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Guide to airplane etiquettes

Travelling is an amazing experience but of course there are some rules and regulations when you’re traveling via airplane. Here’s a guide to airplane etiquette’s to help you towards a smooth travel:

Be prepared with your passport and tickets.

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Always keep your passport and tickets in your hand instead of your handbag or hand carry. There’s a lot of rush and queue at and inside the airport until you get to the airplane itself. You don’t want to keep others waiting just because of you. Be prepared and keep all your things ready beforehand to make yours and others lives easier. Also don’t be impatient if the line is long and check in is taking time, there might be some problem incurring which needs to be resolved. Don’t worry the flight won’t leave without you unless you forget to board!

Don’t hog the armrest and be vary of reclining your seat

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Don’t hog the armrest like you own it just because you have been assigned a certain seat.  If you’re on the window or aisle seat, let the middle seat enjoy both the armrests on either side. After all, they’re already in much more discomfort than you. Secondly, when reclining your chair to sleep or rest, be kind enough not to recline it all the way. There are other people in the aircraft and you don’t want to shove your seat in their face. It would have been a whole different scenario if you were in business class but sadly, you’re not. So be kind!

Keep your space clean

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There’s a lot to do during a flight, you eat, listen to music, watch shows and…make a mess. The most important thing is cleaning the mess once your flight has landed. It’s basic manners and etiquette’s on your part to leave your space clean and tidy.

Respect the lavatory

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Everyone needs to use the lavatory at some point during the flight. Once you’re done, make sure there are no water spills made by you, used tissues are thrown away and it looks clean. You don’t want people to make faces at you once you come out of a filthy lavatory so respect the usage.

Get off the plane in a dignified manner

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Your flight just landed, the seat belt sign has not yet been turned off but you get up anyway. That’s not how it should be. Let the plane come to a complete halt. The doors are not opening in another half an hour anyway so why the hurry to leave? Remember that everyone is as eager to get off the plane as you are. Don’t crowd into the aisle if there isn’t room, and let everyone ahead of you get out before making a move.

You’ll have plenty of time to prepare before it’s your turn to exit, so make sure you have everything, and that you don’t take any more time than you need to. Ideally, if you don’t have a connecting flight or are in a hurry to get somewhere, you could wait till people got off as you still need to go through passport control and luggage takes time to come through.