Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 08!

Ohkay, so another week of interesting episode. I am glad that the pace of the drama has not slowed down. Week after week, one way or the other they do have something new going on.

To add to Aiza’s woes, her brother has crossed all the limits & got himself involved in gambling. For that reason & in order to pay off the debtors he needed 5 lacs for which he obviously emotionally blackmailed Aiza into helping him. Aiza who just couldn’t do anything obviously had to say no but in the end Aiza’s bhabhi ended up helping her husband. Aiza obviously couldn’t tell what she was going through because no one would’ve understood her state of mind especially when her own brother was mentally scattered.

Even though Sheheryar proposed Aiza after mustering up a lot of courage, he later regretted doing it because he thought the time wasn’t right. Aiza’s self utterances in this whole episode were honest & well-communicated. She did feel that Sheheryar misunderstood her friendliness & her advices to get married. She only did that out of sheer courtesy but never knew she’d be the one who’d seem suitable to Sheheryar for filling up the emotional void in his life. Aiza’s resignation was the best fit reaction she could think of given the circumstances because she didn’t want to make things awkward for both herself & her boss Sheheryar Hamdani.

Even though Aiza’s brother understood the hell he has been putting up his family into, I guess he ran a bit too late. His realizations seemed just like mere excuses because it still looks like he might just not change at all as he is immuned to being financially supported by his sister. Even though Bakhtiyaar does feel that Aiza puts up with a lot for the sake of keeping this family afloat, he still doesn’t feel like contributing a bit for his own family.

In the meanwhile, Saad’s mother who wanted to lay her opposition in front of Sheheryar didn’t find a suitable chance because Cuckoo swooped in. Cuckoo has quite tactfully found the way to be friends with Laiba & that is by speaking to her about Saad & their potential future. I actually thought Laiba was a bit wise enough but she fell prey to the trap quite easily.

I think even though Sheheryar Hamdani is still a good choice for Aiza but her excuse of getting married to him is wrong. She is just now only thinking about her family because obviously she knows after getting shot by a bullet, her brother can be upto anything possible. For her, the people who matter the most are her brother’s children & for them she is ready to go out of the way to get married to her boss so that she can save their future. In the next episode, she is definitely getting married & I am sure Saad would still have to find out about what happened to his one-sided love.

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