delight to see how Haider stood up for Tabbasum when Shams started firing accusations (again)! The greatness of Haider’s heart is unbeatable and I found his conversation with Shams quite touching: Mei namukammal ho kar bhi mukammal hun aur tum mukammal hotay huay bhi namukammal ho! The visit to that woman gave Shams the ‘evidence’ he was looking for to finally come into terms with the fact that his real father was a characterless man. His dark secrets were way too dark! But Haider’s decision to reveal all of this to Shams was perfect, I only wish he had done it  a bit sooner! Shams and Sara still haven’t sorted out their differences and Sara is living in a hostel. The fact that only Roomi knows about her whereabouts goes on to show the level of trust Sara shares with him.


After watching ‘Shukk’, I was done with shukki khawands but Firaaq still has the factor of enthrallment and has a lot more to offer, so lets see how things shape up. Did you watch tonight’s episode? Share your thoughts please.

Maryam Mehdi

P.S: I am covering for Fatima Awan tonight.