Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 11!

Another one of interesting episodes that we got to see. No matter what but I am enjoying this show a lot despite the simple predictable story, what I like the most is the direction & the production value they have put to make this drama what it is.

I really & actually thought that the post-wedding scenes of Aiza & Shehryar would be awkward to see but I am amazed at how they have covered their relation, their growing feelings & the love they both are experiencing towards each other. For this I must commend Shehzad Nawaz & Mehwish Hayat for acting it out so decently that I found myself smiling when they both shared a screen space. Aiza has fallen in love with her husband & Sheheryar is in awe of finding a perfect soul-mate, which is absolutely adorable.

I thought I would sympathize with Saad because his first love went bad & to be honest I really do want to feel something for him & his suffering but his unmanly attitude isn’t worth sympathizing with. I think Saad’s character is the weakest in the whole family because before he fell in love, he was too self-centered to actually see what Laiba felt for him & now after he has fallen for Aiza & she has gotten married, he is still ready to think about the ways of winning her love. He is even misbehaving with his mother for no good reason & hovering around Aiza like a Zombie, not at all giving a thought as to what others might think about it. Seriously, how much meaner can one get? Really, the fact that he is unable to cope up with the reality of his love being unrequited is shown appropriately but it’s just his character which is making it intolerable to actually feel anything for him.

I appreciated the fact that there was less emphasis on Laiba this time but in the beginning of the episode she got her fair share of putting the blame on Aiza conveniently. I must say both Laiba & Saad suit each other by all means because both of them are spoiled snots who are testing Aiza’s patience for nothing. She decided what she had to & they are ready to make her life miserable. Cuckoo is being mean to the core & for all the wrong reasons because she just can not get Shehryar & she needs to understand this. I thought Aiza would be submissive to everyone’s idiocy because she would want to make her mark in the family but providentially she is doing it when needed. She isn’t buying all that Cuckoo has to say because no doubt, Aiza has become a permanent member of the family whereas Cuckoo is still a guest in the house. I enjoyed their verbal spats because this sheds light a bit more on Aiza’s character that she won’t entertain any sorts of taunts coming from someone who has no position in the family. Finally, Shehryar also gave Cuckoo a shut-up call which was definitely needed but sadly she still doesn’t know where to stop.

All in all, it was another interesting episode. I hope to see less of Saad’s frowning depressing face & wish he goes on another trip where he gets his attitude fixed. Cuckoo it’s a high time you must pack your bags & find another rich cousin to woo & leave the newlywed happy couple alone. I just can’t wait to find out what would be Shahryar’s reaction to Saad’s painting & the little note of confession about his feelings towards Aiza. I hope nothing goes wrong with their relation plus I think Aiza must tell everything to Shehryar about how Saad felt for him & how she never considered him as a potential life partner. Can’t wait till next Wednesday!

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