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How to keep your closet organized

Staying organized can make your life way way easier. It helps save time, and get things done quicker than usual. One such place that needs to stay organized in your household is your closet. Maintaining an organized closet is ongoing process from time to time. Here’s a guide that can help you keep your closet neat, tidy and organized:

Rearrange your clothes by season

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Make space in your closet by rearranging it at the beginning of winter and summer season. It makes your closet look neat and makes a lot of space in your cupboard for other items as well. You don’t need warm clothes such as sweaters or boots in the summer, and you won’t ever wear shorts or sleeveless clothes during the winter. Instead take a duffel bag or suitcase and neatly pack your clothes and shoes in that, when the other season comes, you can easily switch this way.

Color code clothes by hanging or folding them neatly

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Don’t stuff your clothes in one place, color code them by hanging in your cupboard or fold them neatly. When you color code, you won’t have to rummage through your stuff frantically looking for a certain item. You’ll know exactly that it is in a designated spot and finding it would be much easier.

Put your favorite items in the front

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If there are a few pieces which you absolutely love wearing again and again, place them in the front of the cupboard while the least favorite or seldom wear ones go at the back.

Buy trouser and scarf hangers or hooks

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Trouser and scarf hangers help create space in your cupboard. Investing in these mean you’ll have extra space in your cupboard and all your trousers and scarves can be in one place rather than all over the cupboard.

Declutter your closet

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Stop holding onto pieces just because there are memories attached to it or you simply can’t let go. Learn the art of sacrificing and start giving to charity and make others happy as well. You can always go out and buy new stuff, while there are so many others who can’t afford this luxury of spending all the time.

Buy storage boxes and drawer dividers

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Put your makeup, undergarments, belts and socks in storage boxes and mark them accordingly. This way you’ll remember what items are kept where. You can easily pull out the boxes and get your items. Another great hack are drawer dividers. These keep your items secured in sections and look extremely neat and organized.

Invest in a shoe rack

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Investing in a shoe rack will make your life ten times more simpler than before. This is because you’ll have your shoes neatly stacked instead of being piled up on one another. You can even place them the way you want to, heels at the top, then flip flops, then sandals and so on. Any other pairs of shoes that you won’t be wearing can go in shoe boxes.