How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

There can be many different reasons for wanting a break in a relationship. Young couples nowadays are more aware than ever of relationship dynamics which is why when there is an ongoing conflict in a relationship, many people feel that they need a break. This break is different from a break-up and the reasons for taking the break vary from person to person. Some people are confused about the relationship status therefore they need a break to figure out where the other person stands in their life. At other times, the relationship might be affecting friendships and other relationships which is why you need a break from your partner so that you can give other people in your life more time. At other times, the reason for the break can be that you simply need some time alone to figure things out.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

When a couple has been together for long and they see each other really often, they need a break more than couples who are not seeing too much of each other. Taking a break can sometimes strengthen a relationship and at other times the two people who are in a relationship might feel that they can actually live without each other. Taking a break sometimes can be an easy decision to make but a difficult one to ask for from your partner when he or she does not feel the need to take a break.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Here are different ways to ask for a break in a relationship without hurting your partner’s feelings.


Face-to-Face Conversation

Asking for a break over the phone or in an online conversation can be a step in the wrong direction. Although having this conversation face-to-face can’t be easy for anyone but that is the only way to go about it. When you sit down to talk to your partner make sure your body language is not aggressive and that you make them feel comfortable. When your partner is with you they cannot walk out without listening to your point of view. Decide a private meeting place where you won’t be distracted and will have plenty of time.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Choose The Right Time

No one decides to take a break from a relationship all of a sudden. It is and should be a well-thought-out decision. Therefore, it is really important that you choose the right time to share how you feel with your partner. Do not have this conversation after a fight or during an argument. Do it at a time when there are no ill feelings so that your partner does not feel defensive when you have the conversation.

Positive Mindset

Before asking your partner for a break, make sure you have a conversation with yourself first. Take this decision with a positive mindset, thinking that this will be beneficial for your relationship. If you have such a mindset then your partner will be more understanding of the decision you took. Even if this decision is taken out of anger, the conversation should be initiated with a positive mindset otherwise it will lead to confrontation.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Compliment Your Partner

When you sit down to talk about wanting a break from the relationship make sure you tell your partner why you love them and mention the good qualities they possess. Remember that you are the one who needs a break, your partner might not feel the need for it so they might get hurt by your decision or feel that they are not good enough for you.

Give Your Partner a Chance To Talk

You have already made up your mind but your partner might not have thought about taking a break therefore be patient and listen to what they have to say. A partner who is not ready to take a break might have a lot of questions and might get upset as well, give them a chance to express themselves before you take the conversation forward.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Don’t Be Confrontational

When you make the decision to take a break from a relationship, it is really important to understand that you still want this relationship to work out. Therefore your approach should not be confrontational. A confrontational approach will not get you anywhere and will lead to more problems. Unless you want to break-up do not have a confrontational stance.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Make Them Understand Your Point of View

Make sure you know exactly why you need a break before you ask for one. You will have to be really clear in your mind so that you can convince your partner and make them understand your point of view. Do not have this conversation without thinking it through first.

Lay Down The Rules

Once you have convinced your partner, make sure you lay down the rules. Be honest about how long this break will be and whether you want some degree of communication or none at all. Laying down the rules is really important otherwise this whole conversation will not be fruitful.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Make The Final Decision Together

Make sure that the final decision is not one-sided. Both of you should decide mutually how this break will work and how long it will last. You should have an open mind and respect what your partner has to add. Having an open mind will help avoid conflict.

Part Ways Cordially

This isn’t always possible but you should try to part ways in a warm and friendly manner so that there is no resentment. Wish each other well and be honest if you feel you will miss the other person. You might miss them but not want them around for some time, that is perfectly fine.

How To Ask For a Break In a Relationship

Whatever you do, make sure that you have your and your partner’s best interest in mind. All the best!


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