Gul-e-Rana – Episode 12

Every episode of Gul-e-Rana makes me question the mental age of the leading characters because even a 10 year old would know that once you are in a relationship you can’t get out of, you try to make it work! In tonight’s episode we saw Rana exploring the jungle during the day, enjoying herself while she was at it and she spent her evenings showing Adeel just how unhappy she was. Honestly speaking at this point even with all his chauvinistic, narrow-minded thinking and conniving ways Adeel seems to be more eager to make this relationship work than Rana.

Rana is not cheating on Adeel by talking to other men but she is making sure that this relationship does not work out. Rana does feel jealous when Adeel talks to other girls and that is probably why Adeel talks to other girls in front of her but in one of the conversations today he did ask Rana to tell him how she felt and if she wanted him to change for her. Although I hate the way Adeel thinks and there is barely anything likable about his character but even then one thing has been well established that he loves Rana. It does make you wonder if he would be willing to change if Rana sat down and talked to him and told him what she expected from him. Why did she marry him in the first place if she wanted a divorce from him? I hate to put all the blame on Rana because Adeel is the one who forced her into this relationship but if she knows she has absolutely no other choice then the wise thing to do would be to try to change Adeel. She spends her day catching butterflies and sits down to study at night, blames Adeel for disturbing her and is definitely looking for reasons to fight. Basically ever since they got married these two kids have been trying their best to make the other person feel like they mean nothing to them when actually now it seems like Rana does feel something more than just hatred for Adeel.

. Rana does everything around the house to make sure that all is taken care of, we even saw her freezing food for Adeel before she left which suggested that she was willing to do her ‘duties’ as a wife but when she is around Adeel she is a different person. She called Taya Abu to rescue her but when he finally arrived and asked her to tell her whatever she wanted to somehow she did not have a word to say. Every time something like this happens when Rana needs to tell someone what is going on she just stays quiet. This particular scene had to be one of the most frustrating ones in this whole episode. Asher ‘bhai’ called Rana his ‘dost’ but since Rana does not believe that there can be friendship between a man and a woman therefore she keeps on referring to herself as his behan. While Rana is very comfortable sharing her problems with Asher who can do absolutely nothing about her problems, she cannot say a word to people (like her Taya) who can actually do something about her problems! The logic that she gives in the preview of the next episode is that Taya would never have believed her – well how about giving it a shot since this is a very desperate situation! How does she intend to get out of this marriage? I am guessing by annoying Adeel so much that he leaves her! Brilliant plan Rana!

We never see Rana having a conversation with her mother which is very strange. This mother daughter relationship is yet another wasted opportunity. Although Munira says she is missing her daughter and wants to see her but the viewers have only seen them having one conversation ever since she got married. We are shown instances where Rana is shown telling women not to put up with abuse which shows that she is dead against women putting up with something like that yet we see her doing very little about her own problems.

My dua for our leading characters after this episode would be that Allah in ko aqal day! And after watching this episode I am convinced that Rana is more in need of some much needed wisdom than Adeel. If Adeel is stubborn, Rana is even more so. Both our leads need to grow up otherwise the story will go around in circles the way it has been for the past so many episodes. The writer unfortunately did not put a lot of thought into penning down this script. I must say that unlike before Feroze Khan completely owns his character at the moment. Rana’s character however has absolutely nothing going for it and Sajjal’s acting doesn’t have anything new to offer either. I am still wondering why Sajjal Ali thought she was playing a strong character. Her character is not even smart! Rana keeps on giving the viewers mixed signals which tends to be very frustrating at times. The background score was used in a very strange way in many situations in tonight’s episode. It was almost as if through the music too the director was trying to show that Rana was living a nightmare when she was with Adeel and she was in her ‘happy place’ when she was in the jungle during the day! Even when Rana was explaining how afraid she was of animals the music in the background did not go with the scene at all. Although people have told Rana over and over again that there are wild animals in the area but nothing seems to deter her except for the ‘darinda’ at home.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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