Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 10 Story Review – Intriguing

Ohkay so, this episode focused more on what Mehreen was going through & how everyone around her was either trying to ruin her life or doing what they could to save her. The story of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is being told in a very impressive manner & I definitely like the treatment Farooq Rind has given to it. There is a lot of intrigue, curiosity & thinking that is evoked while watching every episode, which definitely makes it one of the strongest dramas on air right now. The actors also deserve full points for such convincing performances because they have elevated the level of this drama.

Quite Intriguing

I so wish Mehreen would give Saffan another chance, but sadly we all know that might not be the case here. He has been there for her through thick & thin but sadly, because Mehreen values the love she has for Aswad more than anything else, she will land herself in a marriage with a man who will continue to judge her based on the lies fed to him. There would be no point of the story if Mehreen will pick Saffan over Aswad but I so wish she does that because he has shown how selflessly in love he is with her. It is interesting how Mehreen gets to see the perspectives of both these men, with Saffan, never judging or questioning her & then there’s Aswad who leaves no opportunity in letting her know that he believes in those lies more than he believes her. The scene where Saffan assured Mehreen that he didn’t come to ask for her justifications or answers, he was only there to help was the best moment for me. It is always nice to see such caring & courteous characters who are so not judgmental, it actually is very refreshing.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 10 Story Review - Intriguing

I think the drama is now at that stage where I’ll definitely stop blaming Mashal & purely hold Aswad accountable for being so blind. Despite seeing how miserable Mehreen looked when Saleha when to see her, he chose to remind himself of all the things Mashal had said about Mehreen being mean & not in love with him. This was yet another difference that stuck out like a sore thumb that where Saffan chose not to ask Mehreen anything, Aswad was yet again making it all about Mehreen not loving him & having relations with different men. I mean this just shows how low Aswad can stoop that he completely invalidated the trauma Mehreen was facing, isolated, in jail, dealing with everything on her own but he completely ignored it & made it all about himself yet again.

Mashal did what she did but now it is Aswad’s duty to take off the blindfold & stop being so dimwit. In this episode in particular, I thought to myself how nice it would’ve been if there was something more to Aswad than just being a man confused between the lies he has heard & the reality he is seeing – which by the way he is capable of analyzing himself. It is high time Aswad reflects on what the truth is. What makes it a lot more frustrating is that every time Aswad speaks to Mehreen, he has this tone which clearly shows that is not going to believe anything that she’ll say & that in his mind, he is quite sure of how she is the culprit no matter what. In this entire episode, this fact was highlighted multiple times, which makes his character quite one-dimensional & tunned-visioned!

Shagufta’s confession to Mashal was heart-breaking but sadly, it can not undo what has happened. That scene was necessary to be shown because it highlighted a mother’s guilt & probably was a silent confession of her wrongdoings. Sadly, Shagufta yet again fails to be the bigger person to realize that everyone around Mashal played a part in what actually has happened, therefore putting the entire blame on Mehreen is not going to bring her any peace – that too in case of a murder which doesn’t seem to be the case!

I totally think Shabo’s character will be used to sway the audience’s attention & keep the intrigue in the story. She definitely is hiding something & I do think there was some negligence on her part that led to Mashal’s death but she is too scared to admit it. She knows exactly what happened but is not sure when she will muster up the courage to speak the truth. So far, Saffan is trying to help & Aswad too has gotten on board to bring Mehreen out of the jail, but not sure how they will come to the conclusion that Mehreen has nothing to do with what happened. I must say I giggled the moment Shagufta lashed out on Aswad, chalo koi to hai jo ye kar sakta hai!

Brilliant Performances

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was definitely quite interesting. I am sure everyone by now knows how I am never a fan of slow-paced episodes, but when it comes to Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, I find this treatment justified, especially with these two latest episodes. Zainab Qayyum & Ali Tahir were the stars of the show, I really liked their performances. Mahira Khan has been brilliant too. I must also add, Kaif Ghaznavi is a perfect choice for Shabo’s character, especially now at this stage where it is quite obvious that she is hiding something, I think her casting has been justified. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • Exactly my thoughts Zahra! I mean seriously….the scene when Aswad meets Mehreen to break-off their engagement in the jail, all he was concerned was that there is someone else helping her out and not a tiny bit of worry about how she is surviving the situation. This man had the audacity to ask her who that man was and that she is seeing multiple men. Oh please!

    As much as Usman Mukhtar is acting well as Aswad, the character itself is turning out to be so lame that it over-powers the performance. You’re so right that Aswad has a different kind of energy when he is around Mehreen. He uses her as a punch-bag as if in his mind, she is the culprit….not just of the murder but of everything that Mashal has ever told him. Nothing seems to put sense in him, he is so dumb that he can’t put two and two together.

    Anyway….moving on….Shabbo definitely has a part to play in what actually transpired that night but is hiding facts out of fear.

    I find it funny that there are so many characters eavesdropping on others’ conversations, there is Mashal, Aswad, Shabbo and even the police officer now. Excited for the upcoming episodes to see how the story unfolds.

    • Thank you so much, Sheetal for sharing your thoughts. I so agree with you about the character being so dumb that it makes you look past how Usman Mukhtar is performing it. At times I find his portrayal weak but then again, there is nothing likable about this character. I think if they had shown him having some traumas it would’ve somewhat made us understand where he was coming from but to see him hating Mehreen only because of the lies he was told by Mashal makes him look stupid.

      Oh yes, Shabo definitely knows what actually happened, may be she will confess, let’s see. LOL yes everyone in this drama likes eavesdropping. :D

  • Assalamualaikum Zahra. How are you? What can I say about this drama! I am freaking in love with this drama! And every episode makes me want to know what happens next. I also really love your reviews. I agree with you that maybe Shabbo is definitely involved in Mashal’s death, and I am very intrigued to find out how she is involved. After watching this episode, I can safely say that I HATE ASWAD. I mean how much of a fool can he be? He is definitely the most idiotic, mean, cold hearted person in this entire drama. But I must say all the actors, especially Mahira have completely nailed their characters. The way Mahira cried in the jail cell, repeatedly saying that she didn’t kill Mashal…uff! So damn good! I can’t wait for the next episode, it looks like things will now get very intense. Keep up the good work.

    • Walaikum Asalam Marium, so good to hear from you. Thank you so much for reading the reviews & sharing your insights. I am glad you’re enjoying this drama & I wish to discuss it with you more. :) Yes, Shabo definitely is hiding something that is why we can see the guilt on her face. Mahira Khan’s acting has been brilliant no doubt. I truly believe the execution has really done wonders to this script & the director has created a perfect level of intrigue in this drama. Let’s see how the story is going to unfold but yes, I agree, Aswad is such a detestable character.

  • You are so right, Mehreen should have given Saffan another chance. He is so loyal to her. Her first scene in this episode was a tear jerker. Oh god!! Aswad is so dumb and judgemental, Mashal should have killed ASWAD before dying!!

    • LOL, that would’ve been an ideal situation but sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case & Mashal left alone. Saffan is such a gentleman, such a breath of fresh air.

  • Hi Zahra, Thanks for the review. The episode was interesting with brilliant direction, dialogues & performances. Regarding selfless Saffan, i agree, his character is refreshing. However, regarding Mehreen’s choice on Aswad over Saffan, is correct. Actually, you can not say she chose Aswad. What she did is to find a place after she is put of jail. She knows that Saffan with his pure intention will support her at any time, but he can not provide her roof. He cannot marry her because his family will not allow him after murder allegation. Also he can not keep her anywhere else without being married to her. You can’t say also that she used Saffan to go out of jail because Saffan offered this help. But in return she can not give Saffan what he might be looking for, because she knows the behavior of the society, as explained above. Now, regarding Aswad, she is very clear. she also returned the marriage ring but she decided to chose his help because he or aunty Saleha will provide her roof, as a relative once she is out. Even though he does not marry her, she will reside there as a relation, to which society will not have objection. So, i think her decision (not choice) is correct.
    Regarding Aswad’s confuse behavior, so i think that is also justifiable that we as viewer know both sides of coin (Mashal & Mehreen characters) but he has seen only Mashal’s side of coin so far. It will take time for him to flip the coin and that’s the part of remaining half story. As per drama title, Mehreen is titled as Liar, so she will not give any justification of anything, but now i is time for Aswad to reveal the Truth. So, i don’t hate him, but i feel bad that he did not reacted after Shagufta & Mamu said or done to them again when he & mother visited them. Even he did not reacted once coming back to home about their behaviors. It is not other person’s Total fault when someone commit suicide. I mean, the parents have not right to blame fully on Aswad & her mother for their loss. when someone take such a drastic step of suicide then one should think that how much mental depression he/she was going through and then the nears & dears of the person are more responsible that they have not understood the person’s Truama. Anyways.
    Regarding this episode, i like Mahira’s acting very much. She has given very best performance i have ever seen for a person in jail. she was not acting but living the moment there, like a real person.

    • Thank you for reading the review & sharing your insights Aamer. I appreciate the way you explained what you have been feeling about Mehreen’s decision. Yes, having gone through so much, one can not overrule the fact that she has the ability to foresee & analyze what situation is going to work for her. But yes, seeing a guy ready to face the storm for her would’ve definitely been a better choice than Aswad who leaves no stone unturned in holding her responsible. Her decision might be based on all the inhibitions she has had but it is not going to bring her any peace because the man she’ll choose will never walk beside her.

      As much as I do feel for Shagufta, I hate the fact that she will never truly understand or realize the damage & trauma she had caused to Mashal by constantly comparing her to Mehreen. It is so unfortunate that as a mother of Mashal, Shagufta always hated Mehreen but also wanted her daughter to be like Mehreen. It would’ve been so perplexing for Mashal to figure out what her mother truly expected from her! So sad.

  • Fazool tareen drama h… r kia kaha ^ u r not fan of slow paced ^but HKKST paid u a lot to review it..n u r doing this superbly…#rip#umeraahmad

  • Thank you for your very apt review Zahra! Honestly I want to punch Aswad in the face. I have a feeling Mehreen will marry Aswad so that Mashal doesn’t win (thinking about the vision Mehreen has in the jail when she says ‘mai mar kar bhi nahin mari’. And what a Performance by Mahira Khan. That opening scene where she is talking to herself shows her mental state so well. And also, that’s how u pull the no make-up look off (yes Maya Ali I’m looking at you!!). I want to see how they handle the rest of this play because so far it is the execution which has made me a fan of HKKST not the actual story-line.

    • Thank you so much Sam for reading the review & sharing your thoughts. I so agree, Aswad is a nightmare to be with & it is heart-breaking that Mehreen is choosing him over Saffan. I think the love that Mehreen has for Aswad is also going to play a part & I so agree about the no make-up look. Maya Ali’s look in Pehli Si Mohabbat is totally glamorous, to say the least. :D Absolutely yes, it’s the direction & acting that has made this drama so interesting, the story is quite basic in all honesty.

  • Asslam o Alaikum Zahra..☺️It was another interesting review u explained all the points v well..👌👍 u are right we can’t blame to Mashal at all..Aswad is such a judgmental n aggressive person jo her chez ka zimadar dosre ko bna deta ha jitni qasoorwar mashal ha in sab chzn m us c Kai zyda Aswad ayyub ha..Mujhe to is character c nafrat c ho gyi ha..Mehreen ko her bat m blame kr deta ha.. n kbhi apni mother ko..
    Flash back sences were v irritating..Mehreen b aise insan c mohabbat Kerti ha jisko uski qadar hi ni …Saffan n Mehreen sence was v emotional..Mahira Khan acting was mind blowing.. in that sence when Mehreen repeated again n again “m ny nahi mara”tears in my eyes😰😰..Shabo ko sab pata ha ye eye witness ha mashal k sab traumas ki…mazy aye ga ab but Mehreen ko saffan ka dil ni torna chaiye tha is ko ab agy Aswad ki Bjeye saffan c shadi kr leni chaiye..
    Waiting for the next episode..☺️

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