Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 14!

Another consistent week of an amazing episode. This one was a lot more gripping I must say. One thing that I like a lot about this drama is the little puzzle pieces they have set aside & use them every single time to fill in the slots. So, relieved to have a perfectly decent drama to watch these days.

I thought maybe Shehryar will find out about Saad’s intention but luckily for Aiza she has a saving excuse of Laiba. Very tactfully she used Laiba’s name to convince Shehryar that whenever she meets Saad it is just because she wants to talk him into getting married to Laiba, which is true obviously but this keeps Saad protected & prevents Shehryar from finding out the reality. I find things falling into right place just because Aiza has taken over every single thing but I also don’t think it’s smart of her to just ignore Saad’s confessions of how much he still loves her. I think Aiza is sadly mistaken that she can share the roof with Saad & he will ever forget about her.

Laiba has even seen a psychiatrist & this was a session which seemed totally unprofessional. For now I was glad to see some sense thrown back into Laiba because she told Cuckoo off & clearly went back to the stage where she used to taunt Cuckoo a little when she first came to live with them. It was good to see that Laiba now doesn’t doubt Aiza because Laiba herself heard Aiza convincing Saad of marrying her & I am glad this proved to be an eye opening factor for Laiba.

I actually feel for Cuckoo now, the more she’s trying, the more it’s slipping away from her, lol! She tried to talk against Aiza in front of Laiba but got a shut-up call. She tried to brain feed Saad’s mother about Aiza too but got what she deserved. It’s a high time for her to leave if she doesn’t want to get insulted from the whole family at the same time. Bakhtiyaar & his wife’s track is pointless. I don’t see anything in their life worth mentioning & if their scenes are skipped, I think no one will even miss them. I think it was absolutely an unthought of gesture of Aiza to gift her brother a car. How good must it been for someone to get a gift of that sort who doesn’t even move a muscle to provide basics for his family. Previously he was seen in the same ‘mohalla’ playing the cards, now he can easily commute to different areas for his leisures.

Voila! 14th episode & I found out Saad’s nameless friend’s actual name & that is Saim. I actually lol’ed a lot at their conversation about Cuckoo where Saad called her ‘Azab-e-Jaan’ & Saim referred to her as someone who is a camper saying ‘daira jama k bethi hui hain’. LOL! Poor Cuckoo wouldn’t have known that she tries to act all classy & elegant but people think about her the otherwise.

I think Aiza’s blackmailing was something odd. She packed the bags when no one else was around & Saad actually came to her room, doesn’t anyone else ever see him going to her room & having a chit chat with her & if so, then why is he never questioned? I am still amazed that no one has ever found out who he actually loves till now. Aiza should have convinced Saad but by being logical rather than being emotional. Aiza must understand that even if he surrenders because of her threats & proposes to Laiba, it’d be just because he’d want Aiza to stay & after getting married he’ll get a sure shot licence of clinging to Aiza easily because his real intention would be sheltered beneath his cover of marriage.

Anyhow, it was another interesting episode & let’s see what happens next because seems like we still have something interesting to look forward to.

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