Guide to learning the English language

English is a really hard language to learn as one word can have different meanings, can be pronounced differently and even spelled different. For example, bear and bare sound the same but have entirely different means and necessarily used in the same context. Most people can’t speak English fluently but learning the language perfectly can help secure good jobs all around the world. Once you’re dedicated to learning the language, you’ll pick it up in no time at all.

Let’s look at ways which will help you get proficient and fluent in the language:

Take out time to read

Take out time to read, whether it is novels or the daily newspaper, reading can enhance your vocabulary by a considerable amount. You can read any kind of novel, whether it is sci-fi, romance, etc. Novels are not only interesting but the way they portray a story can help you into creatively writing English as well. On the other hand, experienced journalists and writers contribute to the daily newspaper which means we can pick up everyday sentences and learn the gist of grammar, punctuation, etc.

Look up meanings of new words in the dictionary

When you hear or read a new word, look up the meaning in the dictionary and try incorporating it in your everyday sentences. Many words have synonyms which can easily be used interchangeably and make one sound way more smarter.

Use apps or stream YouTube to learn new words

Apps like Duolingo, a free app which uses a game to teach you seven new words per session, can help you learn English more faster than self study. You can also stream YouTube and find channels by various users who teach pronunciations and give courses on English learning.

Trick by testing your knowledge

An efficient and fun way to learn the language is to trick yourself by listening to the language and thinking about what the words mean, you can further fit them into sentences and than search them up to see whether you were right or wrong with the meaning.

Take online courses

Enroll yourself into online courses for better understanding on the language. Taking an online course will mean the same as being in a classroom, you’ll have material to study, tests to give and so on. This will keep you motivated and passionate to get a fine grip on the language.

Make it a routine to speak in English everyday

To get fluent in the language, make it a routine to speak in English everyday preferably to people who can’t speak Urdu so you don’t switch between languages. This way you’ll be talking continuously in a flow which will improve your speed alongside making you fluent in English.

Play English word games

Playing word games such as Scrabble or completing crossword puzzles will get you thinking about English words and their meanings. Playing games is a fun activity to boost your confidence in the language and you’re much likely to learn English faster.

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