Kabhi Kabhi # 24: Hameeeesha Hi Saza Mili!

LOL! What a brilliant episode & the performances. I think we all have definitely come to a stage that when nothing makes sense, you end up laughing till your stomach hurts & this is what happened to me today at least, I laughed throughout the episode so hard just trying to figure out what were they thinking?

Yes, I did do a little reminisce check to explore the point where this drama began. A sweet love story with two amazing characters Eeshal & Arez, where Eeshal was a hopeless romantic & Arez resisted falling in love with a headstrong girl but he couldn’t & it was almost magical. I really had no idea & I think no one else could’ve thought that this drama would come to a point where we’ll be seeing a batameez bacha whose potty pishi would be a topic of discussion. Whose ganday kapre, buu & untidy nails would be used to cover a whole episode & give us the creeps, blukh!!!

Oh, we thought we were watching a drama about the learned, the rich, the enlightened ones but didn’t know they were worse. Yes, it does happen that all those kitty party aunties forsake their kids for their activities but Eeshal abandoned him because she wanted to sleep. So, yes I do give them a 10 on 10 for showing the reality, because that’s the only thing I can do to keep myself sane, trying to dish out some sense out of an utter nonsense. 5 years of sleeping I mean artificial sleeping & isn’t Eeshal worried as to why she has started to sleep more than a kid herself? Looking at Eeshal, Sunny & Ali in one frame, the only thought that came to my mind was ‘What a mad druggy family this is’. So, yes for this I can label them as picture perfect, lol.

All of a sudden why Arez started to act like a James Bond, sneaking into his own home with his own kid? If he even decided to bring his long lost baby at his place, why the need of hiding him? Definitely his amman wouldn’t eat him for lunch & Soni wouldn’t scream in shock thinking she saw something alien. They all would obviously accept him because he is Arez’s son, I thought Sunny & Eeshal used to be on a joint but didn’t know Arez smelled some too.

Rehbar, Eva with their half dumb, half intelligent daughter, not sure what they are doing in this drama? Still I can’t seem to figure out, if someone has gotten hold of the importance of their characters, please do let me know as I am unable to solve the mystery. Chalo, this time around the story progressed towards Ali’s pamper, I am sure the next progress would be in terms of us seeing him on a commode! So, YAY for us!

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