Ishq Mai Tere – Episode 01.

Hmmm, so the drama has started off pretty well. Mostly the plays directed by Fahim Burney have a bit over-the-top & larger-than-life feel to them but this one seemed quite normal. Nothing too overly enhanced & everything seemed to be in a perfect balance.

We can pretty much see that the story would develop on the lines of a love triangle but for now the characters have been established in a positive light. For me the best or may be the most clear character that came across till now was that of Aiza’s. Aiza (Mehwish Hayat) comes from an incomplete, socially middle-class family & she is living with her brother, her sister in law & two of her brother’s kids. Aiza who’s a simpleton still comes across as a self-sufficient person, who wants to take care of her family in every way possible. She has found ways of supporting her family through tutoring but still her bhabhi keeps on trying to find reasons to be unhappy with Aiza. Even though Aiza comes from a disturbed background where her brother is financially dependent on her, is not best at behaviour too but she on her own is working hard to make things work for her & especially her brother’s children.

Laiba happens to be Aiza’s student who is living with her Tai Ammi, her father & her first cousin Saad. They both also have incomplete families because Saad’s father has passed away & Laiba’s bio-mom left her when she was a kid. In comparison to Aiza, Laiba’s family has a sound financial background but Aiza keeps a check on the difference & doesn’t take unnecessary favours from her student. Laiba & Aiza both share a strong sister-like bond & Laiba takes Aiza as her friend/sister & someone on whom she relies the most. Not only Laiba but Saad’s mother thinks Aiza has had a positive impact on Laiba because she can see the changes she is bringing in herself. She is obviously in love with her cousin Saad but he is oblivious of her feelings. I must say that as a newbie Mediha Imam has done a wonderful job as Laiba. I found her acting spot-on & just like a college-going student should be.

There was a whole positive feel to the drama except that I found the bhai-bhabhi’s spat a bit unreal. Bhabhi’s wawela made me laugh because her acting was poor especially in that particular scene. Finally, Saad got to see Aiza & as we can name it, he experienced love at first sight at that particular moment. He couldn’t help notice how beautiful she is (which she obviously looked), so that lays the path to a beginning of love triangle. I am sure Aiza would be put in an awkward spot because Laiba has told Aiza how she feels for Saad, so let’s see what’ll happen next. Over all the direction seems fit & the characters have unfolded appropriately. I think this is going to be a decent drama for Wednesdays & I am definitely keeping an eye on it.

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