Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 20 & 21 Story Review – Heartbreaking

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay were intense & gripping. I will give credit to the director for making Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay so engaging even at this stage of the drama. I will have to say that after a long time, I am getting to see a drama that is going to have a proper wrap-up. Usually, the endings are either rushed or half-baked but this is definitely turning out to be the kind of ending where the viewers will have all their questions answered. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these episodes & I am glad that they have given every single scenario the time it deserved to establish how things were now for Mehreen & how she is getting a chance to tell her side of the story.

It Was Too Late

Aswad is now playing his part in making amends & rectifying the situations. He understands how much damage he has caused & only because he was confused, it ended up ruining Mashal’s life. Although, he is apologetic & now fully understands where he went wrong I still think Mehreen is better off without him. It is understandable that Aswad being Umera Ahmed’s hero will end up getting a second chance but in all honesty, he deserves to dwell in his guilt without Mehreen, trying to bring him out of his misery. Obviously, he will rely on Mehreen emotionally but I still don’t think he deserves a chance.

This entire episode belonged to both Mehreen & Mashal. I must commend the writer for salvaging Mashal’s character & although her story was told in such a manner that I always understood why she was like that, this episode reiterated that in the middle of darkness, Mashal on her own still found the light in her heart to be above what she thought she was. During that particular conversation, I was taken back to where the drama began stating how upbringing & hatred instilled by the adults in the minds of children leave lifelong scars & imprints. Mashal turned out to be this way because her mother chose not to accept her the way she was.

Mashal & Mehreen had so much to say to each other. I loved how their conversation started with bitterness & they navigated through the resentment they felt for each other & found themselves rekindling through those emotions where they truly loved & cherished their friendship. It was truly heartbreaking that by the time Mashal found out how Mehreen felt for her, how even the perfect Mehreen Mansoor envied her for having all those things she yearned for – it was too late. Mashal couldn’t live with the satisfaction that even she was special & that she had some niceness in her too. All her life, she felt bitter, negative & was simply angry for not being the way her mother wanted her to. If Mehreen & Mashal had this conversation some time back, it would’ve saved Mashal from at least feeling all these negative emotions that literally consumed her & deprived her of the peace she was entitled to. I am glad that during their conversation & also when Mehreen spoke to Aswad, there was a repeated mention of Shagufta – Mashal’s mother because, in all honesty, she is the first person who pushed Mashal to this limit. Sadly, even after this incident if Mashal had survived, she still wouldn’t have forgiven herself for attempting to kill Mehreen. It is hard to say but in all honesty, Mashal truly found peace after her death because if that wouldn’t have been the case, she would have to do all the heavy-lifting, all the unlearning herself – which would’ve taken a lifetime.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 20 & 21 Story Review - Heartbreaking

Mashal & Mehreen also revisited the happy memories they created as kids – it was interesting how both of them remembered so many details from the past, from their childhood. It was as if they both were on the same page & in the middle of this rough patch, they always thought about the good times, almost wanting things to go back to how they were. It broke my heart when just after having a sip, Mashal tells Mehreen that no one told me I was special. She never knew the things Mehreen felt about her. It was heart-breaking yet beautiful seeing how they both were equal in terms of insecurities, vulnerabilities & complexes. Mashal wished to have everything that Mehreen had & Mehreen longed for all those things that Mashal had.

Then came the conversation about Aswad. Mashal knew that despite all her attempts, Aswad was always in love with Mehreen, the idea of how she was & all that she did. Mashal knew she was just chasing after him by becoming Mehreen’s shadow but in reality, she was not. All the things Mehreen said to Mashal after getting engaged made much more sense now because Mashal knew what Aswad meant to Mehreen, that is why Mehreen didn’t feel guilty accepting his proposal. Mehreen knew that Mashal also liked Aswad but she was oblivious of the fact that Mashal was lying to Aswad too.

Mashal saved Mehreen & Mehreen’s expression showed that she knew why Mashal threw her cup. She couldn’t believe but wanted to once again give Mashal a chance because at that moment it occurred to her that Mashal was trying to redeem herself. Instead of making Mashal feel guilty, Mehreen decided this was not the time to embarrass her. Sadly, she didn’t know that it was Mashal who will end up losing her life, hence the regret.

Brilliantly Performed

These two episodes of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay were thorough & well-executed. Each & every scene, each & every frame was crafted in detail, which added more to the drama-watching experience. I must commend both Mahira Khan & Kubra Khan for their flawless performance in these scenes. It was only because of their convincing portrayal that all of this felt so real, touching & heart-breaking at the same time. Kubra Khan’s expressions when Mashal started to feel drowsy were spot on & Mahira Khan’s expression when Mehreen cried while pouring her heart out were simply phenomenal. I am looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • Hi Zahra, it was a very emotional episode and you reviewed it thoroughly. Thank you. The long uncut scene between Mashal & Mehreen was too touchy. As Mehreen says, the situation could be better earlier, if the two talk before. However, the elders, especially Shagufta & Nan, have to blame for the conditions of Mehreen & Mashal. Shagufta, for making Mashal’s life miserable throughout by comparing with Mehreen’s intelligence and also making Mehreen’s life suffering for the sake of this comparison. And Nani is equally blamed, because she did not support Mehreen at all, neither publicly nor privately with Mehreen. This is the same Nani who arranged a second marriage for Meheen’s mother. But despite giving full life support to Mehreen, she did nothing to mitigate her sufferings, not even support her emotionally.
    Mashal becomes Hero by saving Mehreen’s life at the end but is met with her death due to her own bad deeds. Mehreen being a sufferer throughout, has developed a hate & revenge behavior with everyone, especially with Mashal & that’s how unwillingly she agreed to marry Aswad in the end. Aswad, who was actually innocent because he was not aware of the behaviors of these two ladies, became another villain due to his certain decision & confusion. Being a mature person, he should have analyzed the situation in detail before making his moves, whether accepting Mashal or rejecting her later or accepting Mehreen’s sudden approval of marriage or listening to his mother’s constant approval of Mehreen & rejection of Mashal. He was constantly in guilt that he freed an accused, but he should have dug out things on his own. So, among all, I will blame the two elders, Shagufta & Nani the most, for bringing the situation to this level. Usually, I don’t make comments for the ending, but here by analyzing all the scenarios, I say that Mehreen should accept Aswad at the end because he is not the only one to be blamed for and she too has some blame to share

    • Lastly, regarding performances, Maria khan & Kubra khan has been exceptionally well in this long uncut scene, but I must say Kubra has delivered her best so far.

  • These two episodes were brilliantly written and executed. You’ve said it Zahra, I always feel that the ending of even the most successful dramas are rushed especially the last episode and it feels like they have all the time to drag it in between but want to just wrap things up in the end. However, I must say that this one is not the same and that they have taken time to explain things through, all the scenarios are covered thoroughly, kudos to the team for that.

    Mahira and Kubra performed really well in their final scene. The 2nd last episode just had these two scenarios covered, the final story by Mehreen and Aswad’s realization and apology and i’m glad they gave it one full episode.

    But, I still have one doubt in my mind and I did have this all the while I was watching the episode. How did Mehreen’s hallucinations make sense then? Why did she keep seeing Mashal in bad light in all those hallucinations that she had, when she had got the closure with her when she spoke to her last. If as a viewer I had seen this scene before Mashal’s death, I would find it hard to believe that Mehreen will hallucinate about Mashal in a way that was shown, holding her responsible for her death and taking Aswad away from her, etc etc

    Apart from that, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama, the story has been gripping and the right pace has kept viewers’ interest alive. Looking forward to the last episode.

    PS – The preview made me think that Mehreen has returned back to Nani’s house but the previews have not always turned out as they seem in this drama, so I would still think Mehreen will give Aswad a chance.

    • Yes, I overthought it gain, but the hallucinating scenes do not make sense with the last discussion between Mehreen & Mashal. I guess it is not part of the novel, but for viewers it has been included in the drama, just to create suspense.

    • Complete agree, the hallucination dont make sense at all, it was just to confuse the viewers, but its a big flaw now. Mahreen could have spoken abt this even earlier, why she always kept quite and behaved guilty.

    • Yes sheetal i thought the same ..
      But i think
      Aswad kai baar baar kehnai se uskai demagh pai asar huwa hai ..
      2nd mehreen ko to ab pata chala kai cup mai zeher tha aur wo us k leyai tha laiken mashal ne usai bacha liya ..after her suicide mehreen ko laga ho kai wo us raat wo saari baatein just ik drama tha mashal ka .. ab poora sach khulnai k baad usai mashal ki baatein sach lagni lagi ho ..

  • will u please review jo bichar gaye after this one? :) it’s some next level entertainment which can’t be missed! based on true events of 1971 where wahaj ali plays a bengali separationist and maya his west pakistani cousin… talha chohur is a very nice fresh actor who amazes with his portrayal of pakistani captain… highly recommended

  • These last two episodes were unexpectedly brilliant. The revelation that Mashal and Mehreen reconciled at the end was shocking. You’re right; taking the time to get the ending right is rare for our dramas. However, I can’t stomach the idea of Mehreen forgiving Aswad; whatever he may have been to her in the past, his emotional abuse should have erased any goodwill.

    Sheetal has also raised an excellent point; the taunting hallucinations of Mashal are hard to reconcile with this episode.