Rubaru – Episode 09!

So, it was again another of one those slow episodes but as far as the story is moving forward, I have no issues.

Neelam moved on just as soon as she got a chance & without looking back at her newborn she decided to be with her Taz. Taimoor who was already utawla didn’t even wait for a moment & got married to Neelam ASAP. Given the early 90’s era, I think Neelam was quite liberal to have such values & morality where she could walk out of her marriage that too after a kid, to be with someone who she loved.

Surmed’s khala wanted to keep him with her but Arif uncle’s involvement & the decision seemed really irrational. He already saw what Surmed went through & how he was struggling but all Arif could think of was to divorce his wife if she decided to keep Surmed & raise him. I thought he was a good person & knew his friend Taimoor better, despite being aware of what might happen ahead, he also contributed in parting Surmed with the only motherly figure that was left for him & she was his Khala.

Neelam pretty well accepted Surmed as Taimoor’s son & even tried hard to form some sort of a relationship with him but sadly for Surmed he had suffered a lot already to be giving a space or forgiveness to his father & then his new-found wife. In this whole scenario I do feel for what a poor child had to go through because he didn’t deserve all this. A lot more could’ve been shown in regards to Surmed but the director didn’t emphasize much on that, rather just sticked to show how much enraged Surmed was getting day by day.

Surmed & Shabbi stll have a rift going on & once again to my surprise, Shabbi seems to be taking it all a bit too well. She does cry but never do we see her working hard to fix things. I think the next thing we’ll be seeing would be this. Kiran & Tipu again have a lot more going on where Tipu seems to be ignoring her & she is losing her sanity. Like I sussed it before, Tipu isn’t so seedha saadha as he pretends to be & it does look like he had a fling to be taken care of back in Turkey.

Neelam, to me comes across a person who was just bored & discontented with her life. She wanted adventures in her life, no matter what the scale may be & how much destruction they caused, but all she ever wanted was the things to be always spicy in her life. Therefore, at first she broke Taimoor’s home, got away from him & fled to Pakistan, got married & left her baby to reunite with Taimoor. She almost hated that kid as it was Pervaiz’s child. Now when she got what she wanted from the last 5-6 years, she got bored with it & started a hunt down for her baby, so why leave the baby in the first place? She should have taken Shabbi with her & raised her while being married to Taimoor.

Anyways, let’s see what’s more left ahead for us to watch.

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