Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 07!

So this week the focal point was Shehryar Hamdani’s marriage. I am surprised that how a simple story can be executed so nicely. Every character is etched out perfectly & even the one who is in the negative limelight is not evil to such an extent where she is leaving the Satan behind. All the characters are nicely thought of to make them relatable.

Aiza was just being Aiza but Sheheryar Hamdani couldn’t resist her charisma & charm. She is a pleasant person to be with & I don’t blame him to actually fall for her. She is a bit too mature for her age & for that reason Sheheryar found himself opening up in front of her. He could talk about so much to Aiza that he never found himself doing previously with anyone. Even though Cuckoo has tried really hard to get herself noticed but for him, she is just a friendly cousin with whom he shares a healthy equation with.

Saad is all alone in UK trying to get healthy but I find it a bit unreal that all this while he has succeeded in hiding his disease. Plus chemotherapy has months of breaks in between the respective sessions so how can he get away from all his responsibilities just under the name of a vacation. Even though they have not shown how much time has passed but definitely if he gets clean of the disease within a month, it would be a little detail which wasn’t tackled properly.

Saad’s friend sounded a bit confused to me today because he was the one who compelled him to get better but now what he said wasn’t making any sense for sure. I think he also spoiled Saad’s suspense of surprising his mother by telling her about the lady love. In the meanwhile, Cuckoo has tried really hard to make an impression on Sheheryar that she is single & ready to mingle with him but Sheheryar is too pre-occupied with Aiza in his thoughts that poor Cuckoo’s moves are being unnoticed.

Saad’s mother dreads that Sheheryar might get married to Cuckoo but he has his own pick & she is Aiza. I think Aiza would definitely be reluctant because she never gave him those signals as she was just being courteously cordial with him considering how generous & accommodating they have been when it came to her professional life but she couldn’t control the feelings of men around her at the office, be it Saad or now even Shehryar. I think her brother will get into some deep trouble & for that reason she might agree to get married to him. Let’s see what happens next as I am definitely watching out for more.

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