Ishq Main Tere – Episode 03.

So we’re 3 episodes down & surprisingly I am not disappointed. The pace is perfect & everything seems to be in it’s right place. I like how the story is progressing properly without any unnecessary emphasis on the situations.

Aiza has started to make a mark in her professional life too. Personally, she had Laiba’s support & had impressed her perfectly but this time around Aiza got to make an appearance in Laiba’s family too & that too quite regularly. Laiba’s father thinks Aiza is very dear to Laiba so for that he wants them to spend time together as Laiba is his only child & has no one else to look up to. I love the bonding these two share even though Aiza is older to her but still the way she treats Laiba like her own younger sister & listens to her rants & personal feelings is really nice.

What I have liked about this drama is that the characters are simple & relate-able. No one is evil more than lucifer here & no one has crossed saint-ism leaving saints behind. Everyone is just an ordinary human being with their feelings, struggles & affection for one another & that makes this drama experience a bit more interesting to watch.

Saad has totally fallen for Aiza in fact it was so apparent that his friend got a hint of it too. Saad’s continuous gestures are definitely showing how much he likes Aiza but she is for now oblivious of his feelings. The lunch & then the birthday present were enough to let any girl know how one feels but Aiza is too swamped with her office works that she is just not getting the hint, even though she misunderstood about who sent the present but still accepted it thinking Laiba loves to surprise her.

In the meanwhile Saad’s mother had spoken to Laiba’s father about settling down with a life partner & he refused but I am sure he won’t be able to resist Aiza’s charm & positive energy too. Another interesting thing was that even though Aiza had Laiba’s reference in her family company still she has not taken things for granted & is proving herself through her intelligence & that makes me love her positivity.

The funny change in the mood was coming from Aiza’s bhabhi who now thinks it’s useless to get a girl married away who is now earning benefits of her hard-work so for that she shoo-ed away the rishta wali but what’s sad is how her brother is shamefully depending on Aiza for running the household whereas she shouldn’t be doing it. Every time I hear Aiza’s family talk I still feel that Aiza is too good to be a part of that family because there is not even an ounce of similarity that a family shares, no manners that match & no compatibility but still over all it’s a very very decent drama & I won’t mind it being predictable as far as the story is real & no mirch masala is added just for the sake of making a story different.

Sad about what Saad is facing on his own but seeing the preview of the next episode came as a pleasant surprise that even though Saad knows what he is going through he is not leaving his hope behind & plans on proposing Aiza. I am sure the next episode will get a bit more interesting because Laiba will have an idea about what has transpired & will have her say on it.

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