Ishq Main Tere – Episode 2.

Ohkay, so this was another week of a smooth paced episode. The story seems to be progressing appropriately along with a great direction so far. Nothing seems over the top & everything is pretty well balanced.

Even though it may come across as a predictable plot, it still is appeasing to watch because there are as such no completely & insanely negative characters. Aiza’s bhabhi does fill a space of that sort at times but she still shows compassion towards her when she finds her working really hard to earn the bread of the house. Aiza’s brother is definitely a spoiled one who loves to depend on his sister. Though I do really find Aiza’s personality to good to be amongst her family because she is unrealistically different & doesn’t embody any of the characterisistics similar to her brother. If she came from a lower middle class BUT a decent family background, it would’ve been a bit more appropriate looking at how Aiza herself is but seeing her family background, she is too good to be a part of them.

Her bhabhi at first wanted to get rid of her unmarried nand Aiza but after she found herself a job, she thinks it is a better idea to be benefitted from her earnings. The whole rishta scene was another reality nicely spurn into the situation because there are like a million girls out there who deserve better spouses but get married to guys rather uncles below their caliber just because of the family pressure. I am glad Aiza endured but undid the pressure.

Aiza has quite clearly understood that nothing was going to happen by the money she was earning through tutoring therefore she found herself completely lucky to have Laiba around. She discussed her issue with her & Laiba swooped in like some wish granting fairy. Even though Aiza had Laiba’s reference yet Saad found her promising, I am assuming his love at first sight feelings must be another case why Aiza easily got a job, but on her own, she promised to be working hard & seems like she has started to prove it too.

Laiba continues to like Saad a lot but Saad has made it quite clear to his mother about how he doesn’t want to get married to Laiba because to him she is just like a baby sister & buddy who he has shared a home & life with, which seems rightly justified too. Laiba is such a nice character but poor girl would face a heart-break soon.

Preview of the next episode seemed really interesting because Saad’s mom has tried to convince Laiba’s father of getting married & for that I am sure his first choice would be Aiza. Saad seems to be going through some illness which later on will be revealed but so far the drama seems good. I am glad about the direction too because nothing is too overly emphasized & everything seems perfect. Glad to have found a decent play to fill our Wednesdays.

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